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She sat on a bench, butterbeer next to her as she ran her hands through her perfectly made up hair her eyes not leaving the book on her lap. Prudence had been right about all the bad makeup tips that were in this volume. Crossing her leg she fingers traced the eye of the model, though her mind was somewhere else.
"What...makes her tick?" She said aloud confused about Prudence and just why she suddenly went off on her the night before.

She didn't notice the presence stepping behind her as she normally would, her eyes still lost in the book.
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It was only the second week of schooling and Mikayla was already tired of DADA. Umbridge was definitely going to be a piece of work and it was going to suck for the fifth years since it was their O.W.L.s year and she refused to teach them things that were going to be on the test, regardless if it was only the bloody second week. Mikayla was a bit pissed about it, but she was already working on counteracting it by studying on her own. She was honestly debating on requesting the official fifth year syllabus from previous years so that she could see what they had been taught.

But that was an action for another day. Today was a day for relaxation and Mikayla wanted to do that outside. With that in mind, she walked outside and into a courtyard. At first, she didn't notice Yukiko sitting on a nearby bench, but it didn't take long especially when she spoke. "What makes who tick?" Mikayla asked curiously as she walked towards the younger Slytherin.
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The English born Japanese witch jumped a bit, looking up from her magazine at the new voice that just for her...seemed to pop up out of nowhere. She hadn't known her fellow Slytherin had been walking past her and heard her mutter that out loud. She took a breath, looking at the other girl to assess if this person was worthy of talking to her. She passed once she realized she was wearing Green.
"Prudence Batsu, angry one moment nad protective the next about Mark Green...so confusing." She muttered.

She'd seen this girl in the common room time to time, usually talking to Michelle but the girl had never really been part of the group pranks. Something told her that it had something to do with Prue being picky and her usually bratty self that made it so.
"I've seen you in the common room talking to my friend Michelle, why don't you ever come and say hi?" She asked.
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Mikayla hid a smile at the mention of Prue. "Yeah, she can be a piece of work," Mikayla said, slipping her hands into the pockets of her robes. "Do you mind?" she then asked, gesturing to the bench. She wanted to sit down and enjoy the fresh air while she could. Then she blinked in surprise at Yukiko's next question, tilting her head to the side as a slightly embarrassed look appeared on her face.

"Honestly? I didn't realize you two were friends. Me and Bi-Michelle are still working out some things but I guess you could call us friends," Mikayla mused before shrugging. "It's a bit complicated, really."
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"No, go ahead." She patted the bench, realizing that this girl might know of prues habits better than her.
"So you know Prudence?" She asked, wanting information on her friend.

She nodded, smiling at the other slytherin.
"Me, prue, michelle and AJ are pretty close." She said.
"Though this year everyone seems scrambled." She chuckled. She frowned, Michelle not talking to a friend? Had this girl done something to upset her friend? She felt it too personal to ask but did really want to know.
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Mikayla smiled and sat down next to the second year. She glanced at the magazine that she was looking at and her smile grew. "Looking up makeup tips? If you'd like, I could help," she offered before making a slight face. "Prudence and I aren't very close at the moment. I mostly stayed by myself until the end of last year with everything that happened with the Tournament. Same goes with Binxy," she added, having seen the frown and correctly guessing what it was for. "I'm still in the process of getting closer to the group, but it's going well so far I think." She shrugged. "This year is going to be different in general with the new DADA teacher. How is she in your classes so far?"
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She looked down at tje mag and smiled shaking her head...showing it to the fellow slytherin she pointed to the yellow and green mixes.
"I was just seeing what Prue meant by poor tastes...she wasn't wrong." She said meaning the color combo.

She leaned back, not a good look on her face. The new DADA professor was gonna a problem this year.
"Honestly? Everyones laying low. Prue and Michelle are hardly around because of her. " she was giving her fair warning that she might not see much of the two given the fact all they did was prank the school in thier free time...something that wasn't much of an option now.
"Ive...tolerated her. And what do you think of her?" She asked.
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Mikayla leaned over and looked at the magazine. She made a face and laughed. "Definitely not. Yellow and green do not go well together by themselves. Maybe if you added in a complementary shade to both of them like black or white," she said with an amused smile before letting out a small sigh.

"Yeah, that's what I've gathered so far. You should hear the rants Michelle goes on once we are in the common room." The blonde shook her head. "This year is definitely going to change things and not for the better. For us fifth years, she is refusing to teach us the proper movements of spells and such. We can't even bring our wand out or she will confiscate it until the end of the class. Granted, that only happened with the Gryffindors, stupid as they are for provoking her. We just learned from their example." Kay made a disgusted sound. "The only good thing about her is the fact that she will only last a year."
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She raised an eyebrow,
"You seriously would mix hufflepuff with Slytherin?" She asked.

She paused,
"Wait, you've seen Michelle? Me and Prue have been trying to see one sighting of her this whole time. Prue's getting worried about her and Mark, and I'm taking the brunt of her temperament." She about jumped on the girl with this, not meaning too she calmed down a bit. "Well, Harry has been bringing a panic to the school. I can see why she isn't a fan of that...I mean lets be real if he was back don't you think that the Ministry would be alerting people?" She asked, not believing the rumors like everyone else did.
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Mikayla about choked. "Okay, we are talking about makeup colors, not people, Yukiko!" she exclaimed, giving the second year a look. "Though, Hufflepuffs do make some good brownies," she added with a thoughtful smile.

Then Mikayla blinked. "I don't see her often, only every once in awhile, but when I do, she goes all out." Kay shrugged. "And, if what Potter says is true about the Dark Lord returning, then that just means as Slytherins, we need to keep our head down considering what most of our parents do," she said, her voice low. "It doesn't help that other than Potter's word and the death of Diggory, the Ministry has no basis to go on about his return." She let out a sigh before stretching.

"Regardless if the Dark Lord is back or not, we have a much more pressing issue to deal with in the form of a teacher."
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She blinked, the look on her face probably showing her distaste for mixing the two houses clear...and what did brownies have to do with what kind of people they were?
"Are you...sure your a Slytherin?" She asked, almost too bluntly.

"My fathers in the Ministry," She said simply. Though she did know that Prue's old family were supporters and the Binx family were huge supporters. She spoke lower.
"That's exactly what we're doing because of Potter." She hissed. "He's angering said teacher and making this all the harder." She nodded, Exactly no proof.
"You think if he was back he wouldn't be going small, and the Ministry keeps tabs on all killing curses. You'd think if he was alive the ministry would be seeing numbers. Potters just causing drama."
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Mikayla grinned. "There is no doubt about it that I am a Slytherin. You do have to keep in mind that Slytherins are ambitious and cunning, so wouldn't it make sense to make friendships in other houses to create contacts you would need to get further in life? After all, you have no idea what the future can bring," she said with a shrug before listening to her rant about Potter.

"He's a Gryffindor. Hot-headed, short temper, etc, etc... Of course he's going to try to prove everyone wrong when he believes in something, regardless of what it means for the rest of us." She shrugged again. "And in terms of numbers, he might be lying low, gathering information, considering him going on killing sprees is what got him killed the first time."
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Yukiko didn't look impressed.
"Yes, which is why we mix with ravenclaws...hufflepuffs do nothing." Her pureblood side showing she huffed.
"Don't let prue hear you talk about them in a nice way...she'll cut you."she chuckled.

She nodded.
"I think the term is hes...selfish? " she mused. "If he wanted to stay low. If he was back...he wouldn't have killed Hogwarts student." She refused to believe he was back.
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Mikayla shook her head with a smile, deciding to let that topic rest for the time being before continuing on the other one. She thought for a moment and nodded. "That I think would have been the smart way. Could have obliviated him or something so that there weren't going to be any questions." She shrugged. She believed that Potter thought he was back, but she wasn't sure herself on whether or not the Dark Lord was truly back.
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"Exactly!" She said taking a sip of her drink while turning to fully face her. "Which is why I think this is all drama. Maybe Harry killed the kid and blamed it on him!" Now she was jumping to the extremes...but that's what Yukiko was famous for. Jumping to extremes, which was a trait no one seemed to like about her. But, her friends seemed to put up with it.