A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Getting home after his shift he opened the door with his key and entered his small room, pulling off his jacket and looking around the room as he usually did. He went through his things to make sure nothing was missing, seeing that the bed had been made.
"I did mention not to clean my room..." his tone far from friendly. Seeing nothing missing but the bar he had set up he sighed.
"Guess they didn't like that." He snorted, setting it back up. He had forgotten he hadn't shut the door in the process of checking and fixing his things when the owl flew into his room.

A rare owl, pure black with a little tuff of white fur under its beak. That must be the owl he asked for from that Takayama guy. That owl was worth more than anything he owned, which explained the tip. He took it, going to shut the door when a hand stopped him. Another Japanese man, this one the annoying one he had told to bug off a couple nights before.
"What part of bug off don't you understand?" He wasn't being polite anymore.
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Boredom was becoming his downfall. Loneliness was becoming more so his downfall. He had heard the door open and walked out to see what the man was up to, having slept all day he was ready to be active. Truth be told he wanted to ask if a short Japanese man was at the pub, if not he was going to head there.
"You work at the blood moon-" He started to ask the question that would allow him to leave the man alone, that's when he saw the owl and the letter. The seal...
"Umm...This may sound odd but is he still there?" He asked just getting it over with.
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"Is who still there?" He asked, as the man in front of him seemed to refind his ability to speak. The look on his face screamed 'and what's it to you' before looking at the owl that was now hooting for a treat. Spoiled too. He took a look at the seal before turning back to the man.
"What makes the difference if he's there or not?" He set the owl on the table and continued to fix his bar.

"What's your business with him?" Like he cared. Even if the man knew this kid he wasn't about to give him the other Japanese man's information.
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Why did part of him want to tear that letter from the mans hand's and read it himself? He thought that urge was pushed back to where he couldn't find it again. He huffed as the werewolf once again gave him a runaround. He looked unamused with the game.
"We...just don't get along." That sounded childish. "I mean...I kinda...lost my temper with him." He admitted. "Look is he there or not?"

He had his jacket ready to put on in his hands,
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The satisfying snap as the bar moved into place was music to his ears. He was reminding the office in the morning that he didn't need the room cleaned until he left- and he'd clean up his own mess for the most part. wiping his hands together for his job well done he turned around, pulling off his shirt to leave only his black wife-beater on.

Green eyes looked up at Genesis as his fingers gripped the paper again, the vampires swallowing as he looked at the letter causing two eyebrows to go up.
"I don't give out personal information on my customers." his voice curt. "Lost your temper or full on attacked?" He mused. Though he was known for his temper, he'd also taken responsibility and not hidden like a child who just got spanked. This vampire was acting like he had done more than just 'lost his temper'.
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If the vampire felt like he was being ignored, he probably was as the man slipped the bar back into place ignoring the fact that hotel staff hadn't liked it up before. The letter calling to him, he wanted to ask what was on it and ask if Shiro was alright. Obviously this man had seen him, the owl hooted again, looking like it was about to peck.
"I'd give it a treat if I were you. He keeps them in the bag around its neck." Well now there was no denying he knew the owner of the letter in the man's hands.

"I uh...what's it to you?" Once he got his bearings. He didn't want to know what he was up to, just if the pub was safe to enter without the Japanese men jumping him again.
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Just as he sat down on the bed he felt the peck, pulling back he looked at the Japanese man directing him of what to do and what do you know there was a little pouch on his neck. The owl allowed him to reach for it, knowing it was going to get its treat. Once it had it flew out of the room, not expecting a return letter to bring back. He peeled the letter open, looking up due to the vampire speaking to him before he could even start reading.

"What's it to me? You're in the doorway of my hotel room, looking rather guilty and demanding I tell you where he is or isn't." He set the letter down writing towards the bed as to keep it private.
"So you tell me."
 #17811  by Genesis Batsu
His chance to read the letter slipping out of his fingers he had no choice but to either tell this man personal information or chance getting jumped.
"Just that, I lost my temper. Might have caused a small injury." He said not knowing the extent of the damage he did just yet. Now he was getting looked at like the bad guy. He didn't even know why he was telling a stranger this.
"I've apologized, tried to. And am sorry about it. Look..." He about said mate but stopped himself. "I just don't want to get jumped by him or his buddies." He finished.
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Snorting the werewolf shook his head picking up the letter and reading it. The vampire could wait.


As you've requested, I have owled you. I do remember me telling you I've driven in a worse shape than that, I'd hope the next time you'd trust me. I'm taking a note from your book and going to be straight with you, I don't like people either. I do however notice when people take the time to respect other people, something you did tonight by not getting into my personal business. The tip isn't for the drinks. Where I come from respects something to be honored.

Takayama Shiro

Closing the letter he put it in his bag he kept on the other side of the bed. He wasn't going to share personal information beforehand, but after seeing a letter from a man who obviously has an honor code he really wasn't about to now. He put the bill in his wallet and looked up.
"What is your name?" He finally asked, If this guy was going to continue to annoy him...he wanted to tell him 'back off' by name.

Make it personal.
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 #17813  by Genesis Batsu
He blinked, watching once again as he was ignored. This man was impossible, and he could see why people allowed him to be a 'lone wolf'. He was also keeping Genesis from being able to read the letter. Just as he was about to try his luck and go anyway Dillian's voice cut through, Genesis turning back to see him slip the large bill in his wallet.
"I've told you, Genesis Batsu. I'd also watch out with him, he's not all sunshine." He was getting angry now, everyone liked Shiro...everyone trusted Shiro. No one knew just how nasty he could be.

In reality, they all knew perfectly well, Genesis just didn't want to admit that. He was also being rather childish about the situation, something that would only hurt him in the long run. He just didn't care at the moment.
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Right, he had said his name. At the same time, he'd been focused getting Genesis out of the situation and not focused on his name. While the Japanese man at the pub wasn't his friend by any means he had to respect the man's habit of keeping his nose out of others business and wanting those others to stay out of his. Something this vampire didn't seem to do.
"The man I met tonight was actually quite respectful, and just wanted to be left alone. Something you don't seem to allow happen Mr. Batsu." He stood up.
"I'd say if anyone needs to worry about him hurting them it's you and the habit you have of being nosy." He said simply and went to shut the door, only for the hand to return.
"What.is.it.now." He asked the vampire just proving his point.
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"I mean it, watch it." He reminded, his hand in the door again. "He's bad news." He wanted to say 'he's yakuza' but he'd done that with the white monkeys and that turned out rather bad the first time for him.
"He's into crap you don't want to know about. Has problems you don't want to know about."
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Genesis was correct if Dillian was going off the short Japanese man's heartbeat while he was serving him, the thing was...he wasn't going to try. His job was to serve drinks and the only reason for his requesting of an owl was simply due to his not wanting a death on his hands. This vampire must have thought everyone was out of making new friends by how he talked, he was also about to get informed otherwise.

His door opening up with force he shoved the man backward.
"I'll repeat myself only one more time, Keep out of my business. Whatever happened between you isn't my problem. Now leave me alone before I inform the Ministry there is an unregistered vampire running around England." He promised. The ministry was always looking for unregistered vampires, and something told him that this vampire wasn't registered by what he'd heard through the thin walls the night before.
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"Man you really need to calm down, you do know anger does nothing right?" He was seeing a trend with this man's attitude, one he had as a kid. One that had got him into a little...no a lot of trouble as a kid.

The look on the man's face made him instantly want to take that back.
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"You have five seconds." Dillian deadpanned. "Before the Ministry know exactly where you are." He leaned on the door, the only reason the vampire wasn't being shoved into the nearest wall due to the fact he was a vampire.

The threat off Ministry usually worked with his kind.