A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #6314  by Miles Fitzsimmons
Location: Near Hagrid's Hut • Date: May 1995

He had been spending more time on his studies. The prospect of graduation and his life after Hogwarts abutting, the boy was more focused than ever. He desperately wanted to feel free, but in order to do so he needed a good plan. A plan that would allow him to get a position that paid enough for him to sustain himself.

Miles had intended on reading his transfiguration manual, but the warm spring sun and the slow melodious chirping of the birds made him feel ready to drift off to sleep.

In a desperate attempt to remain focused he shook his head slightly, but eventually his head fell back against the tree on which he was leaning and he drifted off to sleep.
 #6559  by Markus Green
He was doing his everyday stroll, cane in one hand and braille potion book in the other. This was a daily thing for him, it got him away from Prue and allowed him to read.

Today was the same as any other day, as he strolled making his way to his favorite spot. Only today...? His cane hit a shoe. Interesting...but what got his attention more was the snoring.

He put his can to the side and felt for the boys shoulder before nudging it.
"Oi mate. Your going to get heat stroke sleeping out here." He said gently trying to wake the boy.
 #7221  by Miles Fitzsimmons
He felt the tud agains his foot in his dream before he heard the voice that compelled him to wake up.

Frowning he looked up at the student who had woken him. "It's not that bad in the shade." He argued before he realizes that his shirt was indeed sticking to his skin with sweat.
 #7241  by Markus Green
Ok. He was blind but not tempeture blind it was as hot as it could be without heatstroke warnings. He shook his head, not seeing the kid had realized that on his own due to said issue.
"Its 5 degrees away from a heat stroke warning." He mused.

Normally hed stop anad make sure the person was ok anyway. But this was also his spot, though it had some shade not enough and he liked it that way. Something about feeling the sun was important to him.

Thats whe. He heard the book hit the ground and allowed a small smile.
"Mind if I ask what your studying out here?" He asked.
 #7266  by Miles Fitzsimmons
"Yeah, maybe you are right." He straightened up and ran a hand through his humid hair.

The boy frowned. "Transfiguration. Am I in your spot or something?" He queried sensing that the younger boy was hovering.
 #7267  by Markus Green
Mark was always right, to him it wasn't being cocky abd his friends knew he wasn't. The thing was he didn't chance it if he was wrong. He didn't speak unless he was 100% sure. But to others he came off as cocky.

Yes. This man was in his spot but once confronted he was one to back off. Fast. Confrontation opened the door to angervand anger...
"U-umm i canfind somewhere else. I-its fine." He said. Time to find a new spot.
"Sorry for interrupting, try to stay out of the heat." He quickly then went to move.
 #7422  by Miles Fitzsimmons
"Hey," Miles called out. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound territorial. I was simply wondering."

He pulled on his shirt repeatedly to create a small breeze. "We can share can't we?" He looked around, unless the other boy wanted the space all for himself.
 #7425  by Markus Green
He stopped and looked toward the voice that didn't seem confrontational anymore. Share, well thus boy wasnt like Prue with an annoying touchy personality that drove him up the walls... He could manage if the boy wanted his company that is.
"Only if you want the company. I don't like intruding on others...and you were there first." He said sounding like skittish old Mark.

"I could...help with your Transfiguration . I mean...i know im in a younger year but I pretty much know all there is to it." Great now he sounded cocky and blushed.
"I have no life other than books." He explained.
 #7785  by Miles Fitzsimmons
Company... Did he want company? Miles didn't have the most friendly demeanour nor was he an extrovert in any sense of the word, but he could deal with sharing a space with someone.

Miles was pondering his options when the boy offered to help with transfiguration. It was strange to be offered assistance by a younger student. "Books are less annoying than humans." Miles offered in an attempt to diffuse his discomfort.
 #7794  by Markus Green
Right....new spot. Maybe the forbidden forest. He thought, as blind as he was... He had great confidence in his spell casting a hearing location. Maybe too much but he didn't care.

Without a word he headed out, not upset as he had the same mindset. He didn't know how to talk to people. He liked his books.
 #7796  by Miles Fitzsimmons
Totally at lost as to why the boy simply walked away, Miles remained seated with a look of confusion taking over his features.

"Ah well... Thanks for waking me for nothing, mate." He rolled his eyes and leaned back on his tree.