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 #20314  by Robin Glover
"Careful what yer tell 'em, Bowden. They'll be wantin' to watch 'em." She chuckled, downing a gulp. She cracked her neck to the side, her eyes catching the glimpse of the front door opening.

Ah, Simon and...who was that girl? She lifted a brow, leaning into Caleb.

"As if this place needs more fresh meat to feed the dogs..."
 #20372  by Ivan Ramazanov
Looking at Kyle as though he had just revealed something entirely idstasteful, Ivan brought his hand to his face and said, “They do? Great... just great... zhat is all I need...”

He could just see it now... the two of them, talking about how awful he was... Zara listing off all his flaws and telling Magda she was lucky Ivan had been foolish enough to cut things off with her. They would form a little club to try and warn any women Ivan showed even remote interest in and...

Suddenly he noticed the shocked look on Caleb’s face. The man was starring at him in disbelief!

Right... his coment was perhaps not wisely thought out...
 #20373  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb had really not been in on the groups suspicion before that moment. The thought had really been more of a joke to him. But suddenly, something in Ivan’s tone and words struck him, and after a moment of staring back at him he said in a stuned tone,

“You slept with her?!”

Ivan had slept with Zara!!?? Suddenly he realised how insane those words really were. They practically hated each other!!!

He didn’t even hear Robin speak he was so caught up in the moment...
 #20374  by Simon Cleary
Simon lead Jodie into the Inn, glancing about the room before saying to her in a low voice, “This isn’t just a meet and greet. I want you to pay very close attention to all of these characters. Their look, quirks, personality... you never know when that information might be useful in a pinch.”

Nodding towards the table Caleb, Robin and the others were at he said, “Especially that table over there. Quite a few key players there I would say.”
 #20393  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle stiffened as everyone began to realise what had happened, and it only confirmed what he and Dice saw. He stared blankly at Ivan a long moment, lifting his chin.

"Well then...I don't quite trust myself to discuss that...especially since you, Zara, and Hugh are all close friends of mine. I actually feel like breaking something..." He grit his teeth as he stared at Ivan, and then turned his face away to Dice.

"Get me something stronger."
 #20394  by Jodie Watts
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Jodie gave her eyes a brief roll.

"You don't tell me how to do my job, and I won't tell you how to do yours. I've been Astrid's eyes and ears for far longer than you; I know exactly who to look at." She spoke lowly to him, giving him a pointed look before heading to the group.

She had decided to come as her natural self; thick curly hair, bright eyes, full lips, and darker skin. She was not here to play an act just yet. And so she approached the group beside Simon, smiling a little at each person, waiting to be introduced.
 #20416  by Maximilian Rogan
Dice was not at all sure why Caleb and then Kyle were so certain of the truth of it, but unlike Kyle he was perfectly delighted with this reveal! It was just such juicy knowlege!

He brought his hand to his mouth to hide a shocked smile, but as Kyle turned his way and gave his order, Dice’s smile only brodened as he said, “Coming right up!”

As he turned away he found himself face to face with Jodie. He gave a start, then smiling quickly he said, “Hello... a friend of Simon’s I presume?” He wagged his brows at his cousin, then said, “First drink is on me...” before turning and heading off to the bar.
 #20418  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan could see everyone reactions clearly. Dice excited to know a dirty little secret, Robin merely curious, or perhaps too polite to express more than this, Caleb shocked and trying to work out how it was even possible with how much Zara and Ivan could not stand one another, but it was Kyle... Kyle’s reaction gave Ivan the most discomfort. He was beyond amusment, shock, or curiosity by this point and only thinking of the implications. Kyle prefered not to pass judgment on his boss but... the situation was not an easy one to shrug off, especially as he was also friends with Zara and Hugh!

After only a moments pause Ivan said in a firm, steady voice, “There is no need to break anything because nothing happened. End of story.”

Turning his eyes then to Simon and Jodie as they moved past Dice, Ivan quickly said, “Shifty! Good to see you. Is like you live over at Mistress Ivers Rings these days.” Looking to Jodie then he said, “And who habe you brought to us?”

He was determined to make the others drop the matter of Zara... but he suspected he had not heard the end of this...
 #20419  by Simon Cleary
Simon could sense some tentions as he approached, and he caught onto Ivan’s last words, but did not know their meaning. Something to file away for later. He also noticed Ivan seemed to be looking right through Jodie.

Hmmm... odd... Ivan. Ot focusing his eyes on the stunning woman before him? He had to be in a mood...

“This is Jodie Watts.” He said with a nod to his companion. “I work with her. Just thought it could be good for her to meet some of you. Mrs Iver might end up useing more of Watchdogs employees at her ring, and Jodie here does a lot of managing of afairs there.”

Strange, strange energy coming from the entire table...

“Can you spare some seats for us?” He said looking around. Looking to Jodie then he said, “I’ll go het us some drinks....” he wanted to have a word with Dice and see what was up...
 #20420  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb had still been struck almost dumb by the entire revelation, although he wasn’t sure what to do with Ivan’s denial. He was about to question further when Simon approached...

He could see the other man was looking at them curiously, and it occurred to him nothing should be said in that moment. After all... Simon was in love with Zara, right?

Suddenly hearing Simon’s words he gave a start, then smiling in a friendly way he stood, and holding his hand out to Jodie said, “Well any friend of Shiftys is a friend of mine. Welcome. My name is Caleb Pryer, this here is my colegue at Watchdogs, Robin Glover, who we mostly call Rob. And then this is our boss Ivan Ramazanov and his second Kyle Bowden. Also in all seriousness, I feel I should ask what a nice looking girl like you is doing in a place like this, and warn you to leave now before you are either corrupted by the vilians here, or scared for life but... I guess if you work in the famous Rings of Mrs Iver you have seen just about anything.”

Motioning to some empty seats then he said, “So please, have a seat and tell us about yourself.”
 #20428  by Kyle Bowden
"Whatever you say, Ivan." Kyle mumbled, tapping on the bar top as he waited for his drink.

This was all bullshit. He knew he shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions but it all made too much sense now. He and Dice had seen the two kiss, Zara had suddenly broken off the engagement, and now Ivan was extremely defensive about whether or not he would sleep with her. It was out of character; even as a boss, Ivan wasn't blind to attractive women and the effects of alcohol.

It just made too much sense...and now Kyle had to rein back his thoughts as not to expose this too much. If Hugh ever found out...oh, Merlin. If anyone ever found out, it would really cause trouble for all of them.
 #20429  by Robin Glover
Robin was often very perceptive. She had seen Zara and Ivan talking at The Blue Lagoon before, in quite a friendly manner, but that wasn't something to pin accusations to. And sure, Ivan was being defensive but...maybe it wasn't that they had slept together at all.

It could easily be that one had propositioned the other and got turned down, maybe they had in the past before the engagement, or maybe they really did just hate each other that much. It wasn't right for Robin to make assumptions until there was a direct confession, right? So until then, she was just curious, but unlikely to press harder, especially with a new person around.

"Ah, nice t' meet yer! As Pryer said, am Rob." She smirked at Jodie.
 #20430  by Jodie Watts
Jodie took a seat, glancing around at the people. Okay, clearly a male-dominated world, but that was to be expected in security, right? So they were likely impressed or unimpressed to know she was so involved.

"Well, as Simon said, I'm Jodie Watts." She spoke, shaking Caleb's hand before giving a small smile to the group. "I'm a bit of a multitasker for Mrs Iver - I'm primarily a jazz singer for her clubs and socials, but she has also taken me on for my abilities. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell you but...I presume that since you are Mr Iver's personal security, you will need to know all other employees' roles, right? I'm a Metamorphmagus, so Mrs Iver likes me to use disguises to get close to people she suspects, doesn't like, or wants information on. So sometimes I play the role of a plain waitress or steward, sometimes I act as a portly high-society gentleman, and sometimes I play the role of a famous culinary chef."

"I often try not to play people I know personally - more like using people's looks I see on the street, adapting to the role they play, and going with the flow. Otherwise, it gets weird and confusing."

Of course, that didn't mean she never played people she knew personally, but she did prefer not to. Simon didn't need to know her preferences. She looked to Ivan, smiling a little. She needed to get close to this one.

"So you're the boss, right? Nice to meet you; I hope my abilities and talents will be of some use for you in any subtle operations." She pressed her hand forward, gesturing for a handshake.