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 #19521  by Albie Rees
 17 Oct 2018, 11:40
Location: Knockturn Betting Co. • Date: October 2002

Albie was barely paying attention to the race blaring from the wizarding wireless. It was not for lack of stakes. He had placed his bet, of course, he had. Yet the finance fiend was on the lookout for more lucrative opportunities. It was a shame that the establishment prohibited the use of alcohol, there truly was no one more vulnerable than a soul without inhibitions.

To remain unremarkable among the crowd, he was wearing one of his older set of robes, those he would never wear at the office. Albie sat alone at his table, a cup of coffee he had yet to touch was close to him.
 #20296  by Flavia Arcuri
 09 Nov 2018, 06:24
Having already gained a considerable amount of winnings, Flavia Arcuri was merely enjoying the sight of the desperate souls who depended on such trivial ways of getting their earnings.

When she caught sight of the young man, sitting alone at his table seemingly as uninterested as she was in the race that was being presented she could not resist the temptation of inviting him to sit with her. As sly as a scorpion she waited for him to look in her direction a few times. Making sure to put her best attributes forward when he was looking at her, she barely had to look at him and soon enough he was approaching her.
 #20353  by Albie Rees
 10 Nov 2018, 09:52
The woman was older, likely a little older than his mother, yet he struggled to peel his eyes from her. The charisma she exuded was extremely attractive and her perfectly sculpted legs certainly appealed to him as well.

He left his cup of coffee behind and approached the woman confidently. With a mere movement of his brow, he requested the seat next to hers and with a slight curve of the lips she offered it to him. "I would offer to buy another, but..." His grimace was enough to reveal how he felt about the dirt-tasting coffee they served.
 #20354  by Flavia Arcuri
 10 Nov 2018, 10:13
Pleased by his silent request, she pursed her lips when he started speaking. He was young and seemed foolishly confident, she had not expected much from his first line and was not surprised to find him unoriginal.

She raised a finger to request the drink he had just refused to get for her. When a second coffee was placed in front of her she pushed it towards him. With a piercing look, she dared him to take a sip.
 #20355  by Albie Rees
 10 Nov 2018, 10:24
Skeptical, he frowned but took the cup of coffee she had placed in front of him. As soon as he smelled the fuming coffee he knew the woman had been served something different than all the other patrons in the room. He took a long sip and closed his eyes as he tasted the alcohol that had been slipped in the drink. "How?" He questioned, having been denied himself when he had slipped a few discreet galleons with a request for a drink similar to this one.
 #20356  by Flavia Arcuri
 10 Nov 2018, 10:48
Not one to reveal her secrets, she merely looked at him as she enjoyed a sip of her own coffee.

A celebratory scream came from the back of the room, a group of men seemed rather pleased with the race's results. Flavia scrutinized them with disdain. "Isn't that a sad sight?" She looked at the man, wondering if he shared her opinion.
 #20403  by Albie Rees
 11 Nov 2018, 10:33
Albie looked at the woman, his eyes lingering on the legs she was crossing. She was beautiful there was no denying it, but that was not what intrigued him. She was hard to read, an enigma hiding behind her exuberant seductiveness.

Instead of giving her a verbal answer, he let his eyes linger on her figure before he got up ready to follow her wherever she intended on taking him.