A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #20434  by Simon Cleary
Simon's lips drew into a thin hard line as Jody spoke. He hadn't meant for her to tell anyone what her special talent was. But perhaps... He was not being practical about it. Still what was done was done, and he continued on to the bar to find Dice, leaving her to chat with Ivan.

When he found Dice he questioned his cousin about the tension, but found Dice to be quite furitive, which was odd for a blabbermouth like Dice. So he sat and waited by the bar as they scattered some stronger drinks, wondering on this change of events...
 #20435  by Ivan Ramazanov
for his part Ivan was quite happy to have someone to focus on that was not part of the group. It kept the others from asking any more questions and hopefully would be a distraction to all. After watching Simon leave he turned his attention to Jodie and focused on her more.

Wow... She was quite the looker! he had gone with Nathan and Astrid to the Rings as their security before, and he definitely thought he would have remembered her. well... That just showed how focused he was on his job. He likely noticed her but didn't notice her. That was surely it.

Kicking her hand when offered, and smiling warmly, Ivan said, "your abilities and talents are something I can look forward to using in the future? I will indeed remember this. I am certain there could be some use for them... in the service of the Ivers."

How interesting that must be... She was clearly advanced in what she could do if she could impersonate anyone that that. He would have to think on that.

Going on then he said, "how long have you been working for Mrs. Iver? And how do you find it? She is very new to us as the sudden Mistress of Iver Hall. It has been a bit of an adjustment merging her staff with Nathan Ivers. Not all have accepted the changes gracefully."
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Jodie gave a smile in return. Simon may not have wanted her to reveal her secrets, but Astrid wanted her to become acquainted with the Watchdogs, if not friendly. She wouldn't make many friends by being conniving - that, and by being so upfront, it would be far easier to feign truthfulness at a later date if necessary. Building an open and truthful perception was key in this game - at least, that's what Jodie thought.

"I've been working for Mrs Iver since I was around eighteen. I'd left Hogwarts and ventured out immediately to serve my dream of becoming a famous jazz singer...I happened to get a random gig at sleazy betting ring, and Mrs Iver was there, enjoyed my performance, and invited me to perform at her more classy ring in Sweden. She funded my records and equipment, got me further voice coaching, and then discovered my ability. The rest is history." She shrugged. "I've grown a lot with her, so I suppose my opinion is biased. I will say she can be domineering and demanding of those around her; if she wants you on side, she expects you to be loyal to her and only her. Mr Iver must know that by now..."

She smirked.

"But I will say, despite being so possessive, she is clearly willing to let Mr Iver and his security meet and gain advantage of my abilities. It likely means she is adapting to joint lifestyle, and would like to share her advantages with Mr Iver, especially since Mr Iver is sharing you guys with my mistress. It's almost like a trade. Dependable security for intelligence. Almost a match made in heaven." She winked.

As her drink came, she took a long sip, glancing around.

"But how do you all find the change? Are you enjoying having Mrs Iver around? Not so much? I might be able to put in a good word." She laughed.
 #20447  by Ivan Ramazanov
"She thinks well enough of me, but thank you for offer," said Ivan, sitting back in his chair and smiling. "As for me liking her?"

Ivan shrug, then said, "She makes Nathan happy. That is what is most important. They are a good match. Her presence has not made work easier, or security easier, and there has definitely been tensions already among staff forced to work together... not many, but with some of them. But that was to be expected. Perhaps you know Petra and Magda?"

He said with raised eyebrows, not wanting to say anymore than that is she do nothing but hoping to imply his meaning...
 #20454  by Jodie Watts
Jodie smirked.

"Yes, I know them. I've met them a few times. But I don't associate myself too closely; I work primarily at the clubs as opposed to Mrs Iver's private home. So although I've met them, other than the basics, I'm not overly involved."

She leaned forward, looking over Ivan.

"I'm guessing you know them too?" She smirked. Seeing her drink was placed down, she turned away, taking a drink and savouring the taste. "Is it strange working with such different personalities and security styles?"
 #20458  by Ivan Ramazanov
“No,” said Ivan esily. “Not really. Keeps things interesting. At times a bit too interesting. But it vas vhat I expected. And I have vorked under many conditions. Is just... inconvenient.”

“As for knowing them...” Ivan took a sip of his drink, then said, “Yes. I know them both.”
 #20459  by Maximilian Rogan
“Yes, yes, blah, blah, blah,” said Dice, rolling his eyes. Leaning on the table casually then he said, “Jodie... what everyone reallywants to know, but is too polite to ask right out, is if you are single...”

Well Dice wanted to know, and he figured Ivan and Caleb did as well.. heck, maybe Robin too!
 #20464  by Jodie Watts
Jodie lifted a brow significantly at Dice, then glanced at the others. She caught Kyle's expression just in time to see him roll his eyes. Was this perhaps a regular thing?

"Well, yes, I'm single." She shrugged. "But no need to worry; I won't be nearly as much trouble as Magda and Petra. I can be professional regardless."

Yeah, because that was the reason they wanted to know.
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Andoniaina stepped into the inn, a rough animal skin piece of material draped over her shoulders, fur at her neck and wrists, a fitted somewhat dirty jacket donned with gold button at her chest that tapered into two trailing tails behind her. She wore a thin piece of fabric, almost like a skirt with two slits up either side of her legs, showing off the leather leggings beneath. But the thump of her animal leather boots caught the attention of most. Her dreadlocks seemed to cascade over her shoulders, long to her waist and embellished with gold beads and rings.

Seeing the group, she felt her breath catch. All so pale and white, aside the girl in the middle. Were they all enchanted by her? So easily allured? Aina began to grin, the black on her teeth showing from the tobacco and hemp she liked to chew. Without hesitating, she paced forward to the group, looking between the men and women, even looking over to Dice and Simon behind.

"Who...is the alpha here?" She asked, her accent strong and her vowels lulled and relaxed. She brought her finger up to Caleb's chin, looking at his bone structure as she leaned forward to analyse his face. She leaned even closer, her tobacco breath hot on his skin.

"Not you..." She determined before letting go and looking around again, her eyes starting to stare at Ivan. "You think it is you, don't you?" She spoke to the Russian, but soon began to grin her charcoal teeth at him, her fangs now very evident.

"With muscles and sharp jaw...tsk tsk, no. Not you." Her eyes drifted again, soon landing on Dice. She stepped forward, inhaling deeply as she pressed herself over the bar top. "You smell like Fleur Du Sang...even in the intimate places...would you like to smell like Ramanga instead?"
 #20522  by Maximilian Rogan
Dice chuckled at Jodie’s answer, then said, “Well not too professional, right?”

He strode back over to the bar when he attention was demanded by the intruder... yes, intruder felt like the right word. All eyes turned to her, even if they were pretending they weren’t. She moved like a hunter, a preditor, it was quite a sight and she did nothing to try and be discrete.

Dice watched as she pproached the others at the table before turning to him, leaning acress the bar, looking him over... it was quite thrilling as well as disturbing.

Dice cleared his throat, then smiling in a friendly way said, “Ramanga? Ah, well... you see dear lady, I personally have nothing against the Ramanga clan but... well that Fleur Du Sang you mentioned? He would not be so happy if I returned to him covered in your sent. But we do happily serve your kind here, so if you would like a bottle of blood I can bring one out for you.”

He knew the bottle blood they kept was a poor substitue for the real thing, but he was trying to be polight to the new customer.

“What is your name.” He asked, wile wondering exactly what Welsey would do if he returned to him covered in her sent... and glad he had an excuse to say no!
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When the vampire placed her finger on his face, looking at him so closely, Caleb simply blinked back at her, not even sure how to react! He was use to Perrine’s odd ways by now but... she was familier. This vampire... was not.

When she spoke however, dismissing him as the alpha, he smiled weakly and said, “Well... thanks for the consideration...”

Glancing to Robin wile keeping the vampire still in his view he whispered, “Is there something written on my face that says not alpha?”

Jokes were his usual go to when he felt uncomfortable...
 #20539  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan kept a close watch on the vampire of course, but there were welcome at The Blood Moon. It wasn’t a rule he was oberly fond of, but still, there it was.

He raised a brow as she spoke to Caleb, and then looked back at her with little emotion as she asked if he thought it was him... then quickly answered her own question, dismissing the possibility.

“You think not?” He said, bringing his glass to his lips to take a sip. Putting it down then he said, “Perhaps. But maybe you are not so good at reading others if you think someone smelling of Flur du Sang might be possibility...”