A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #19096  by Minerva McGonagall
Location: Minerva's Personal Quarters • Date: October 4th 1995
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Light Rain

Her sparse stone-floored study was enveloped in the warm hug of the small wood fire crackling in the fireplace. Rather than accepting one of the few invitations those close to her had extended, Minerva had decided to spend the evening of her birthday curled up on her favorite chair with one of her books.

Lulled into the peaceful embrace of the gentle rain falling against the study's window Minerva made sure to take in every single word she read. Glasses perched on her nose, warm cup of tea fuming next to her, she was indulging in a rare moment of quiet peace. A gift to herself. One she foolishly thought would not be interrupted.
 #21024  by Ron Weasley
And how foolish this thought was. The door swung open and Ronald Weasley tumbled in, completely out of breath.
'Professor....' he gasped 'Professor...common room....Peeves.....bucket of spiders....dancing pudding.....would....help?'

His face was completely white, though there were lines of exhaustion beneath his eyes.
 #21111  by Minerva McGonagall
Judging by the young Gryffindor's pasty skin, one would have thought that he had witnessed the most horrific event. Not one to let herself get misled by overdramatic, hormonal teens Minerva remained calm but sharp.

"Lead the way, Weasley," she snapped as commanding as the crack of a whip. Peeves had found a new sense of purpose in his torments since Dolores Umbridge had started strutting the halls of Hogwarts. Sadly for her, it did not mean that his mischief always managed to disrupt the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, it seemed more often than none another professor was left to deal with his misconduct.
 #21208  by Ron Weasley
Spiders. Why did it have to be spiders? Ashen-faced and jumpy, Ron nodded.
"Yea....yea.....right...." He turned around and smacked into the door frame. This seemed to have jolted him slightly more awake, for Ron strode out into the hallway with slightly more purpose. Fuelled by the knowledge that if anyone could put something right after Dumbledore, it was his Head of House, Ron's steps grew swifter.
 #21308  by Ron Weasley
At this comment a deep red flush swept from his face to the top of his ears. Come off it, Ron, you're more man than that, he told himself, straightening his spine a little.

And then as they turned to the next corridor, Peeves soared in with a bucket of spiders. Ron's face went white and he lost all ability to move.
 #21461  by Minerva McGonagall
Minerva swiftly avoided the immobile student and approached the poltergeist. The mere sight of her was usually enough to stop the living or the dead in their tracks; not so Peeves.

"Enough," she bellowed, her hand close to her wand. The poltergeist sneered at her before he stuck out his tongue and threw the bucket in the air.
 #21478  by Harry Potter
It was then than Harry rounded the corner on a broom in his pajamas, covered from head to toe in banana pudding. He hovered in the air as he watched their beloved, highly respected, and slightly intimidating Head of House rescue Ron from Peeves. Harry sighed in relief. After what happened, he had been chasing the poltergeist down on foot until someone suggested he use his broom.

The relief was short lived though as the bucket of hobo spiders went sailing through the air. Harry zoomed forwarded, catching the bucket within inches of it hitting Ron’s head.

A messy glob of pudding slid down his cheek and onto the polished floor. Harry slowly raised his eyes to meet McGonagall’s gaze.

“...I really can’t explain. ”
 #21480  by Ron Weasley
It was all a blur of movement. Peeves getting told off, the bucket flying, Harry running in, the bucket flying, the pudding, the bucket flying, Harry catching the bucket (thank Merli-)

The one spider falling on his shoulder.

Ron let out a scream that would rival that would rival that of Eloise Midgen.
 #21491  by Minerva McGonagall
"Oh you most certainly will explain!" Minerva professed, looking at the sticky-haired boy. With Professor Umbridge slowly gaining authority, the Head of House would make sure to prevent her students from participating in nefarious affairs.

Her eyes widened as Mr Weasley strident scream echoed through the hallway. With reflexes rivalling those of her feline form she swept the spider from his shoulder and threw it back into its bucket.

"I will escort you to the common room, as we walk you shall explain what happened," she ordered.

Happy birthday Minerva, she thought as she led the way towards the Gryffindor Tower