A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #19089  by Timothy Maxwell
Location: Shore of the Great Lake • Date: Saturday, September 23rd 1995

This castle was crazy and people inside were crazy and everything was crazy! And the craziest thing of them all was magic! Those kinds of thoughts were going through Tim's head as he was sitting on the bank of the Great Lake. He wasn't even sure if he was allow to go here, but nobody tried to stop him and he had to leave the castle for a moment. It wasn't he didn't like being a wizard, but this castle just didn't operate according to the rules he was used to. Moving stairwells, talking pictures and ghosts... and he would swear that even corridors were moving from time to time! Nothing was making sense, yet. Hopefully it will, given enough time.

Cold breeze came across the Lake, forcing him to huddle deeper in his robes. It made him wish he just stayed in bed longer, but Tim needed this, getting out of the castle, just staring at water and pretending like the word around him wasn't working by rules he yet didn't quite know. The young first grader even pretended that he didn't see a giant tentacle coming out of the water few minutes ago.
 #19090  by Markus Green
Reading his book at the lake Mark had been listening to everything around him carefully, as the last few times he'd been down here...someone had come up behind him or had tried to speak to him. As his pale went across the pages he heard the water begin to splash, a boy's feet stopping nearby and looked up...well his face went up.

The splashing calmed down, allowing Mark to get back to his books, his fingers drifting from where they had left off. He decided to sit more near the water, as he had never really been bothered by the creature. Maybe it was his habit of being quiet that made it possible.

Part of him wondered why Prue would swim in such a body of water given what was in it.
 #19094  by Timothy Maxwell
It took Tim some time to realise he wasn't here alone. It was strangely reassuring that even older students felt the need to leave the castle from time to time. Then again he might've been reading it wrong. Perhaps they just needed quiet place to study. Thinking about that just reminded him that he himself should be studying right now but nah... there was time for that. Not to mention he didn't really need to study, that wasn't the problem. Main problem was with the wand.
Tim pulled out his wand, looking at it. He wasn't great with it, not the worst either, but still. To be honest he was a bit ashamed when trying to recite a garbled Latin in front of entire class. Fortunately the strangely scary lady who looked like a flower seller didn't want them to cast spells in her class. Tim tried to wave his hand a little, but all he got were some sparks...
 #19095  by Markus Green
No, he was indeed just reading. His advanced potion book translated into braille that he was reading just for fun magically turned due to his charm as he listened to the water as well as the student who was not rustling through their pocket to get something out. It wasn't long until he figured out due to the fact the student was trying to perform a DADA spell. While he was half tempted to warn him about the professor not wanting that done on campus- for what reasons were beyond him, the bookworm in him came up instead.
"Its Mucus ad Nauseam," He said his fingers pausing on the braille for a moment. "Say it more slowly and clearly, also be sure you're pointing away from anyone. Can't see where your pointing but I'd rather not end up in the medical wing."
 #19099  by Timothy Maxwell
On the other hand casting curses was a bit difficult when all you did was reading about them. They could describe the hand movement however they wanted, but it just wasn't the same. The old McGonagall was much better at that.
His failures were met by an advice from the older student. "Oh... so...sorry, I... didn't want to bother you." he stuttered and apologised. He was pointing the wand at the lake, so there was little chance he could actually hit someone. And somehow he doubted he could hit the giant squid.
"Thanks for the advice..." he added quietly.
 #19110  by Markus Green
A timid one. Interesting, sounded like a first year too. He shut his book, put it in his bag and grabbed his blind cane. Maybe he'd been a little harsh with his tone.
"Just watch me." He said being sure to turn away from the kids voice.

With a flick of his wand and the incantation said perfectly a green light shot out.
"It's really not that hard once you get the hang of it." He tried to sound nice about it, though he was pretty sure it came out more clipped. He tried again.
"You'll get it. Trust me. First year right?"
 #19111  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim wanted to leave this one alone. The young boy hated when someone was disturbing him when he wanted to be alone, but before he could do that the older student offered to help him. Tim watched very carefully, trying to mimic the wand movements.
"Yeah, seems much easier when I see it done, though I doubt this spell would help me defend against an actual dark magic... I guess we had to start somewhere..." he shrugged, though it seemed that the student was actually blind, so he wouldn't notice.
"Oh... y...yeah. New to this wizard stuff too... it's a bit... overwhelming." he usually didn't talk about it... but he really needed someone to talk to right now.
 #19112  by Markus Green
He simply nodded, the young student was right...most of the spells they learned in their first and second year did nothing...in fact, this one would only cause mild irritation to a nose canal and nothing more. Ironic Ms. kitty lady didn't even want those spells to be taught. Maybe she was afraid someone would use them on her? While that might help with first years people year three and higher already knew them, those were the same years that were actually wanting to use them on her as well.
"Let's be honest, she...the professor doesn't want any defense against the dark arts spells taught this year it seems." He mused.

"Mark Green, and I feel you on that." He said not offering his hand in fear he'd be sticking his hand out not in the boy's direction. A habit he picked up the first year of his blindness was not shaking hands. Most understood perfectly well why he'd adopted the practice.
"What you should see is a green light, should it come into contact with an actual person their nose will get green for a second and then well nose irritation, obviously build up in the nose. It seems innocent but that can cause nasal infection if not treated." He explained.
 #19113  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim nodded, once again realising he is nodding at a blind guy too late.
"I thought she just didn't trust first graders with the wands... but I heard some older students talking about it either." he said. It was a bit strange...
"I...it's nice to meet you. I am Timothy Maxwell... Tim for short... or Max... I use both..." he shrugged. And then really wanted to punch himself. THE GUY WAS BLIND! HE CAN'T SEE IT!
"I really hope I won't ever have a reason to cast this spell at anyone... " he said, trying it once more. This time the sparkles were green. A step in the right direction.
 #19115  by Markus Green
He shook his head,
"Nope, I'm a 5th year and its no wand magic with us as well." He said putting his wand in his back pocket. "Apparently she doesn't want us to be able to defend ourselves." He commented. Not to mention all his already made notes from the year before were now useless.

"Tim is fine," He said sensing this boy's obvious discomfort by way of his voice, odd. He wasn't being nasty or unfriendly was he? Then it clicked...he'd been so used to talking Prudence and her little gang of misfits that he'd forgotten he usually got this reaction around new people.
"If your worried about my condition, don't be. I see just in different ways." He said hoping to ease the kids worry about looking silly.

He actually laughed for the first time that year. All that gloom and doom he'd been drowning in lifted for just a moment at this kid's innocent commentary.
"I'd hope not." He chuckled.
 #19121  by Timothy Maxwell
"I will be the first to admit that I know nothing about magic... heck until recently I didn't know it existed. But defence against black magic should include some practice, right? Books are nice, I love reading, but unless I hit someone really hard with the book it won't help me..." he surprised himself how freely he talked to this guy. Perhaps it was because he was blind and couldn't see him? Possibly...
"Sorry... I just... keep on nodding and stuff... I feel like an idiot every time I do that..." he said completely honestly.
 #19140  by Markus Green
He nodded,
"That's exactly what the student body is saying, however the professor is Ministry....basically our form of government. She's getting approved by our government to take it out." Why he didn't know and he didn't agree, however like everyone else...he couldn't really fight it either. He turn to the voice once more,
"That's normal human behavior. " He chuckled. "It's fine, I take it your muggleborn?" He asked.
 #19150  by Timothy Maxwell
Well.. seemed like it couldn't be helped. Theory will have to do for now. "I also overheard something about it being problem only for one year... seems like a lot of students are pretty sure we will get someone else next year..." this school surely had a lot of mysteries...
"Well... actually my mum is a witch... from some old wizarding family from what she told me... she just didn't tell me about it. I guess she didn't want to get my hopes up, since dad was a muggle..." he actually opened here quite a bit.
 #19186  by Markus Green
He chuckled,
"That position seems to carry a curse, every professor only lasts a year." He explained why that was going around the school. The only good thing about her taking that class was the fact that the professors only lasted a year. This year though it might be the students that become the reason the curse comes to pass.

He realized through listening that maybe it was because she didn't want her son caught up in the wizarding world after the dark lords little run last time that she didn't want her son involved in this world. He wouldn't blame a mother for that, and he wouldn't be the one to out her reasons either if those were indeed the reasons why she kept it from him.
"You'll love it in this world of magic. Trust me, once you get the hang of it you'll do just fine. Anytime to need any help I'm usually here...ignoring my Slytherin shadow." He offered.
 #19204  by Timothy Maxwell
Cursed teacher position. This castle really had it all. Though it meant that next year they will have to get someone better. Normally he would not believe in curses, but since he was just casting one...
"I do... well I think. Like I said... there is too much at once. And thanks... I appreciate the offer, especially with the practise.... I think I might like to be able to cast spells... and reading just doesn't cut it." he said. It also seemed that he wasn't the only one who disliked Umbride. In some way she was way scarier than professor Snape.