A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #18161  by Viktoria Klein
Location: Amsterdam • Date: Summer 2002

Giggling against Elyse's side as Isla and Alex disappeared, Viktoria pressed herself even further against her lovers side and turned towards the drag queens who had started to converse amongest themselves once more. Someone came through the red curtains off the the right with more drinks and Rachel Tension wolf whistled at him, causing the young man to blush and scurry out.

"Have a drink with me Elyse. I want you to meet my new friends! They love my designs!"
 #18169  by Elyse Nordstrom
Elyse shrugged as Alexandra and her strange lover chose to flee. It was enough that she had spent the day and most of the night with Isla Fields, seeing her go pleased the blonde.

"Of course they love your designs, baby," Elyse smirked as she used the pet name Vik had used earlier. "Let's have a drink." The Congresswoman kept her arms around Viktoria and lead her towards the couch.
 #18234  by Viktoria Klein
Flopping down on top of Elyse, Viktoria reached for her forgotten martini and took a sip, offering one to Elyse once she was finished, "Ladies, this is Elyse Nordstrom. My lover," She drawled again and then giggled immediately after. A round of 'hellos' and 'nice to meet you' sounded from the other occupants of the room.

"Elyse this is Rachel Tension, and this is um," Viktoria waved her hand at the tall redhead sitting to their right, "I'm sorry I don't remember you name. What was it again?"
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"Oh, okay." Elyse chuckled when Viktoria flopped down on her. She wrapped her arms around the inebriated woman and took a sip she was offered. "Oops," she chuckled again as Vik pulled the glass a bit too suddenly and a tear of martini dripped down her chin.

She wiped her chin quickly. "Nice to meet you, Charlamaine Temple." She turned waved at all the other queens. "Is that one of your dresses?" The blonde asked when she noticed Rachel's dress?
 #18772  by Viktoria Klein
"It is!" Viktoria exclaimed. "Look at the beading on it. Nobody can do beading like that, not even Alexander Honeycutt himself." Slurring her bosses name, she had the urge to poke at her tongue, but instead took a hearty sip from her glass.

Viktoria had been making her own articles of clothing since she was a child, and Alexander had agreed to let her continue on the agreement that she sell all her Klein designers out of his shop. They were still Klein designs, but Honeycutt got the credit. Viktoria Klein from Alexander Honeycutt Atelier. She was just as much of the product as her creations.

Viktoria reached out a hand to touch the stunning dress, "Isn't it gorgeous?"
 #19009  by Elyse Nordstrom
Rather than looking at the dress, she watched as Viktoria talked about her dress. There was nothing she loved more than to see Viktoria in her element. Fashion made the designer buzz with passion and if possible that made her more beautiful than ever.

Her hand slid along her lover's thigh as she watched her gush over her own design. Elyse remembered the first time she had been to one of Viktoria's fashion shows, the incessant flash of cameras, the gorgeous models, Viktoria talking to fashion journalists as passionately as she was currently describing her own design. It had been a whole new side to her friend, one that seemed much more liberated than the one she had already learned to love. Elyse had watched from afar, a smirk on her lips, very similar to the one she had now. When finally the journalist and various fashion industry players had dispersed she had finally been able to congratulate her friend. Without even thinking about it she had kissed Vik's lips, one kiss just to congratulate her friend for her amazing work. They had kissed, their first kiss, Elyse hadn't even intended it, nor had she expected it, it had lasted a second, no one would have thought anything of it, but Elyse knew that it was that moment that everything had changed.

Years later in the back of a rather stingy Amsterdam bar, Elyse was just as enthralled by her friend as she had been that night. "Gorgeous." Elyse echoed clearly applying the compliment to Vik rather than her dress.

Elyse blinked a few times and was finally able to ply her eyes away from her friend. "Do you ladies have runway experience?" She asked out of interest.
 #19351  by Viktoria Klein
Jumping as if she was struck by the most magnificent thought, Viktoria turned to face Elyse with a huge smile etched on her face. "Oh! That's a great idea." Turning to the other ladies in the room, she placed her hands in her lap and leaned forward.

"Now I know you ladies can perform, but have you ever walked a runway before?"
 #19376  by Elyse Nordstrom
Glad to see that her girlfriend was inspired by her question she chuckled and rested the side of her head against Vik's arm.

The queens shared a look and anticipation wondering what might come of the designer's question. "Every stage is a runway, darling." Rachel Tension argued with a coquettish shoulder-shimmy. Elyse looked up at Vik wondering if the argument would be enough to convince the designer that the queens would be able to walk down a runway.
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Suddenly serious, though her pupils were still blown wide and her knee bounced consistently as if she was struggling to sit still, Viktoria lifted a finger and traced the bow in her top lip.

"I'll need more time to think on this. To put together a proposal, but I would love to have you ladies wearing my clothes on the runway."
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Sharing an interested glance, a few of the ladies started speaking enthusiastically, a few of them pitching Viktoria their ideas. Elyse beamed with pride as she witnessed Viktoria's creativity at work. She made sure to take mental notes of the erratic conversation, for she had an inkling Viktoria might not remember some of the details in the morning.