A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #19333  by Phoebe Jareau-Young
Phoebe nodded slowly, glad that Viola could't see the light flush that spread across her cheeks at the mention of being in bed with someone.

"Focusing on your career is always nice. I've been trying to start a nonprofit, but it's been slow going. Eventually, though..." she trailed off, smiling wistfully. "There's a nice out of the way apothecary in Montreal, if you're ever that way. Les Potions de Gagnon. Owned by a family friend, so be kind," she said, although she was only teasing.

Then her therapist bent down by her ear and whispered something, and she nodded. "It seems it's time for my mud bath. It's been nice talking to you," she said, glancing over and smiling softly. "If you're ever in Quebec, look me up. Under Durant, of course."

With that, she rose from the chair and allowed the therapist to guide her from the room, even though she knew exactly where she was going.
 #19334  by Viola York
"Thank you, I'll have to look it up." Viola said. It was good to know apothecaries in multiple areas; some did ingredients that others didn't, some were cheaper, and some could obtain things that were less than legal. But this was another one for her book of contacts.

As Phoebe rose, Viola looked up at her with a nod. "Of course. And do the same if you find yourself in England; York or Iver will suffice."

She watched the other woman leave, sitting back further into her chair, hoping her hot stone massage would be soon.