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Mikayla barely had a chance to speak, confusion flooding her body at Michelle's words, before the vampire was on her. Mikayla let out a startled shriek at the sudden pain, but her survival instincts kicked in and her wand came up between the females. "Depulso!" she yelled and light shot out of her wand and into Michelle's body. If it worked, Binxy would be thrown across the room and if not, well... Mikayla was in trouble. She didn't know if the other men in the room would help her out or not.

"What the bloody sodding hell, Binxy?!" Mikayla yelled at her. "What are you talking about leaving Benji?!" She was so confused at the vampire's words as Shiro hadn't said anything about the Binx family since he rescued her. Pain filled her at the mention of the baby and her arms automatically wrapped around her flat stomach.
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He didnt doubt any of this, but he also couldn't help but be a little ticked off as well. The english families really were soft. He was about to respond when Michelle went on her rant.
"Trust me Michelle....your not ready for that." He mused.

Shiros hand took the spell as he pushed it between them his fully body not a possibility due to Michelle's fangs in his clients throat, why he wasforgetting Michelle was a vampire due to this can only be explained by him focusing on the fact Michelle's family could turn on him should michelle get hurt in his house. His hand took him into the lower cabinets, with a groan.
"She didn't run out Michelle! She was taken by my ex wife!" He screamed.

He motioned for Hiro to step going towards him and get next to his patiant.
"No one, attacks anyone in my home. Got it?" He stood up reaching into the shelves for a pain potion.
"No one. Unless they are in the basement. For good reason."
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He nodded, knowing that Cairo knew how Shiro was and fully understood. As she joined he basically prepared himself for more drama, shiro having taken care of the Yoru problem.

Michelles responce hadn't been expected though, and he moved to stop her from undoing any healing they had managed to do. In a split second it was Shiro doing that for him.
"We...found her. A little while ago in Tokyo HQ, Sakura had basically kidnapped her." He futher explained.

"You know hun....she heals. Instantly. You dont." Only getting a 'yeah...remembered after the fact.', nevermind the fact that the spell would have probably not even effected her to begin with.

He...stepped infront of the woman. If Michelle wanted at her, shed have to get through him. His hand was already on hus gun, knowing it would injure her and nothing more.
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It didn't matter that Shiro tried to get in the way of the spell, the blow back from it caught Binxy and also sent her flying away from Mikayla. Thankfully the moment the aftershock/blow back of the spell hit Binxy, her mouth opened and she didn't end up taking a big chunk of her old friend's neck with her.

Michelle had hit some cupboards on the other side of the room, and fell to the floor like a little rag doll. Cairo of course being her uncle, he came over to her instantly to make sure she was fine. "I'm fine..." she said while getting to her feet with his help, not even a scratch on her. "You know it takes a lot to get me down, dear uncle" she added, her eyes burning into Mikayla the whole time.

Michelle was just about to go for Mikayla again, but hearing everyone else's words made her stop before she could even take one step. "What?!" she shouted not believing what she was hearing. "What are you all talking about!? She..." she looked to Mikayla and shouted "you! Ran away and left Benji!"
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Mikayla jumped when she saw that her spell had also hit Shiro, though she barely understood how. She took a step forward as if to go to him, but thought better of it when she saw Michelle near him, getting to her feet. She kept her eyes on the vampire, her arm still around her stomach, though her other hand absently went to her neck, trying to stem the bleeding. The blonde noticed that Hiro stepped in front of her, keeping Michelle away from her.

At the vampire's words, Mikayla let out an exasperated sigh. "What the hell are you going on about? I love Benji! I would never run away from him, especially when I was pregnant with his child!" she exclaimed, her arm around her stomach tightening. "I got kidnapped right after we got back from the honeymoon and none of you ever tried to even find me!" she added, her voice getting louder towards the end and filling with anger. Then all of a sudden, most of the steam let out of her at her next words. "Do you really think that less of me, Michelle? We were so close..."
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Watching as Hiro did his job he downed the potion, the headache subsiding a bit as he did so. Michelle was about to be grabbed by him, when someone else re-joined them. This time with a shirt on, his eyes full of rage for what he had just seen. After Yoru said, his peace....getting a glare from Shiro as he did so, Shiro about lost it on the vampire.
"Not...in my home. Understand me?" He said seeing Michelle was going in for round two.

Hearing that name made him freeze, just like he had in his office that night. He still hadn't told her about the new developments when it came to Benji being with and planning to marry Gemma Batsu. He hadn't had the heart, as his heart for once had felt a little ping of humanity and couldn't bare to tell her.
"She's telling the truth, I'm trying to find my ex girlfriend as we speak. Talking to people in my group who she might have told the location of her and the kids. The kids that this woman most definitely wants back in her life. If you want to be cruel to the person I invited into him home Michelle...I suggest you find the door." He left no room for argument.
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He had just put on his shirt and started into the things he needed to do when he heard the crashing upstairs and in a second was back in the room, seeing his son being flung into the lower shelves. He saw red, but kept control as he grabbed the vampire who was heading towards the woman again. He was angry at both the girls, one for using such a spell and the other for starting drama in his home.
"Anyone, uses a spell like that in this house again they will become my new personal hobby." He warned. "As for you michelle, this is a guest of ours," The 'guest' forced. "And you will not attack her in my home." Shiro called it his but Yoru was still his father and thus he was the master of the house in his opinion.

Looking over at his boy's he soon mainly focused on his son.
"You alright?" He asked after Shiro was done speaking, basically repeating what he had just said. "Looks like your outnumbered here Ms. Binx."
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Really, really hoping this vampire wasn't going to force him to use his gun he was glad when Yoru re-entered obviously not happy with what he had just seen.
"Step back Michelle, she's not lying." He started before Shiro and Yoru both stated the fact that Michelle's actions were not going to be put up with. He nodded to Yoru.
"He's fine, though were not repeating that are we?" He looked at the two women in the room.

He looked at Cairo for a little help with Michelle knowing that Yoru wouldn't really be someone to put up with keeping her away from the house guest for a long time.
"I think...Cairo can escort her out now, right Mr. Nakamura?" He asked getting a nod from Yoru who stepped off. "Now." He looked at Cairo, the young woman's questions would have to wait. At least until things weren't voilital.
"You both can talk when you've both calmed down."
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"OF COURSE WE TRIED TO FIND YOU!!!" She hissed, "Benji thinks you're dead!!! He figured if he couldn't find you then you had to of been dead. But here you are, alive, so I presumed you did leave him!"

It was probably for the best Yoru had rejoined the group, because if Shiro touched Michelle while she was in this mood, she'd have done something she might regret. As Shiro headed out of the door, she shouted "How am I being cruel!!!!??? What the hell have I done that's cruel! I have been standing up for my cousin!!!" Binxy rolled her eyes, then muttered some profanity under her breath.

"No need!" she snapped at Hiro over Cairo escorting her out, while smacking Yoru away from her so he couldn't touch her. "Don't. Fucking. Touch me." she said in a threatening tone to Yoru. "I was just leaving..." and before anyone else could speak to her, she left. She didn't know what to think about Mikayla, her friend/old friend had a point, the pair of them used to be close. But now, now Binxy was confused and she didn't know if anyone inside that place was telling her the truth.

Knowing Cairo would follow her, Binxy waited outside for her uncle, it also gave her a chance to calm down and think about what she was going to tell Benirix.
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Cairo was ready to shove Yoru away from Michelle when he went to grab her, of course the other guy being a strong vampire, Cairo knew he would lose that fight. But he wasn't that much of a coward where he'd stand by and let another man put his hands on his niece. But thankfully Michelle stood up for herself and shoved Yoru away from her.

So, Michelle lost it, which was understandable as she thought Mikayla had done a runner on someone she loves. She's a vampire, her reaction would naturally be worse than a regular persons, plus add on the fact Michelle wasn't even a normal person before she was turned. It kind of just blew up, but when everyone said what had actually happened, when Mikayla had explained what happened, Michelle stopped and listened. She wasn't a threat any more, but people were still treating her like one... Again, that was understandable as Michelle attacked someone in their home. But Cairo still didn't like it, naturally as it was his little niece, so even if she was in the wrong he would still have her back.

When Michelle left, Cairo looked around at everyone and said "to be fair that guest of yours is still family in Michelle's eyes, Mikayla is still a Binx until she and Benji sign divorce papers. So this is now a family matter, and I can imagine Michelle doesn't care if it's 'your' guest. The only leg you men have to stand on for being angry is Michelle starting something in your home. That's it. There's also no need to tell her she's out numbered, for starters she doesn't care, she'd still have tried if she wanted. You all seem to think she's normal and cares about numbers, and people being stronger than her, she doesn't care about any of that."

Cairo grabbed his special teacup and headed for the door. He stopped beside Mikayla and said "I suggest you come back to Binx manor with me and have a chat with Benji... You'd be better getting it over with before Michelle or myself tells him. Will you be joining us, or would you rather us tell Benirix for you?"
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Mikayla sagged against the wall, feeling a little bit faint from the blood-loss, but toughing it out as she had done before. She just gripped her neck tighter, noticing that the blood flow had started to slow down. She watched as Yoru flew into the kitchen, catching the angry look on his face and wincing slightly. She just stayed quiet during the whole yelling between the group, having to hold back tears as she listened. Benji thought she was dead? They had looked for her, but they couldn't find her? Kokawa had been good then, knowing that with everything that the Binx family had at their disposal, they should have been able to find her.

Mikayla listened to what Cairo had to say, knowing he was right in regards to Binxy. The blonde knew the vampire, or at least she did, and knew that Binxy was one to attack first, questions later, but because everyone tried to restrain her afterwards, that just made her angrier. She didn't notice that Cairo had mentioned divorce papers considering that was no where near her mind at the moment. She fought the tears and won before noticing that Michelle left after her tirade and that Cairo was following after her. She looked at him when he paused by her and spoke and she nodded. "I'll go with you," she said softly, her voice drained. "I just need to get cleaned up and take a blood-replenishing potion, if you don't mind."

Mikayla looked towards Shiro, Hiro, and Yoru. "I'll be back at some point," she said before she walked out of the kitchen and went to take a quick shower and change before leaving with Cairo.

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He had already let her go, though cairo didn't really matter to him. Nor did the rest of the Binx family, only putting up with this because it was his sons wishes and no other reason.

He washed his hands in the sink as they all spoke about thier next moves.
"You know Hiro..." He mused. "Shiro wants to stay in England, but ive yet to see any reason as to why we should honor that." He said once it was just him and Hiro in the room.
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He looked at cairo as michelle left and shook his head.
"Were still trying to get use to all this....family stuff. Don't mind us, just try to keep the explostions out of the home. All we ask. Yoru's just pissed off it was Shiro along with Michelle that ended up flying." He said to the vampire now washing his hands.

"You all take care. And be careful." He simply said knowing what time it was for them to be doing this now.
"Well see you back home soon." He told kay as she left to get ready.

Looking at Yoru, he shrugged.
"You try to talk him into it.I've only got him to agree on six months here and six months there."he exited the room leaving yoru alone in the kitchen.