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 #18095  by Reiner Liebhart
Reiner had half shoved a fork full of lo mein into his mouth, but now it hung from his lips as he gaped at his best friend.

His mind went to several places all at once: Did Nikita just say what he thought he said? Had he heard correctly? Was Nika implying what Reiner thought he was implying? Had Nikita been seeing a man? Was he gay? Was he into men? Was he into Reiner?

Reiner tried to inhale and ended up bringing some noodles in with his air, leaving him coughing and nearly spilling the remains of his dinner into his lap. Setting it aside to prevent any spillage, Reiner looked up at his friend and tried to see if he was, in fact, saying what Reiner thought he was saying. No dice. For once, Nikita was a frozen wall - as icy as his home country in the middle of winter.

"Not woman?" he clarified in a rasp, his throat still sore from the inadvertent breath of noodles and vegetables.
 #18250  by Nikita Ilyenkov
Nikita sucked in a breath. This wasn't going well. He never should have said anything. Ah shit. Oh well, it wasn't like he could take it back. He could try to play it dumb now and make it seem like Reiner had misunderstood him - but his friend was too smart for that. And too nosy. "Nyet. Not, not woman." he stuffed his mouth with another bite of lo mien as an excuse to not explain further.
 #18279  by Reiner Liebhart
Reiner sucked in a breath and stared. "Not woman." He repeated absently, absorbing just what exactly that meant. He had no problem with gay men. He got along well with everyone, it didn't much matter who they were attracted to. He himself flirted with practically everything with a pulse, sometimes even men even though he was straighter than a rod. Of course, he'd never imagined his best friend would be attracted to men. His best friend, the one he's known since he was fifteen. How didn't he know this? They'd been friends, brothers, for fifteen years. And Reiner was just finding this out now? Suddenly, Reiner was irritated.

"And you are just telling me this now? What is wrong with you? Did you think I would care?
" he smacked Nika over the back of the head. "Blödhammel. You are my brother. I would not care if you were attracted to Big Ben."
 #18303  by Nikita Ilyenkov
Nika ducked to avoid the worst of Reiner's smack, a huge weight lifted from his shoulders and a grin spread across his face. He wasn't sure what he had been so worried about in the first place. It was just like Reiner to accept anything and everything that came his way. Of course his biggest issue was always going to be the fact Nika hadn't told him until now.

"I did not want to think about it before, when I was boxing. Too much things to complicate my life if someone finds out. If I do not think about it, why would I tell you? Instead, I tell you now. When I am finally still for the first time since being teenager." He straightened his spine, looking into Reiner's eyes. "The first time I let myself think about it, I make sure first person to know is you." Mikhail might put up a stink about Reiner knowing before him - but he was in Russia. And there was no reason he ever had to know. Reiner's Russian was really not very good, and Mikhail didn't speak a lick of anything but.
 #18304  by Reiner Liebhart
"Well, you know you're going to have to tell me about him now. This not woman." Reiner moved to grab his lo mien again before pausing, halfway leaned over towards the coffee table. "Is it all not women now? Or, um, both women and not women?" He furrowed his brow. He really had no idea how these kinds of things worked. It had always been just women for him, he'd never had to think about it.
 #18307  by Nikita Ilyenkov
Nika nodded, he knew Reiner wasn't leaving until he drug out every last detail - well, maybe not the goriest ones. He'd taken another bite of lo mien before Reiner asked his next question though, a bite that he spat back out in surprise once he'd heard it. Nika sputtered, flailing for his wand stashed on the end table to clean up the spilled food from his lap and floor. "It is, um both. I guess. Both women, and um, not women." He cringed, straightening back up once the cleaning spell had begun its work on his carpet. "Both." He said firmer, with more confidence. He should own this, it was who he was after all. "I am attracted to both men and women." he clarified, ditching the skirting language Reiner had allowed him - as he always did - to be more comfortable with the difficult topic.
 #18310  by Reiner Liebhart
Reiner jumped to help with the spilled food, chuckling as he took Nika's plate so he could clean up. The fact that NIkita was so forward with his clarification was almost out of character. But Reiner took it as a positive sign. He wasn't afraid of this, and he wasn't afraid for Reiner to know. It filled Reiner with a warm feeling to be trusted like this. He chuckled again, settling back into his corner of the couch once more.

"Good. Both, then."He decided, taking a bite of the lo mien. They sat in silence for a minute as Reiner chewed, his brain whirring with the new information about his oldest friend - cataloging and categorizing it. Glancing over at Nikita out of the corner of his eyes, Reiner thought his friend looked happy. Which made Reiner happy. It was why he'd asked Nika to move here in the first place. They hadn't seen enough of each other in the last ten years. Reiner smirked "As long as both is not me, of course."
 #18312  by Nikita Ilyenkov
Nikita sputtered before finally getting ahold of himself and punching Reiner in the arm. Hard. "Mudak, I would need to be brain dead to be attracted to your ugly face!" He was offended by the notion, Reiner was as close to him as his own brother. That was like implying incest, the thought of which made him gag. "Even if you were not my brother, you are not my type. Why would you say such awful things!" He gagged again, though it was more to cover up his laughter than anything else this time. "Shut up and eat your dinner, arschloch" he mumbled, digging into his own again.