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He was dead if anyone found out, ok well maybe not dead but they would be severely disappointed at the idea that Mark was about to work with Ambrose using muggle means. He sat with his coffee, his foot tapping while he waited for Ambrose to show up with Shiro. The coffee in his hand shook a bit while he looked around almost looking guilty.
"They owe me..." He muttered,

Hearing the doors open, he turned to see them enter.
"you're actually late. I'm shocked."
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 #16877  by Shiro Takayama
Taking off his coat to reveal his suit, he put it over the chair and simply grunted to Ambrose who looked really glad to see Mark. He ran his hand through his hair and took the laptop from Ambrose setting it on the table.
"Have another cup of coffee Mark, you look buzzed enough." He remarked opening it up. "I bought this back when I was trying to find more information on the triad, though you already know that." He looked up. "What I don't know? Is how to fully use it. We need you for that." He turned it to Mark.

Sitting down he ordered a coffee and leaned back in the chair, taking a sip as soon as it came.
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He was glad to get out of the car, fixing his shirt he followed Shiro in and when asked for the laptop gave it with no fight. He'd been a joy to be around that morning, and his comment to the former Ravenclaw only proved he was continuing that trend. He sighed watching Mark take the computer.
"I wanted to get a few things from the muggle world for this. They make better tables for bodies." He explained knowing Mark was already wondering.

The look he got when he mentioned bodies was priceless.
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The coat landing on the chair with perfection, caused him to looked up watching the two men talk about the fact neither of them knew how to use a laptop. It was almost like they expected him to know, which was amusing to him. It was a good thing he had a proven photographic memory and a book of how to work one beside him. Shiro's commentary caused him to take a closer look. The usually polite man was not one to normally snap.
"Could say the same for you, looks like you haven't slept in...weeks?" He mused taking the laptop.

"Well it's a good thing I have a guide, sit down you both." He motioned to the other chair for Ambrose who was mentioning dead bodies in front of everyone in the store. Mark looked back at a group of kids looking rather worried.
"He's opening up a funeral home! Mine your own business!" He opened the book, the group looking away. "Keep the actual morbid words out of it for now Ambrose." He turned the laptop on.

"Username...and this laptop is in Japanese, you'll need to do this part." He turned the laptop to Shiro.
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The cup of coffee paused at his lips, looking unamused as he leaned forward and put the cup back down on the metal table, taking the laptop and putting in the password without a word, only pausing to look at Ambrose.
"Ambrose, please try not to prove your the most socially inept person in this coffee shop." He said calmly as he set up the wifi- the only thing he knew how to really do. Man was that calling the kettle black.

"I've...been busy Mr. Binx. Getting this all set up and taking care of accounts I had to ignore while helping you all." He said sliding the laptop back. "I suggest due to my helping you...you kindly keep your mouth shut." He added in.

Why Ambrose had to have muggle tables was beyond him...
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He shook his head, taking the laptop back as his eyes went back to the book. Ordering things weren't just normal things to do on laptops, at least that's what he was reading - disclaimers telling the reader not to share personal information on an unsecured account met his eyes. This was going to be a little more than he expected it to be.
"I don't...think that's the problem Shiro. What I think is your not resting like you should after having your head bashed in and it's affecting you." He said as he looked through the information.

Turning to Ambrose he nodded.
"So, you want normal tables and what else?" He asked, making a mental note of all to look out for once he found a site that would have such things. Mentioning the word normal to remind the man not to use wizarding words.
"I come from two high class families, one of them I spent most of my life locked in a room and the other is high class through and through," He opened up the browser after finding the icon that matched in the book.
"But, I am pleased to say my photographic memory will make me the best person to go to when it comes to figuring it out." He finished.
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"Yes well there are a lot of accounts to deal with." He simply said, not asking for a doctors report on the matter of his skull. Taking a drink of coffee he looked at what Mark was doing, thinking maybe knowing this might help him in the future. It was a well-known fact his organization used both magical and wizarding means.

Letting Mark do the warning he would send out a little more harshly he simply focused on the screen.
"He does have that. I've seen it first hand." Still looking at the screen, his comment being said to prove Marks claim.
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Normally one to say something about ones health, even more so seeing he was there when it came to a level that could have killed the Japanese man he also valued his own life and didn't seem to be as close to Shiro and Mark was. Mark seemed to be able to say just about anything to the man without so much as a threat.

Marks words didn't make him feel any better about not finding Mark sooner. However, before he could say anything about that he got a warning about using the M word as well as being told Mark could still help better than anyone else. He nodded, taking out a list of things he wanted from the muggle world. Things he would need to make this business work.
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"Do I need to get Cairo involved, perhaps...Kawazaki? You know Cairo will go right to Barbas knowing he likes you and we all know how that will end. Nevermind Kawazaki's obvious need to protect you." He smirked, the browser pulling up something he'd rather not see. So that's how muggles viewed vampires.
"I need to re-bleach my Oculus." He clicked out. "Genesis?" He asked taking off his glasses for a break.

Taking the paper he put the glasses back on, looking down the list.
"Ambrose, it looks to me like you want me to order everything you need. Not just one or two items." He said blatantly.
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"I don't think," The browser opened to a sight he didn't want to re-see. He only nodded to Marks comment about Genesis knowing full well he knew it was Mark assuming it was Gen's doing that it was still up there.
"Didn't know how to...close it." He admitted. "So I just shut the laptop." He finished.

He took the list from Mark and looked it over, putting it on the table.
"I refuse to do all this in the way of the lower class people." He said meaning muggles. "You did state you wanted just a couple items from their...status if I remember right?"
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He nodded clearing his throat and opening up a new tab once he had read how to do so.
"You don't think and that's your problem. Like it or not Mr. Takayama...your family to us." He said smiling. "We don't leave family behind." He finished and started looking up funeral home items.

Looking over at Ambrose he raised an eyebrow.
"But it's in the high-class area is it not?" they were really making fans in this shop, a few people looking like they wanted to bash their heads in after high class and low class had been mentioned a few times.
"If so Shiro is right, you need to focus on the group." He merely suggested.
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He blinked, taking a drink of his coffee.
"Just focus on the screen Mr. Binx." His voice dry. He was really getting tired of this family angle people kept going to him for. His talk with Barbas did make him want it to a point until he remembered just how far gone he was for such a life.

The room was getting pretty cold, not that he minded. Angry people was better than an angry Ministry.
"For the area you were so happy about Mr. Noble I would highly suggest you pick only two or three items for that list." He wasn't giving any wiggle room in the suggestion.
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He grumbled as he took the list and grabbed the pen Mark had on the table not needing the warning from the two not to use a quill, crossing out a few items he handed it back leaving only the autopsy tables and cabinets left on it. He couldn't fight the fact the two men did have a point in what they were saying.
"I don't see a huge problem...but is this better?" He grumbled.