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"You cannot even begin to fathom how much I am enjoying this, darling." She smiled back at him sweetly, maneuvering to the side of the sloppy drunk. "Let's go, mon petit salaud" she cooed as she motioned for the man to remove himself from the stool "it is time to go" she ramped up the accent, and he smiled dopily up at her before lurching off his bar stool and moseying to the door. With a huff she watching him leave, not acknowledging she'd heard the bartender's rephrasing except for the slight smile toying at the corner of her lips. She fished around in her money belt that was strapped to her waist.

"Oui, mon cheri, but you already know their name." She flicked the card at him across the counter and set back out into the inn to take more orders. If he wanted to know more, he could flag her down.
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He watched, part of him imagining thats how she caught her prey. The mans sloppy smile proving he was charmed by her. She was pretty, petite yet charming looking. He shook his head to her comment sighing as he finished cleaning the bourbon off the bar.
"She is something..." He said to himself.

The card landing in front of him, his green eyes read the name and the type of business. Of course she'd be in on this type of thing. Vampires and werewolves were outcasted, it was common they looked out for one another. He was about to say something but found her serving two older men in the back.

Slipping the card into his torn and worn jacket he figured he would wait for her to come back with empty glasses. She'd just found a buyer, and hed never have to lose his mind again.

The worst part was just that. Losing your mind. Waking up not knowing what you did or who you killed should you escape for bonds.
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She came back to the bar with a sheet full of orders, a tray full of dirty glasses, and a smirk. "Have you thought about the offer, wolfling." She asked, setting the heavy tray down on the clean bar. She didn't need the money, but just like her employment in this hole in the wall Erme had her reasons for offering.
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All the glasses cleaned and dried, he found the pub was finally lightening up a bit just as she came back. Wolfling...he'd need to change that. That was almost as bad as Mate.
"You have a buyer, emm." He smiled.

Though part of him wondered what her reasons were for just now bringing it up, he would settle for being grateful that she was giving him an option.
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"Wonderful" she gave him another predatory, tooth-filled smile. "You get me a list and I will see what I can do for you, yes?" Her meddling wasn't always of the positive variety, but when it was she felt like a benevolent god, casting good works upon the mortals who caught her attention. She turned away from him to go deliver the finished drinks, still smiling to herself.
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He nodded, the look on her face as creepy as usual...if he didn't know her? He would run from her. Thankfully he knew her.

Towards the end of their shift he had a list wrote down, he had been making it inbetween customers. His replacement coming in he handed him the on going tabs, and slipped on his weathered jacket.
"Tips tonight were good." He said as he walked up to her on the list.
"Thanks for your help with the roudy ones," he didnt need to say much more. She knew he was thinking her for allowing him to keep his temper under control.
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"Aye, wolfling. What else am I here for if not to quell the brutes?" Erme's eyes twinkled as she accepted the list from him. "No fights means happy customers, and happy customers means better tips for us, yes?"She skimmed his list quickly, mentally tallying up what she had in stock and what she'd need to find. "I will have these for you in a few days, with my bill." She'd charge him, but when money wasn't a concern it meant one could undercut the competition by refusing to up-sell. She was far cheaper than most of her competitors - and the ones that were at her price range sold stock that was far inferior.

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Logical thinking, though he tended to do things another way when she wasn't around. He said nothing knowing that she already had him pegged in that area. He focused on the potion talk not wanting to admit that sometimes he lost his temper.
"Take your time, Emm." He smiled. "Last full moon was just a week ago right?" He smiled. "And thank you again." He added, knowing that getting some of those ingredients were not easy.

"I'll be staying in the same hotel for a while, Unless the vampire next door keeps his nose out of my business." He said calmly. "If that chances I'll owl you." He said heading towards the door.
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"No thanks are needed," Ernementrude waved him away. She was doing this as much for her own entertainment as she was to help him. And a co-worker who didn't need to take off at every full moon would benefit her just as well. Werewolves could be so inconvenient.

Ermentrude snorted in amusement at his parting words "One vampire with their nose in your business is enough, yes?" She mocked herself, tucking his list into her money belt for safe keeping. "I will be in touch, deary". She watched him walk to the door, satisfied she'd done her daily good deed, before flitting back into the crowded bar to take more orders.