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 #17475  by Sorin Vaduva
Sorin let out a loud, exasperated sigh. Why were some of the most intelligent people he knew doing such stupid things? He had never been in a relationship, first because he'd been awkward through school and now because he was too involved in his work. So many he wasn't grasping the concept of being so tied up in someone that stupid words fell from his mouth.

Except that one time he told a really drunk Ana that he loved her and wanted to make her happy.

Okay so maybe he was familiar with it. "I've never been drunk before so I don't know if it makes people more honest or more stupid," he said. "I've had my fair share of too much information about Mirela from @Darius though so I'm going to say the former."
 #17479  by Malanda Balcescu
Truthfully, they had all heard a little too much about Mirela. And Darius, for that matter.

"It does not matter, anyway," Malanda half-mumbled as she pulled her gloves back on. Sorin was sometimes nice to talk to, sometimes not so much. His words were mildly comforting in some strange way, but she had heard the sigh. His reaction. She should have known that he would react that way.

"The things I said that night... what is important is that Pavel is coming home, and no matter how I felt then I have an obligation to my husband, and Gavril has obligations of his own. It was a childish mistake, not honesty. Can you pass me the trowel?"
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Sorin turned to the gardening tools, pausing for a second as he tried to remember what a trowel was. He managed to, hopefully, find the right one through process of elimination and handed it to Malanda.

"Right, but don't you think he's getting the wrong idea by you 'being there' for him?" he asked her.
 #17607  by Malanda Balcescu
"He is the one who thinks he needs to be there for me," she corrected, a momentary look of confusion on her face as she noticed his difficulty choosing the trowel, but eventually she sighed and resumed her work.

"I like having Dominik around. He is a good child, and with Pavel gone everything is just so..."

There were words she could have finished the sentence with, but none that she liked.

"Gavril knows that there are boundaries. I am not worried. And I am sure Pavel will be home any moment."
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A heavy silence fell between them for a few minutes.

"What if he does not return?" Malanda asked, turning to her friend, her brother. She watched him for a moment, then turned back to the dirt.

"I suppose then things would go even more back to normal, whatever that is. Are you going to need help tonight?"
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Sorin knew Malanda wasn't the type to be hopeful for a lot of things. She preferred to be aloof, untouchable, invincible. But Pavel had chipped away at a few of those things. The entire group was uneasy about their union; Malanda didn't love Pavel, she tolerated him. As he stayed with them, though, Sorin saw their real relationship. It was never in front of him, but there were small moments he caught while he was walking out or into a room. Malanda was truly concerned about whether or not Pavel would return.

"No, I should be fine," he said. "What are we doing about Kozel?"
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"I wish I knew," Malanda sighed, giving up on the gardening for now so that she could take off her gloves and have another cookie and give some thought to Sorin's question.

"She has absolutely vanished, and I believe that my father hopes we will locate her soon, but so far Gavril has found almost nothing, and the leads I have investigated have turned up only dead ends. I fear for what will happen if we do not take care of things soon, however."
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The young woman let out a huff of laughter, then gave Sorin a look as she finished her bite of cookie.

"I suppose," she remarked, thinking on it. "But I am not sure that she has heard from her either... though I suppose it might be worth a try. Last I checked, though, she was almost a ghost. I think she may be on to us."
 #18800  by Malanda Balcescu
This brought a slightly amused expression to the young woman's face.

"Where would you go?" Malanda asked, watching for her friend's response.

"If you were one of the most wanted criminals in the world, if you knew you were being hunted. Where would you hide?"
 #18802  by Sorin Vaduva
Sorin thought for a moment about Malanda's question. He'd never thought about it, really, because one of the pillars of their work was that they were so good they never got caught. So, aside from his murderous night work, Sorin was just a bakery manager.

"Maybe somewhere south," he said. "I hate the heat so people would think I went up north."
 #18855  by Malanda Balcescu
This made the young woman chuckle, ad she smiled at her friend.

It wasn't a bad thought, exactly. Maybe they should be looking in all of the wrong places.

The thought of Sorin hiding out on some island in the Mediterranean, however...

"You would sooner surrender yourself," she pointed out. "What if you were being chased in the middle of August?"