A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #6193  by Cathrine Stel
Location: Hogwarts fields • Date: Early May
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Clear

Cathrine Stel entered through the main entrance, looked around, and almost got cold feet. There were so many people, most of them noisily preparing for simething around the Quidditsh stadium. Well, that monstrous building stood where the Quidditsh stadium used to be. The Triwizard Tournament didn't leave one inch of the school untouched.
With a grimace, she moved in the opposite direction. At least, this festival had moved on from the lake....
 #6227  by Michelle Binx
Michelle was skipping her way to the fields to meet up with Catherine, as she had agreed to meet with the woman to let Jiminey go free. Binxy might not want to admit it, but she was rather looking forward to this. She might not want anyone to know what she was doing, or that she was probably going to enjoy it, but she also didn't want anyone to know who she was hanging around with; Someone who wasn't a pureblood.

Binxy had said 'what her family doesn't know, won't hurt her', but she was a bit nervous they'd find out. However this was also something she wouldn't show or admit to; that she was scared of anyone, especially anyone from her own family as she liked people to think she was brave.

Michelle could see the woman a little ahead, and so the young slytherin turned her skipping into a little run so she could hurry up and catch up to Catherine. "Catherine!?" she shouted, then slowed down once she had caught up to the older woman. "Okay, where are we going? What are we doing?"
 #6229  by Cathrine Stel
There she is, Cathrine sighed in relief. She lifted up her bag that had been charmed waterproof, and one could see a tiny dark green monster gritting his teeth at the hand holding the handle.
"Hi, Michelle," she greeted the girl. "Ready to say goodbye? "
They had met a few times, twice in the Hogsmeade owl post office and once in Cathrine's home. By now, they... Well they weren't friends, but weren't strangers either.
At first Cathrine had no idea about Michelle's family, but a few letters later she had heard more than she wanted to know. As a former Rawenclaw, her first choice to ask was her former head-of-House, old Filius Flitwick. The tiny one had outlined the Binx family to her, and in the same letter he gave his word never to mention anything to Severus Snape, current head of Slytherin.

They met on the path to the lake, little Jiminey splashing the water in the bag excitedly. His once broken fingers were almost good as if they had never been hurt.
 #6739  by Markus Green
Prudence had not been able to find her anywhere, shed come to Mark and annoyed Mark into helping locate Michelle. He could have said yes, then walked to his dorm to finish his book but he wasn't that kind of person.

She took the castle, since she spent more time inside....kinda like a vampire. Mark however spent more time reading in the sun. He loved feeling it on his face. Logically he was told to take outside as the plan to separate happened.

He went towards the areas away from water first but only ended up bumping into a couple house mates in the gardens, and went toward the water areas. Thats when he heard the voice of Michelle binx bounce into his ears. She was once again annoying.
"Prudence is looking for you, Michelle." He walked toward the voice using his cane to make sure he didn't trip on rocks. The other voice he didn't know.
"Whose....your friend?" His voice slightly more timid. When he didn't know people, he put his guards up.
 #6812  by Michelle Binx
Michelle looked down to the bag and could see Jiminey gritting his teeth toward Catherine's hand, it made Binxy smile amused while saying "he's feisty isn't he?" She bent down a little to get a better look through the bag at the creature. "Ugly too, but he's still awesome". The Slytherin gave a little nod about being ready to say goodbye, and stood up straight once again. "So he's all better now then, is this why we're letting him go? Could you not keep him as a pet forever?"

Oh no... Michelle thought when someone she knew had found her. Oh, but it was only Mark! Even if he did know Michelle was hanging out with someone who isn't pureblooded, she didn't think he would care, or not enough to go blabbing his mouth off to Benji.

"MARKEY-POOH!!!" She exclaimed loudly, and excitedly to seeing her friend. She didn't care that he wasn't into hugs and would hate her for doing it, but Binxy hugged Mark tightly once he was closer. "What does she want?" she asked about Prudence, while still hugging him tight. "Oh this is Catherine, we're going to set a... ermm.. what is it again?" she asked while glancing over to Catherine and still keeping a firm hug around Mark, though now she was resting her head on his shoulder, and smiling all happily.
 #6832  by Markus Green
His eyes went wide se he felt her arms around him, stiffinging in such a matter everyone around could notice it. Though no onecknew the reasons why...And that name she used. His face showing how much he disliked that name.
"Problem with a hufflepuff." He mused in her ear.

He tried to get out of her arms but failed as she laid her head on his shoulder...now they looked like a couple. The name had not helped.
"Names Mark. Not Markey." He said then looked toward Michelles prone form on his.
"We look like a couple Michelle. Which we are not. Please let go." His words monotone. He looked towards the girls voice.
"Pleased to meet you..." He said not offering a handshake due to his arms being tied down by Michelle's arms, he hoped she'd let go before he had a total freak out.
 #7347  by Michelle Binx
Michelle simply smiled when Marks spoke to the slytherin, and she still wouldn't let go. "So? You should think yourself lucky if people thought we were a couple..." she paused long enough to look at his face, then continued "I'm adorable. Anyone would be lucky to have me". Binxy gave Mark one last squeeze, then released him. "Besides, you have nothing to worry about anyway, everyone knows I'm with Damian".

"Okay, so not good as a pet then? Noted" she replied with a little nod of her head to Catherine about the Gindylow. She liked the idea of helping to release little Jiminey, and so she moved away from Mark and went over to Catherine's side. "Yes!" she replied excitedly, "I definitely want to help hold the bag".

Michelle looked back over to Mark remembering he said something abut Prudence needing help with a Hufflepuff. "Are you coming with us while we release Jiminey? Then I can head back inside with you and we can find Prue? Does she need me to help kill some Hufflepuff, is that what's going on?"
 #7351  by Markus Green
He could feel the red form on his neck, grow and got out of her touch as soon as he could with pep as Michelle's friend basically called them a couple.
"An adorable appearcen doesn't work with the blind." He grumbled. He didnt bother to reply to the lucky part.

A- whatever it was as a pet? Michelle was one weird girl. But he said nothing as he patted his should off and got back to his stern pose he normally held.
"Be careful. They bite." He simply said showing some concern.

He nodded,
"One insulted her and me, I obviously don't care but shes all heated up. Something about a book worm and an evil witch being a strange friendship." He explained. He sighed as he was invited knowing Michelle wouldn't take 'no' fir a responce.
"And if i said no?" He had to at least try.
 #7379  by Cathrine Stel
Cathrine DIDN'T roll her eys, but only because she wasn't one for facial expressions. With Michelle, they dragged the bag to the shore, and then with one determined move, emptied the contents into the lake. Jiminey sneezed loudly, his way ofcriticism over the humans' manners. Then, realizing he was finally where he belonged, he opened his red- green gills and dived to the bottom. In a few seconds, he was out of sight.
"Good-bye, Jiminey, " Cathrine muttered.
 #7510  by Michelle Binx
"No, but it works for me and about half -if not more- of the school too" she replied about how being an adorable couple didn't work for the blind. "Besides, I would think even for the blind it would be nice to know you make a cute couple with someone, even if you sadly could never see just how freaking cute you did look with said girlfriend".

"Michelle listened to the crimes of the Hufflepuff and frowned. "There's nothing wrong with a clever person, and a... colorful person being friends. That colorful person obviously needs someone clever to help plot pranks, and schemes and also provide intelligent conversations with. Just because someone is a bitch doesn't mean they aren't clever either. But it's fine, you were right to not get all worked up about it. They'll be punished soon enough for their narrow minded, silly thinking. Oh, and if you had said no, I'd have dragged you along anyway".

Where Catherine had muttered her good-bye to Jiminey, Binxy yelled "bye-bye Jimineyboo!" while watching the creature disappear into the water. With a wide smile showing on her pale face, Michelle turned to Catherine, then asked "well, that was fun. What now? Do you want to walk back to the castle with us? Or did you want to help me and my friend beat up a rude Hufflepuff?" But then she got a better idea, "oooo! Or all three of us could go get a drink at the Three Broomsticks. I'm sure Prudence won't care. She's probably already in a foul enough mood where waiting an extra hour won't matter too much".
 #7514  by Cathrine Stel
"Hey, I'm also a Hufflepuff!" Cathrine growled. "Or, was. You get me."
With a sigh, she looked at the youngsters, suddenly feeling very old. And, honestly, she didn't feel like discussing things with the staff if she managed to splinch any of them during apparating.
"All right, Broomsticks then. But we go on hippogriffs! I'm sure Hagrid won't mind."
 #7520  by Markus Green
He was sire his face was tomato red as she spoke to him, but he said nothing as he didn't want to continue this topic and let her ramble on. It was after she was done he felt it safe that the topic was done with.
"If said blind person wanted a girlfriend." He muttered As the animal was released.

Did she just call him a bitch? He sighed as she Went on about payback and Prues plots. Was she not aware that he did his best to stop said plots? It was then he realized she was calling Prue a bitch. Nice....well she wasn't wrong.
"Getting worked up over what another person thinks is useless. Obviously something you and Prue need to learn." He muttered as she talked about beating up a hufflepuff...only to find out this person was a hufflepuff. He could see why she was offended at the offer.

His eyes widened, he didnt join in on this. He found her, he told her. He didn't agree to the three broomsticks!!!
"Michelle, I was about to curl up with a good book and enjoy the rest of my evening infront og the ravenclaw fireplace." He informed her.