A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #19465  by Raegan Sadler
Narrowing her eyes, Raegan took a step forward and titled her head at the witch who's name she couldn't remember, "Well pray tell, what is it that tipped you off to the fact that I am knocked up?"
 #19466  by Marley Dalton
Pinching the strand of blonde hair, she looked at Raegan's reflection. "Oh, the energy shifted when you walked into the room. Also, the way your nostrils flailed when Jocelyn sat next to you. " Even Marley could admit that the woman's perfume was unusual.
 #20122  by Raegan Sadler
Raegan's gaze narrowed. Jocelyn's perfumed had made her stomach roll unpleasantly, but the blonde woman had thought she had hidden her revulsion well enough.

"Well," She found herself saying but was then unable to follow it up with anything else. Raegan clutched her handbag and looked around the bathroom almost wildly. Someone else knew she was carrying and Raegan was unsure how she felt about that.

Breathing in through her nose, she took a few steps away from the woman and then moved around her, "I have to go." She finally said, already half way to the door, her stomach churning. Perhaps leaving a room with toilets was a bad idea right this moment.