A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #17416  by November Quinn
November looked to the other woman as she got to her feet, and Cairo had spoken to her. The fact Cairo was in here by himself, and also pestering the customers made November snort a little laugh in amusement. That poor woman must have been trying to leave because of Cairo, after all, like Cairo said she hadn't even finished her tea.

Speaking of tea, November didn't know the other woman had spilled hers on her lap, and so Nov noticing the little wet patch on the other woman's lap made November say "I think you might have had a little accident, love". She frowned then snapped at Cairo "you scared the poor girl into wetting herself!?"
 #17439  by Magdalina Eklund
"Piss off!" Magda shouted over her shoulder as she paced. She paused, turning around, her Swedish accent coming out thick. "I was clumsy and then this perv is tryna get close to me - tell him to stick to his own age group, would you?"

With that, she stormed out, livid at the whole situation. She knew that was something wrong with that man, but the idea that anybody thought her weak or scared of him angered her.
 #17441  by November Quinn
"He's gay you weird, arrogant little shit!" she shouted toward the other woman as she stormed out. It was probably a good thing the other woman left, they didn't need to make more of a scene than they already had, and after the woman's last words about Cairo and telling November to piss off, she'd have tried to start a fight.

November rolled her eyes and looked to Cairo, "you really do know how to weird people out" then shook her head rolling her eyes once more. "Come on" she said then rose to her feet, and headed out of the tea shop, she knew he'd follow. He was a good puppy like that.
 #17443  by Cairo Binx
"I'm not gay!" he said surprised by November's shouts after Magdalina. To which November said 'well she doesn't know that, and you're best telling people you are if you want to get away with drinking in a prissy little tea shop where kids and girls come'.

"But I haven't finished my tea!" he protested when November had said for him to go with her. What was so wrong about a man drinking tea in a cute little tea shop? Why did he have to leave? And he was only talking to the girl because she spilt her drink, and now he's a dirty pervert? Maybe November was right, maybe he should just pretend he's gay if it means he gets to come in here.

Sighing Cairo rose to his feet, took one last sip of his peach tea, then followed out behind her.