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 #16102  by Hera Cleary
After the La Fratta party, Hera had decided to follow up on a suggestion made by Odis Meyer and his son. She hadn't visited in a long time, but they were right; exposing the children to culture was a wonderful opportunity for them. After handing in her wand, and ensuring both children were strapped into the pram - despite Nikki's protests - she set off down the trail into the Market.

She had forgotten how wondrous this place was; full of fauna, artisan goods, cultures. It was a breath of fresh air, literally. Perhaps she could get some inspiration here for her own business here. But, before that, she began to look for somewhere for some food; she knew there was the tavern, but perhaps there was a stand that sold hand held foods or something light for Damien and Nikoletta.

She paused, taking out the map from her jacket and opening it up, pondering to herself off to the side.
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 #16287  by Michelle La Fratta
Michelle lifted the small bauble from the display table and looked it over. The market was delightfully busy, as it usually was, which Michelle was happy for. She knew Kristoph was working hard and it showed in all of the guests walking through the market's grounds that day. "Six galleons," the stand owner said to Michelle as she looked at the object a little longer. The woman nodded and handed the money over to him. Michelle hoped the little girl would like the gift.

She turned away with her purchase to go back towards the tavern for a drink. As she was, though, she saw a familiar face, accompanied by children. No one could move a muscle without Michelle knowing about it, just as she was sure someone knew the happenings in her own life.

Except for Luca. Hopefully no one outside of Malanda and Darius knew about him. Michelle approached Hera and greeted her. "Long time no see," she said.
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Hera glanced up quickly at the sound of a familiar voice. Seeing Michelle stood there, Hera was taken quite off guard, not too sure how to actually react. It had been so long; they hadn't fallen out; it was more that they had drifted due to Egan's interference...that, and Hera had buckled under him and done it to keep him happy. Did Michelle know that? Did she have any resentment for that? Only one way to find out, she supposed.

"Oh, wow, hello. It really has been." She replied coolly, adjusting the map away from the breeze to lower the amount of rustling. "I was hoping to catch you at the La Fratta party but I believe you was hosting this year? It must have been very busy so I don't blame you. I was rather trying to avoid my ex-husband..."

She cleared her throat awkwardly, not quite knowing why she was bringing that last part up. Maybe because she was very aware that people knew he was marrying a former-escort.

"How are you, anyway?"
 #16398  by Michelle La Fratta
It was a shame that Hera's marriage didn't work out. While Michelle certainly didn't care for Egan or his family, she never would wish that kind of break-up on anyone.

Well, maybe one person.

"I'm good," Michelle said with a smile. "What about you?" She gestured to the children. "You look like you've had your hands full."
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Hera glanced at her children, smiling lovingly at them for a moment, a moment of pride crossing her before she looked back to Michelle.

"I've been well. It's been a bit of a struggle balancing life here and there but...it's been good. It's nice to be out and about again." She moved a hair into place on Nikki's head, tucking it behind her ear. "So what have you been up to? Still making fabulous dresses?"
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Of course, Kris was aware that there were two, or rather four, key individuals had entered the market. And not long after, Kristoph had finished up the project he was working on and started making his way from the head office out into the market itself.

Eventually, using the shortcuts and dodging the groups of tourists, Kristoph met up with his quarry.

"Guten Morgen" he said with a slight bow of his head, as he approached Hera and Michelle, and the two children.
 #16782  by Michelle La Fratta
Michelle opened her mouth to answer Hera's question when they were interrupted. She turned her head to see whom it was and smiled when she saw Kris.

"Guten morgen," she greeted her friend before placing a kiss on each of his cheeks. "I was just catching up with Hera. This is a nice little reunion."
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Hera's face brightened up further as she saw Kristophe. If she was honest, it was nice to see people that she used to associate with before her marriage.

"Guten morgen, Heir Meyer!" She greeted happily, following suit and giving him a light kiss on each side. "This really is a nice surprise. I feel like I've been a little out of the look so it's good to see both of you." She poke fondly.
 #16932  by Kristoph Meyer
"It is indeed a very merry reunion," he said returning the greetings bestowed on him by Michelle and then Hera.

"I am glad you decided to take up the invitation of coming to the market but you should have told me and I'd have come and welcomed you at the gate..same with you Michelle, you know the rules..." he said turning his head to Michelle with a grin slowly appearing.

"But...I am remiss, who do we have here." He immediately crouched down before the two children, "Hello Nikki and Damien, I'm so very happy to finally meet you both."
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Hera laughed a little. "I didn't really think ahead too much; I just wanted to get and start exploring." She smiled.

When Kristoph crouched down, Hera's heart beamed with pride. She smiled, lifting her chin. "These two are my greatest achievement. Nikki here is a wonderful explorer and loves adventures. And Damien is very empathetic and kind - both are darlings." She spoke fondly before crouching down herself, speaking to her children.

"Mister Meyer says he has a daughter - maybe you could have a new friend to play with!"
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Michelle smiled as Hera went on about her children. The thought of having them had begun creeping its way into Michelle's mind. Was she finally ready to settle down and start a family? Or rather, was she ready to be a second wife and a step-mother? Those thoughts were too stressful to think about now, especially when Schwarzwald is supposed to be about fun.

"Then Nikki will have tons of fun here," she said. Michelle then spoke almost directly to the little girl. "There's so many new sights and sounds to see."
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Kristoph smiled warmly at the two children, and added to Michelle's comment, "well I think Nikki and Damien you'll find that you will have lots of fun here."

He looked to Hera then back to the children, "if you help me to persuade your mum to consider staying this evening, then you'll get to meet my Ylenia tomorrow, who I know would just love to meet you two".
 #17575  by Hera Cleary
Hera smiled at both Michelle and Kristoph, and then lifted her brows at Kristoph's words.

In mere seconds, both children were twisting in there seats and begging Hera to let them stay; Nikki was far more vocal with her pleading, but Damien was using the signature puppy eyes to get his point across.

"Oh well I..." She started. But then again, why shouldn't she? She had no ties at home, and her business didn't need her there to run, especially since she had planned on only doing a half day regardless. Her face softened, and she smiled at her children. "Alright, alright. We'll stay the night, and then you can meet Ylenia and go explore more in the morning."

She looked up at Kristoph, smiling. "Thank you, that's very kind of you."
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Michelle laughed. "The Meyers are very gracious hosts," she said. "You won't regret it one bit." As Michelle pulled her attention away from the group for a moment, she caught Hadrian's eye a few feet behind Hera. He made a gesture to her before walking away.

"As I regret having to go," she then said to Kris and Hera. "It was nice seeing you again, Hera, and finally meeting the little ones." She gave both adults a kiss on either cheek. "Have a good evening." Michelle then followed in the direction Hadrian had headed. What did he want?
 #17925  by Kristoph Meyer
Kristoph chuckled at the children's immediate response. His hands patted his suit pockets, and with a look of 'ah-ha' he pulled out what appeared to be little golden medals on ribbons.

"And as first-time visitors and very special little ones..." he slipped a medal over each of the children's heads. He got up onto his feet, and "you won't need for anything" he said to Hera.

He then turned his attention to Michelle, "You are too kind."

"Of course, stop by soon Michelle, think we are overdue for a proper catch-up."

Kristoph turned back to Hera, "shall we go for a small walk around, I'll give a proper tour tomorrow. Or rather Ylenia no doubt will."