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 #17858  by Alexandra McKinney
Location: The Lookout • Date: Summer 2002

Viktoria was receiving the royal treatment. The queens were offering her drinks, snacks, and gossip all while fawning over fashion with the designer. Alex had accepted a beer and had remained rather silent, enjoying the chance to see Viktoria navigate the many compliments being thrown at her.

Eventually, they had been invited to sit on the longest couch Alex had ever seen. Flanked by two of the most gorgeous and tallest queens, Alex sat comfortably and took a bit of whatever was passed to her. Liquor, strange crystalized potion, and cigarets, it reminded her of the parties she had attended as a teenager.

Noticing that her mind was getting foggier and foggier Alex had insisted to move so that she would be seated next to Viktoria. "Just so I can keep an eye on you." She had argued fairly certain the designer had been rolling her eyes at her. Finding that the fabric of Viktoria's jumpsuit had an absolutely fascinating texture as her hand had brushed against it, Alex had started patting her friend's knee.

She wasn't sure if Viktoria was indulging her or if she simply was too busy to pay attention to her, but her hand was still on Viktoria's knee when she noticed a familiar tall blonde standing in the dressingroom's doorway. Alex leaned close to Viktoria's ear to whisper "your wife is here." Before she chuckled.
 #17950  by Viktoria Klein
There really was nothing else like being amongest people who appreciated what she did for a living. These people, these queens were her biggest supporters, they were the reason why she slaved away behind a sewing machine, pricking her fingers over and over, and waving her wand until her arm got so tired she wanted to tear it off. Fashion was her life, and these women wore it every single night.

"What?" Viktoria giggled, lifting a hand to wipe at her face after a Drag Queen pointed towards it. Her finger came away white. "Opps." She giggled again and wiped once more at her face.

She was chatting away with the Rachel Tension while the woman was preparing her next hit, having just finished one herself when Alex spoke, the hand on her knee going complete unnoticed due to the fact that she could hardly concentrate on carrying on a conversation let alone who was touching her.

Viktoria looked at Alex with a frown and then towards the doorway, "My wife?" Viktoria wasn't married.

Elyse stepped through the curtains, followed immediately by a smaller, incredibly uncomfortable looking blonde.


"Hi baby!" She practically yelled, attempting to stand and failing. Rachel caught her with a low, but loud laugh.
 #17964  by Isla Fields
Clutching her purse, Isla looked around the dimly lit room, the leather couches, the covered windows and the obviously intoxicated occupants, Alex and Viktoria included. Though the fashion designer seemed to be much more under the influence than Alex who at least had the courtesy to look at least a little ashamed by the situation they had just discovered.

"We finished early," Isla responded slowly, her gaze on Viktoria who was being carefully placed back on the sofa, rather than in one of the Drag Queens lap.

"It is also 1.30 in the morning." She then said. Had their meeting finished when it was supposed to, Isla would have been back in their hotel room two hours ago, and Alex promised to have been there. Obviously the brunette had lost track of time doing...whatever it was she was doing.
 #17966  by Viktoria Klein
"Oh, thank you Rachel," Viktoria said politely, crossing her legs and reaching for her martini. She took a sip, meeting Isla Fields gaze over the rim of her glass. She raised her left brow in response.

"Is it really 1.30?" She asked, reaching for Hazel Fames wrist and looking at the wrist watch on it. "Oh, well, would you look at that, it is 1.30." A couple of the Drag Queens laughed.

Attempting to stand once more, she used Alex's shoulder as leverage and eventually managed to get to her feet with a grunt. Viktoria then made her way over towards Elyse and cupped her face, "Hi," She said again. "I missed you."
 #17974  by Viktoria Klein
"I'm sorry," She pouted, leaning in to kiss Elyse's mouth, or at least attempt to. Her lips brushed against the taller woman's chin and then her cheek. Viktoria whined but then spun around to Alex, her hand moving down to Elyse's stomach where she pressed her palm to the soft but firm flesh beneath.

She grinned at the woman all sitting there, "This is Elyse. My lover," Viktoria slurred seductively causing more laughter. "And that," She pointed at Isla causing the woman to snap her head around to glare at her so icily that Viktoria nearly shivered. "Is Alex's lover. Though you wouldn't think so."
 #17978  by Isla Fields
Seeing Viktoria point at her from the corner of her eye, Isla couldn't help the glare that formed at the woman's words. Viktoria had no right to be discussing her relationship with Alex as if it was her own.

"I'm pleased to see you've both had a good night," she said coldly, "But if you're quite finished, I would like to get back to the hotel so I can get some sleep. I have an early meeting tomorrow morning.
 #17979  by Alexandra McKinney
"Why not?" Alex asked with a chuckle, interested to hear what exactly Viktoria had meant by that comment. Realizing that Isla was glaring she wiped the smile off her face and turned towards her girlfriend. "Yes, of course."

Alex waved towards the queens and gave Viktoria a small nod. She put her hand on the small of Isla's back and lead her towards the door.
 #18040  by Viktoria Klein
"Wait!" Viktoria yelped, lunging towards Isla and Alex, and placing her hand on the blondes shoulder. The pair stopped immediately and Isla glared at the hand still on her shoulder.

"Don't you want to join us? They serve delicious martinis here and," She leaned in close and whispered loudly, "something with a bit more kick if you know what I mean." Viktoria laughed loudly at what she thought to be a very funny joke.
 #18046  by Alexandra McKinney
Alex put an arm around Viktoria's waist and redirected her towards Elyse. "I had fun, thanks for tonight." She gave the congresswoman a small nod as the woman put her arms around the designer. "But I think we are going to go." While Congresswoman seemed rather amused by their little escapade, Isla seemed upset.
 #18152  by Isla Fields
"I'll pass," Isla said steadily, trying her hardest not to reach for her wand and hex the fashion designer until she could no longer blame the drugs and alcohol coursing through her veins as the reason for her behavior.

She looked towards Elyse, "I'll see you tomorrow morning Elyse." And then she disappeared back into the main room of the club and then exited through the doors she had come through not ten minutes ago.

Standing out on the curb, she stared up at the moon with a look of pure fury.