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 #19930  by Emerson Toscano
Location: Emily's Home • Date: September 2002

She felt as though everything familiar was there to mock her. Her whole world had changed yet nothing around her reflected her shattered soul. Emerson approached Emily’s home cursing the rich autumn air for daring to remind her it had once been a source of comfort.

Even she did not look as different as she felt. Other than wrinkled robes and dark half moons under her eyes, she appeared to be the same determined witch she had been before Elaine had reappeared. Elaine, their beaming light was back and yet the world seemed darker. Heavy heart beating against the cruel notion that the world separated those who loved each other the first thing she did when she entered Emily’s home was to wrap her arms tightly around the woman she loved. She kissed Emily demandingly, asking for a kind of reassurance she wasn’t certain existed.
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 #19936  by Emily Anderson
Emily had been sat at her desk when Emerson had arrived, her sewing machine making such a noise that she didn't hear the woman as she entered. When she saw the brunette appear in her peripheral position, it was the dark eyes and wrinkled robes that caught her eye. She stood at once, immediately being taken into a hug - and then kissed.

It was hard not to respond to that kind of kiss. She kissed Emerson back thoroughly, allowing the other woman to let her know that she was there, that she loved her, that nothing bad in the world could touch them as long as they were together. And then she pulled away. She touched the back of her hand to Emerson's cheek. "What's wrong?"
 #19949  by Emerson Toscano
Refusing to let go of the brief reassurance their exchange had offered, Emerson shook her head and pulled Emily into a second kiss. A kiss even more demanding, as if trying to bind them to an unbreakble contract, a promise to never leave each other.

When finally she felt strong enough to pull away, she buried her head in the crook of her partner’s neck. She swallowed thickly. How was she supposed to explain the impossible? “An old friend of mine, who I was certain had died in the war is alive.” She closed her eyes thightly as she finally allowed herself to feel this without worrying about Evelyn. Elaine had been her friend, a aunt the her sons, her family.
 #19954  by Emily Anderson
The kiss and it's intensity worried Emily. It wasn't that she hadn't been kissed like this before; rather, it was the fact that Emerson didn't feel compelled to answer her question, despite the fact that the blonde could see the expression in her eyes. Whatever Emerson was currently feeling was dark, troubling, and Emily wanted to know how to get rid of it.

Emily pressed her lips together, not sure she understood. Her friend was alive. What was with the dark look in her eyes? Surely she should be bouncing around with joy? She didn't want to say this to Emerson. "What're you thinking then?" she asked instead.
 #19964  by Emerson Toscano
There was no thinking. There was only guilt and fear. Guilt that they had not fought hard enough for Elaine. They should have fought harder to get her out of prison. The one in which the wizarding world had traped her or even the one where her parents had kept her. The fear was paralyzing. A lifetime of love and happiness had been taken from her friends, Emerson couldn't look at Emily without her heart seizing from the fear of losing her.

She pulled away so she could look at Emily. "We thought she had died in Azkaban. We thought we had let her die in Azkaban." Emerson's face contorted in pain. She knew Evelyn had always carried that guilt, she had spent years reassuring her that it had not been her fault. The truth was that Emerson had felt the same guilt, she had simply never allowed herself to feel it, but with Elaine back she was forced to face it. More than that she would probably have to confess to it. Tell Elaine that they had not fought for her as much as she would have fought for them.
 #19971  by Emily Anderson
Emily knew Emerson well enough to know that she would have fought for as long and as hard as she could have done, given the circumstances. The middle of the war was strange circumstances indeed. Yet that word - Azkaban - sent shivers along her spine. She heard some of her friends - the ones in important circles - discussing that place before now. The ones who had seen it before had such a haunted look in their eyes. It was truly somewhere terrible. No matter how safe Emerson's friend was now, the place was sure to have left its mark on her.

"Emerson, she will forgive you," she murmured, kissing the top of her forehead. Of that one thing, she was certain.
 #19974  by Emerson Toscano
Emily was right, Elaine would forgive them. Not unlike Emily, Elaine was kind and loving, she saw the best in people, including, at times, those who did not deserve it. Unwilling to discuss her reluctance to forgive herself, she held on to her luminous Emily a little tighter.

"She was Evelyn's fiancé. They spent nearly a decade thinking the other was dead." Her chest deflated. "I can never lose you," she whispered with her last second of breath. She pulled Emily as close to her as she could.
 #20027  by Emily Anderson
Emily didn't know how to react. "That's why... that's why Evelyn is the way she is," Emily replied softly. She didn't mean for it to sound as an insult, despite how it sounded; she simply had that little bit more of an understanding of Evelyn because of this tiny nugget of information.

The blonde wrapped her arms tightly around Emerson - so tightly that she was surprised she hadn't cut off oxygen for the other woman. "You don't have to," she whispered. As far as she was concerned, the war was over. It was won. Emerson and Emily would never face a situation like Evelyn and her fiancee had. "You've got me. Forever."
 #20051  by Emerson Toscano
"That's not," Emerson interjected with a frown. She took offense to the implication that Evelyn could be explained by one traumatic event she had suffered. She sighed, she did not have the energy to pursue her neverending defense of Evelyn Winters.

Eyes closed she rested her head on Emily's shoulder. "Is it bedtime?" she yawned into her girlfriend's shoulder. She had gotten very little sleep in the last few days.
 #20052  by Emily Anderson
Emily smiled softly. "I didn't mean it like that," she replied, but she was too tired - and Emerson was too tied up in her emotions - for it to do either of them any good if Emily were to attempt to explain what she had actually meant.

"It's getting late," she agreed. "Have you eaten?" Whilst she understood Emerson's need to get some sleep, she was also painfully aware of how little care her girlfriend took of herself when she was in this kind of mood. "Perhaps I can rustle up something quick whilst you sit down for a little while?"
 #20078  by Emerson Toscano
She shook her head. When had she last eaten? Breakfast, if taking a strawberry from Louis's plate counted as a meal. She was not hungry but did not have the energy to reject Emily's offer. "Wait," she did interject meekly. She wasn't ready to let Emily go just yet. Even if sitting at the breakfast bar while Emily cooked something an arm's length away from her didn't represent much distance, Emerson held on tightly. "How are you?" She asked as if needing to make sure Emily was carefree and happy.
 #20084  by Emily Anderson
"I'm fine," she replied, smiling gently. Her eyes were a little sore due to working in the dim light, now that the days were getting shorter, but she was feeling alright other than that. "I've been making some costumes for the local primary school for their christmas play," she informed her. "I'm pretty proud of them. I'll show you them later." She took Emerson's hand and led her through to the kitchen, realising that it was futile to ask her to sit in the living room in a comfy chair whilst she made some food.

"I'll make some bangers and mash." A comforting food, but quick nonetheless. She kissed Emerson's forehead, and then busied herself peeling the potatoes.