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 #19814  by Gavin Iver
Crossing his arms in return, Gavin said, “Yes, that would be a start. But I didn’t chose to marry a woman as dangerous, crazy, and unpredictable as you only to find I would be looked on as something you would be unhappy with, but would bare if you were allowed certain freedoms. I am highly insulted by the fact that you would ever be even vaugly ok wih me sleeping with other woman. I mean if in thirty years we tired of each other as sexual parterns, and pretended to not see the others indiscretions that would be one thing. But you are here, looking me in the eyes, and telling me that as long as it is fair you could go along with it. We have not even exchanged rings!”

Making a very sour face he said, “The thought of another man being with you, disrespecting me and my house so, makes my stomach turn. You think I was not serious when I told you what I would do to such a worm? Has my every actions and word not show you just how highly I prize you. And yes damn it all! I want the same feelings from you! I want you to see me as a prize! As something you can flaunt before other women but never dream of sharing!”

Stepping towards her then, his arms unfolding and his fists clenching at his side, he said, “But just as you know I do not think well of your family name, I know that you see me as some sort of consolation prize to my cousin Nathan. Knowing this, is it wrong that I ask you to pretend I am not just a convinient way to to join the Iver Family Tree? I am not asking for your love Viola, but can you blame me for wanting the same lust and jelousy you feel for Nathan? A desire and jelousy so great his wife tries to have him beat it out of your stubborn head?!”

Raising a hand up to stop her words then as he moved past her, striding towards the door, he said, “You have said enough for the moment. And If you do not give yourself a moment of silence you will continue to speak with out thinking. Just be silent and think about what it is your really want.... and wether you could honestly give me what I want....”
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Viola pursed her lips, her arms remaining crossed as she remained silent, staring it him. She waited a moment before shaking her head and stepping after him toward the door.

"So what, you want me to just sit in here in silence like a child? Well, that's not gonna happen!" She stepped in front, blocking his way to the door and glaring up at him.

"I want you. You mentioned a mistress, and after a long time thinking about it, I realised I wanted to make you happy. But I don't want to be the sorry wife at home whilst my husband plays away so I tried to compromise. But if you are sure that you want me and only me, then I want you and only you. I knew from the moment I danced with you at Christmas that I wanted you."

She scrunched her nose, clearly angry that she was being made to speak this way.

"I do lust after you, and I was extremely jealous when I heard you was actually after Hera. I was furious; livid that you wanted that bitch when I was right there! You called me a servant, you ridiculed me, you was embarrassed to have enjoyed my company - and as much as I lusted after you, I hated that you made me feel so small! Do you know how much it took me to just walk up and start talking to you? Nathan didn't tell me to do that; nobody did! There was something about you that I couldn't shake off, and I wanted more than anything to prove that I was far better than Hera."

"And then you tried to sell me out, in front of my damn face, whilst still trying to bed me. I don't know what the fuck you want; how am I supposed to? You was telling me how much you wanted me whilst knowing you was going to potentially get me killed!"
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As iritaed as he was that Viola was still speaking he stopped and listened to her, waiting untill she had finished before saying,

“Yes... I did do that. Because as beautiful and bewitching as you are... I am not a man you can simply manipulate into dropping my goals or my plans nor my loyalties. I don’t like Nathan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be a part of what he is doing. That and I wasn’t sure you weren’t sent to test me. Because of course I know they don't trust me fully... But if any part of you faults me for turning you in, and not melting in your hands, then you need to question just what sort of man you really want. Because apparently I am as stubborn as you and that might be difficult to live with,” he ended, crossing his arms once more and looking down his nose at her.

But inside he thought “She wanted only me even at Christmas?!” It was a rather flattering thought. A bit of a boost to his hurt ego...
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Viola looked away, leaning back against the door, avoiding his eyes.

"Look...I act confident and bold about all of this...but the last few relationships I've had have pretty much all ended up with my man going for someone else. Levi was unintentionally falling for the secretary, Simon loved the same secretary until bidding his loyalty to Hera, and Nathan was sleeping with Jennifer whilst I worked for him until he finally met Astrid. I thought that for this once, I would beat you to it. I won't lie to you Gavin...I am very attached to Nathan, and can you blame me? He saved my life, multiple times - he's the only one that ever believed in my talents beyond my looks..."

"I lust after you, I appreciate you, I told Nathan I wanted to marry you after the Yule Ball...but I'm afraid of letting there be something more than convenience and good sex. I don't want you to have a mistress...but I felt like if I gave you permission, I could convince myself that it was my own choice rather than simply not being good enough..."
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Gavin regarded her a moment, then said,

“Just know this... if I ever find out another man has been bedding you your life will be hell, and he will be either dead or maimed for life. You may be as well. So if you ever deside to carry on an afair...” he leaned in close to her then and said in a menacing, low voice,

“Be the very model of discretion...”

Placing his hand on the door handle then he pulled it open, forcing her to move as he stalked out into the hall.
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Viola furrowed her brows deeply at Gavin as he practically threatened her. She grit her teeth as he shoved past her, and she snapped her head to watch him leave.

She stood there for a long moment, trying to figure out what to do. Stand here and wait? Go explore? Leave immediately? She glanced around. Her main reason for behind here was to see Gavin, and now that he was gone, she was lost without purpose. She sighed deeply, fastening up her jacket again and heading out.

But instead of the main entrance, she went toward the gardens, wanting to see what she would be working with when she finally moved here; she of course would be doing her potions and herbology here no matter what.
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The air was a bit chilly, but at least the sun was out, making more than an occasional appearance from behind clouds that drifted across the sky.

Viola head not venture too far into the gardens when she came upon someone sitting on a bench, reading a book, with a large mug of tea beside him.

It was Tarquin Iver.

Tarquin took a sip of the tea, then making a face he pulled out his wand, getting ready to reheat it, when he saw Viola. Looking at her in surprise he glanced at the manor, then looking back at her said,

"Miss York! Ah... Good day... Has my nephew seen you?"

He had been with Gavin when the servant came and told them that Viola was there. Gavin had promptly handed him his tea, and told him to make himself scarce as he hope this visit with his fiancee would involve things that he would not want his uncle around for.... Tarquin had easily taken the hint and decided to leave the house entirely and enjoy some fresh air.
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Viola blinked at him, furrowing her brows. An Iver that was polite...he somehow reminded her of Levi with his tea drinking and book reading. She folded her arms, feeling the chill as she looked out to the garden.

"Yeah, I saw him. Clearly it went well since I'm out here by myself. He's a real charmer, that nephew of yours."
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Tarquin made a sound that was half chuckle half scoff, then said,

"Yes I can imagine. We Iver's are well known for being polite, courteous, and accommodating, especially to the ones we love."

Smirking a bit then he said, "But I hear you have a bit of a reputation for that yourself. So a match will made?"

Standing then he said, " Since Gavin is acting in such ways, perhaps you will allow me to accompany you in your walk about the grounds? After all, well you and I are virtual strangers... very soon you will be a part of my family. It is only right that we get to know each other better."
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Tarquin grimaced at her words, then said, “Hera is... a bit of a sore subject at the moment. A topic I would rather avoid.”

But after slipping his book into the pocket of his long coat, and leaving his tea where it was, he started to walk as he said,

“Your cousin and I... we had a moment... but that is over now. I think for my part I was overly eagar when she was not ready. Living alone for so long can do that to a man. And for her part... “ he sighed, then said, “I think she has a great deal of fear and self doubt, mixed with confused emotions towards her ex husband. Maybe it was simply the wrong time, or maybe it simply brought to an end quickly something that never could have been. But if your sources told you we were a couple, or close to it, they were wrong. We went out to dinner twice and that was that. You are in no danger of steal my attentions from her or any woman.”

But after looking at her thoughtfully he gave her a wry smile, then said, “Which of course I think you know... Hera is not the sort to get jelous over a simple act of trying to get to know one’s future in-law. You were simply fishing for a bit of information on my status with your cousin, weren’t you?” He said, giving her a knowing look.

But he did not fault her for her subtle ploy. He had been told she was cleaver, and if she knew how to weave a conversation to get what she was looking for with out directly asking he could appriciate that.
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Viola smirked, glancing over at him. She should have known to take a hint and to attempt to make better friends with this man, but Viola being Viola, it simply wasn't that easy. She scoffed, continuing to walk.

"That's very innocent of you to think but er...no. Not quite. I mean, I was of course curious after I heart about the plan to wed her to an Iver like myself, but then I saw her speaking so much with that Meyer boy. I hear she's going to visit him more often at the market, even attending the Halloween Masked Ball with him."

She looked over to him, her eyes fiery.

"But of course, as you said, it was perhaps a bit early for her."
 #19960  by Tarquin Iver
Tarquin’s mouth drew into a thin line at her final words. He did not care for Viola’s general reputation, but not knowing the woman his mind did not go at once to the fact that she was baiting him. Rather, he simply focused on her words.

After a moment he said carefully, “I... did not know this. Perhaps they are good friends. Doesn’t mean there is anything romantic between them...”

His eyes remained forward, his expression nutral, but inside he felt a pang of jelousy and... maybe even a flash of anger?

Wasn’t she suppose to be staying away from romance for a wile? Doing lots of self reflecting and all that?

“Isn’t Kristoph Meyer engaged or something like that?” He suddenly added. He really should pay more attention when his gossipy sisters spoke about the latest news from the upper crusts of society in the wizarding world...
 #19972  by Viola York
Viola shrugged, but she could see the expression on his face. This made her feel a lot better already!

"Hm? Oh, yeah...I think he was. But they broke up regardless, and now he is in an eerily similar spot to Hera. He's a single parent to a toddler...I think they were planning playdates for them or something as they're so similar in age. Maybe a year apart. What I do know is that Hera was getting very friendly with Odis Meyer too; apparently chatting about how the rift between Clearys and Meyers is over and should maybe look forward to better things."

She shrugged again.

"Who knows. Hera did say she wasn't keen on her husband being chosen for her, right? Didn't like the fact that she was basically being auctioned off to an Iver for the sake of a deal...maybe she decided that she would rather be a Meyer. That would definitely piss Egan off too, I presume."
 #19979  by Tarquin Iver
“I suppose,” said Tarquin evenly. “But, I didn’t think... it was like that between us. She was never intended for me, but rather for Gavin, or Ethan.”

He was silent a moment, thinking back over his time with Hera. That night in the tower... he had formed a real connection with her he thought but...

“It’s for the best,” he said with a nod and stiff resignation in his tone. “We were not really suitable. I don’t know that she would ever be happy as an Iver. She isn’t oberly fond of our ways... and I am not sure she has the streangth of character to deal with the family in general...”

Perhaps the last coment was not fair, but despite his calm demeanor he felt hurt.... it was partly his heart but also his pride. No one liked to be rejected, but hearing how quickly she moved on stung.

Tarquin kicked at a pinecone in the path, then added, “You on the other hand, will likely fit in quite well...”