A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #6318  by Fleur Delacour
Location: Beauxbatons Carriage • Date: 15 May 1995

This was not how Fleur had imagined her last year at Beauxbatons going. When she arrived at school she expected to be sleeping in the same bed she had always slept in at school. She had not expected to be sleeping in a giant carriage parked by the Black Lake. She had not expected to be doing such a poor job of representing her school in the Triwizard Tournament.

Most people told her it was alright. Madame Maxime was always kind and supportive but Fleur could feel it. She could feel the disappointment of her peers and of her family far away in France. Her parents were coming for the last task. If they weren't, Fleur would seriously consider withdrawing from the competition. There was no way she was going to win it at this point. If she couldn't beat grindylows, she couldn't beat whatever was coming next.

She sat in the carriage, musing over her failures and contemplating her future, hoping everyone else would be too busy socializing in Hogwarts to find her here.
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Cathrine Stel was on her way back from tea with Hagrid. Who knows why, while she never had that " human sense" to properly handle (or at least, bear) another human, she got on quite well with anybody else. For long, she had believed Hagrid to be simply an exception. Now that she found that article in the Prophet, things suddenly made sense: Hagrid was OK for her because of his giant blood. At least, things made a lot more sense this way.
Sense, sense... Why did she feel this word echoing all around?

As she walked from the hut to the gates, she noticed the Beuxbaton carriage, and nearby, the Abraxan winged horses. Not quite as magical as thestrals, but quite strong in their physical form, the animals looked at her, beckoning. She remembered how bad a reputation they have, but then, that was what most wizards tended to think of anything interesting. By now, she knew better than to fear an animal just because wizardkind have said she should.
And frankly, the so-called "bad tempered" winged horses seemed curious and open and touchingly trusting towards her. The stallion whinnied, then started chewing the shoulder of her robe. She laughed, and in return, started rubbing the root of his mane. The stallion rested his head on her head. The matriarch joined them, allowing (requesting) her to rub her ear. Cathrine said a few words, to which the mare replied with a loud snort. The stallion whinnied again.
"Not into my ear, you idiot! " Cathrine snapped. She didn't even consider anybody hearing her call the male an idiot, there was nobody in sight.
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Fleur was in the middle of studying some charms when she heard the sounds of the winged horses making some noise. They really only did that when people where around which meant she was not likely to be alone for much longer. Fleur closed her textbook and shoved it under a pillow. She did not want anyone discovering her studying even if it was nothing to be ashamed of.

The noise sounded like English. No one from Beauxbatons would talk to the animals in English, and the voice did not have the distinct sound of Mister Hagrid's voice. Fleur's eyes narrowed. Was it one of those awful Hogwarts students? They weren't all awful but many of them where. Well, so where some of the Durmstrang ones too.

She peered her head out of the carriages door and saw someone that did not seem like a student or a professor. Her eyes narrowed at the sight of the person speaking so harshly to the Abraxan horses.

"Who are you? You are not allowed to be near them," she yelled out to the stranger.
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"Good evening! " the witch forced a smile out. She wasn't in the mood for much human interaction, although... she never was. "I used to study here, and just visited Hagrid. Do you know him? "
While they talked, the stallion rested his head on her shoulder again, and Cathrine rubbed his forehead absent-mindedly. "All right, but no shouting into my ear again, mister, " she muttered to him.
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"Do you work for Mister Hagrid?" Fleur asked. She was becoming a little frustrated with this stranger who had not fully answered her question or left the proximity of the Beauxbatons' precious horses.
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"No, I just get on with him better than with the villagers," Cathrine replied. "I work with the post office owls in Hogsmeade." She was about to step aside when an Abraxan mare stepped to her other side, sniffing her head. "I might have a few more scents on me, " she added.
 #8211  by Fleur Delacour
Fleur crossed her arms, a clear indication of how unreceptive she was to the stranger.

"I see. Et did Madame Maxime give you permission to touch her Abraxen?"

Fleur knew the answer. Madame Maxime was fiercely protective of the horses and very few people had gained the Headmistress' approval to interact with the beasts.
 #8261  by Cathrine Stel
'She's too much into Hagrid at the moment to mind anything around her horses, ' Cathrine thought inwardly. She didn't say anything like that, tho.
"I didn't think the stallion would ask for a written permission, " she shrugged." Indeed, he didn't. He's not our Ministry of Magic. "
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"You need the Headmistress' permission," Fleur reiterated to the woman. Why were these people so inconsiderate. She would never walk up to someone's home and act like this. She turned on her heel and went back inside the giant carriage to continue her studying.