A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #17833  by Reiner Liebhart
EJ thrashed beneath him, and it was all Reiner could do to keep his balance. If he lost it for even a second, EJ would throw him off and be on him with the knife.

The knife was between them as they struggled for control, EJ trying to swing the blade around at an angle that would catch Reiner at more than just a swipe. One that would cause injury, or worse. Reiner summoned his strength and battled to push the knife back in the opposite direction, keeping its deadly point away from his chest and aimed for EJs. They struggled for it, neither gaining control for more than half a second. The knife wavered, before Reiner registered it EJs strength crumbled under Reiner's, and then he was falling forward - the knife plunging into EJ's flesh.

Reiner wasn't an anatomy expert, but from what he did know - and from the amount of blood seeping from the wound - it looked like an artery had been cut. That wasn't something he knew how to patch up with magic. EJ would bleed out before they could get him to a hospital. Oh shit. He'd just managed to kill Isobel's brother.
 #17840  by EJ del Bosque
EJ did not even register what had happened, at least not at first. He first noticed that his opponent had stopped fighting back. EJ found it odd, but then he felt something in his chest. It was not pain, like he would have expected, but rather pressure. A tightness in his chest caused both by the fact that there was an object in it that did not belong there and by the blood that was pooling in his chest cavity from his severed artery.

A noise escaped from him as he lifted his head and saw the handle of his knife sticking out of him. His shirt was already soaked with blood and EJ found his hand reaching up and touching it. His hand was covered in his own blood, warm and wet. A look of panic crossed his face, pure terror in his eyes, as he looked at the person who had done this. He tried to get up but his hand slipped, unable to get traction on the bloody floor. He was also growing weak from the the loss of blood and oxygen.

He knew he was dying and he wanted the last thing he saw, the last thing he thought about, to be the only the only person he ever really loved. His fingers closed around the feather hanging from his neck. It took him several attempts to break the thin rope that held it in place. Once it was free he looked at it. He clutched it in his hand; his arm was too weak to continue holding it up for him to see so he let his hand fall to his chest, resting above his heart.

His head fell back and he gasped for air. His chest ceased to rise and fall once more. His skin was pale and sweaty, not that he was able to notice. His lifeless eyes gazed up at the ceiling as the very last vestige of life left his body.

Edward del Bosque Jr was dead.
 #18071  by Reiner Liebhart
Reiner froze, still pinning EJ's lifeless body to the floor. This had happened before - to get on his radar in the first place the bounties needed to be "dead or alive". This was, however, the first time this had happened with the brother of one of his bed partners.


Verdammt. Blyat'.Cazzo. Futu-i. Carajo. Shit.

Shit, shit, shit.

"No. No no no, nein. Nein." he shook EJ's body, trying to force some life back into the young man. How could he go back to Washington with a corpse when Isobel was back home waiting for answers. Scrambling, Reiner climbed off of EJ's still warm corpse. "Nein, dammit." Cursing under his breat, he punched the wall in anger, and frustration, and regret. But all that did was leave a hole in the flimsy wood and his knuckles bloody. Glancing back down at EJ, Reiner sucked in a fortifying breath.

Edward del Bosque Jr was dead.

But Reiner Liebhart still had a job to do.