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 #17801  by Prudence Binx
She leaned on the wall glaring death stares into her father,
"What Gemma, You really expect me to just welcome him back into the family after what he's pulled? Do you not see that he's the one who's been hurting everyone else? Everyone else does!" She hadn't taken her eyes off her father.

Leaving, had been music to her ears. The scene she'd been forced to watch sickening her.
" I think leaving is a swell idea." Her tone bitter. She let the goodbyes happen before taking Gemma's arm and leading her out before Genesis could even respond to Benji's concern over her aunt.
 #17802  by Genesis Batsu
He smiled, ignoring his daughter though her words cutting into his chest like a knife.
"Promise." He said cupping her cheek and kissing her on the forehead like he used to do when they were children. He pulled away only able to nod as Prudence forced his sister out of his hotel room.

Felling the loneliness take back over, he sat down on the bed and poured a drink. Rubbing his eyes he punched the wall, this time no wizard there to repair it. Gemma was with child, The Batsu bloodline was to continue through her. That was great news, if only he was allowed to be near his sister during this joyous time.