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Elise had been looking forward to this party for weeks. Not getting chosen to represent Beauxbatons in the Triwizard tournament had been a huge disappointment - she had really gotten her hopes up, and she thought she could have done well.

Being at Hogwarts still was quite entertaining - there was a lot to explore, but Elise was feeling that familiar itch of wanting to do something a little bit more.

Being seventeen, she was of age, and she had managed to buy some firewhiskey in Hogsmeade a few weeks ago - in a dodgy looking pub, but she had come in acting like a visiting foreign witch, which technically she was.

So armed with her flask of firewhiskey in her pocket, Elise found herself standing at a short distance to the side of the drinks bar, holding a soda. She scanned the area nearby, waiting for an opportune moment to bring some life to her drink.
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Alex really had not wanted to go to the ball. After she had heard that Krum had finally asked someone (not her) to go with him, she had been downcast and hardly looking forward to it at all. Her brother had forced a dress into her hands, though, and told her to go and have fun. Odd. So she had put on the somewhat plain blue gown and wandered into the hall for the dance.

She immediately went to the drinks bar and got a glass of punch, though she wished it could be a bit stronger. She wasn't of age, yet, but that had never stopped her before. One of her friends had managed to get some firewhiskey from the nearby village, and she glanced around furtively before slipping the flask out of her pocket and pouring it into her punch, though she didn't notice the Beauxbatons girl standing nearby. Then she took a long sip.

This was probably the only way she'd be able to make it through the night. Now she just had to make sure her brother didn't see her.
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Soon enough as the Yule Ball began, a professor's booming voice echoed throughout the Great Hall.

"It is time to welcome our four Triwizard Champions!" the voice announced, and a hush fell over the hall.

"Representing our own Hogwarts School, Mr. Cedric Diggory and his escort, Miss Cho Chang!"

"Representing Beauxbatons Academy, Mademoiselle Fleur Delacour, with her escort, Mr.
Roger Davies!"

"Representing Durmstrang Institute, Mr. Viktor Krum, with his escort, Miss Hermione Granger!"

"And finally, also representing Hogwarts: Mr. Harry Potter, with his escort, Miss Parvati Patil!"

"Please give them a hearty welcome as we prepare for the Champion's Dance."
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While everyone else was distracted watching the champions enter, Elise thought this would be the perfect time to spike her own drink with some stronger stuff. She didn't really care for the champions anyway, she thought they were all a bunch of attention-seekers. Though after looking around one more time, she noticed another girl nearby doing the exact same thing!

Elise couldn't resist, she sidled up to the other girl. "Hey," she said, "look, I've got the same thing," she grinned, and lifted her own flask out of her pocket, only the slightest amount so nobody else could see.
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Alex took another sip as she watched the champions walk in, glaring daggers at the girl who was with Krum. She then quickly put her flask away, hoping no one had seen. When she heard the voice pipe up next to her, she jumped and glanced sideways, ready to blurt out any excuse she could think of. Turns out, she didn't need to.

"I... oh," she muttered, eyeing the other girl's flask. She didn't quite recognize her, but then again she hadn't really been paying attention to the students from the other schools. This one had a French accent, so she assumed Beauxbatons. "Yeah, I need this or else I'm gonna hate all of... this," she said, gesturing around the room. "Not really my thing."
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With the Champion's Dance over and the dance floor cleared, tables slid into place.
Each table was round with white linens and gold plates to accommodate the Yule Ball's other decorations. Guests could sit at whichever table they prefer.

The champions sat with the headmasters and headmistresses of the competing schools at the head table. Menus laid on the plates in front of the students. "Pork chops!" Dumbledore could be heard saying to his own plate and pork chops did indeed appear. Guests began to follow, shouting at their plates. Food and drink filled up soon enough as the feast began.
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"It'll make it more fun, anyway," Elise shrugged back. Perhaps this girl was the Durmstrang version of her. That could be interesting.

"Ooh, want some food with your booze?" Elise asked, after momentarily being distracted by the tables sliding into place.
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As the tables appeared, Alex's mouth was already wandering. Glancing at the Beauxbatons girl, she offered a small grin and sat down, patting the spot next to her. "Absolutely. Someone was telling me the pork chops here are really good, but I'm more of a fan of chicken," she said, picking up the menu and giving it a quick scan.

"Stuffed Chicken Breast," she said down at her plate, grinning as the food appeared. "Oh, this is going to be great."
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"I'll try the pork chops then," Elise said, as her plate immediately filled up. Ah, she couldn't wait to tell all her other friends back at Beauxbatons about this - the ones that were either too young, or were not shortlisted to enter the tournament.

She took another sip of her drink, the spiked one. "This has a bit of a kick to it. You know, this Hogwarts pumpkin juice," Elise had a sly grin on her face.
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Alex glanced sideways at the Beauxbatons girl, another small grin gracing her face. "Oh yeah?" she asked, lifting her own spiked drink. "I'm surprised they have something this good here," she added with a wink, sipping at her drink. Then she got a bit of her chicken on her fork and nibbled at it. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty good. "I'm Alex, by the way."
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"I'm Elise," she replied, with a smile. The Durmstrang students had seemed a bit standoffish so far, in the time they had spent together at the school, but Alex seemed alright. Probably someone Elise would consider hanging out with, considering their mutual interest in sneaking illegal substances into school events.

"So, how is this all comparing to Durmstrang?"
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"Pleasure," Alex replied, already feeling more at ease with the dumb event. At the question, she shrugged, glancing around. "They're quite a bit more... fairy-tale-esque here, I find. Very 'look at us, we can do magic!' Back at home, we're a lot more... practical? Yeah, practical. We use magic when it's needed but we don't rely on it for everything. All the fawning over Viktor Krum is pretty on par with home, though. How about you, with Beauxbatons?" She had begun to write off all the Beauxbatons students as prissy and elitist, at least until tonight. Elise didn't seem to fit into that category, at least not as far as she could tell.
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"We do quite a bit of the fairy-tale stuff, it's kind of annoying sometimes," Elise said, thinking about it. Beauxbatons did take a lot of pride in beauty and aesthetics, including among the students. Their reputation was partly true - Beauxbatons girls did take a lot of pride in their appearance compared to Hogwarts or Durmstrang girls, perhaps.

"We also have to take this dumb class, called Etiquette, where we learn how to behave the 'proper' way at events like these," Elise rolled her eyes. It was no secret at school that she hated that class.

Though what was a nice surprise, was that she was here now, without any of her boring classes, bonding with people that she never thought she would. Perhaps not getting chosen for the tournament wasn't the end of the world, after all.