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Location: Markus Scarrs Indelible Tattoos • Date: October 1 2002

As he made his way down the dark dingy alley, Harry had to admit that becoming a dark wizard catcher and investor wasn’t anything like the images and scenarios he’d dream up in his head during his school days. But he enjoyed it for the most part, with the exception of days like today when he’d spent the majority of his morning following breadcrumbs that lead
to nowhere on a case he’d been working tirelessly on for four weeks counting.

His stomach gave a rumble in angry protest, and it was wonder that it did considering he’d worked straight through breakfast and lunch. So as he stepped into the tattoo parlor, Harry promised himself a nice taster pastry after question the last person on his list.

Only there was a problem.

Said person was currently busy working on a client who was in a rather compromising position, tattooing them in a place most unbecoming for any mortal’s eyes.

Suddenly Harry didn’t feel like nibbling on a pastry. His stomach turned.

Dressed head to toe in his auror’s robes, Harry carefully shuffled around so he could better address the tattoo artist. He opened his mouth with every intention of introducing himself, of politely telling the artist that he needed to ask them a a few questions about a suspicious character who came to visit the shop last week, but as his eyes fell on the client the artist was tattooing all that came out of Harry’s mouth was ,” WHY?” His green eyes were so wide that looked liked they could fall right out of his own head. “Why is it always you?!”
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“No,” he snapped, a little more aggressively than he intended. “I’m on Ministry business.”

Harry waved a dismissive hand at the tattoo artist. “It can wait. Just finish. Please.” He said impatiently. The sooner the artist finished the sooner Harry could start the interrogation.

He turned his back to try and look away until he caught sight of the half-finished inked image on Erikur’s backside. “My god, Polczynski.” It was like a train wreck, a terrible sight to behold but strangely intriguing all the same. A grandmotherly woman waved as she trotted merrily along on a giant corgi. She had a crown on her royal head. “The Queen? The Queen of England?” Harry screwed his eyes shut and reached under his glasses to pinch the bridge of his nose.
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"Oooh, Ministry business? What kind?" Erikur propped himself up on his elbows, his long fingers laced together beneath his chin. Before Erikur could get his favourite font of information to spew, however, it appeared that Mr. Potter had became quite distracted; he was looking utterly woebegone, and his utterance was strained and weak.

Erikur craned his neck back towards the tattoo artist. "It was originally going to be you, actually," he added conversationally, turning back to Harry. "But I changed my mind. So what's this Ministry business all about?"
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“I’m not sure if I should be flattered or concerned.”

Harry readjusted his glasses, making eye contact with Erikur when he inquired about his reasons for visiting the tattoo parlor. He retrieved a creased photo from his pocket. “I’m here about a case,” he said as he handed Erikur the picture. “A little girl went missing. We received an anonymous tip that she and her family were in danger. By the time we arrived…it was too late.”

Harry didn’t move. He didn’t even blink. He just stood there stiff backed and straight faced.

“Her parents were found dead. Bite marks on the bodies. Their daughter was nowhere to be found. Her name is Abigail and I’m looking for her.”
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Erikur raised his eyebrows in an expression that clearly read And?. Knowing Potter was rather slow on the uptake at times, he decided to be explicit. "And? So a -ow, hey, watch where you're poking that! - so a kid gets bit by a werewolf. Why is this news?" He blinked, a new train of thought arriving at the station.

"And when have I ever given you the impression that I'd actually care?"
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Harry assumed Erikur cared as much for the case as he cared for Erikur’s bum tattoo. But a case with an orphaned child whose parents turned up dead was a bit too personal for Harry to ignore. He was, in fact, obsessed with it.

“Just look at the picture, Polczynski,” said Harry, his patience dwindling. “Have you seen her around or not?”
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Humouring the auror, Erikur took the photograph and looked it over. After a few moments he handed it back, bearing no expression of recognition nor ignorance. "Good question," he simply replied, staring up at the Boy Who Gawked. Potter was the font of information, not Erikur. If Potter was looking for a lead, he was going to have to play by his rules.
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Nothing in life was free and it was obvious that Erikur expected something in return for answering his question. “Alright, Polczynski, what do you want? I’m listening.” Harry’s expression darkened, clearly unimpressed that the other man was wasting his time with playing games.
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For a moment, the only sound was the buzzing of the tattoo wand as it drew the impeccably-placed wiggling corgi bum. Erikur drummed his fingers together, a wide array of humiliating acts he could have Potter do running through his head. Finally, an idea struck.

"Alright, Potter!" Erikur clapped and rubbed his hands together. "I'm going to play nice today. What are friends for, after all?" He gave Harry a seductive wink. "You want answers? Come here. Yea, you're gonna have to do that mate, if I come closer I'm going to get an inked-up wand straight up my crack. Theere we go."

Harry was close enough that Erikur could kiss him. Which he did. But before Harry could recoil Erikur grabbed the back of Harry's head (good God Erikur's head was in the gutter today, wasn't it? Harry just seemed to have that kind of effect on him...). "Sorry mate, couldn't help it. Seriously though, I haven't seen hide nor hair of any cannibal girl myself. But I know a bloke who might. Asian fellow, works at the betting place near here. Taka....Shiro Takasomething. He's got connections to big people. I've heard him talking about the Yakuza using some Klein girl with special powers. Name mean anything?"
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Despite every red flag violently waving inside his head, Harry decidedly leaned closer to Erikur. Before he could even register what was happening Harry found himself in a situation that, for once, he couldn’t escape from.

If there was any question regarding his preferences in romantic partners – because Merlin knows he was terribly awkward around girls – it was answered in a loud roar of protest from deep down inside the very center of his identity. When he finally broke free, Harry retreated several steps and angrily wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

While he didn’t have a problem with other people doing such things, kissing another bloke was not something that he was particularity into himself.

Harry regained his footing and marched back with every intention of shoving the artist’s tattoo wand up Erikur’s –

“What?” Harry stopped suddenly, his angry expression faltering. He tried to recall if at any point having mentioned the little girl’s last name.

“How did you- no, just forget it. I’m not asking you anymore questions should you try to kiss me again.” He glared, emerald green eyes narrowing behind the reflective lenses of his glasses. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lead to follow…right after I wash my mouth out with soap. “

Harry turned to leave, his back to Erikur.

“Eat a mint next time, will you?”
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Pretentious fucker. Erikur's breath was fine. But he gave Potter a flirtatious wave and blew him a kiss just to piss him off a little more. Potter'd be running back to him soon enough anyway. He'd find out Erikur knew more than he was letting on, and then they'd really have a fun time.

And maybe he'd get Potter to do him an important favour. But that would have to wait. Smirking as Potter slammed the door, Erikur blinked and creased his brow. He breathed into his hand and sniffed.

Aw fuck.