A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #16602  by Yukiko Binx
She shook her head,
"Get your head out of the gutter...I meant just that he wasn't a minion anymore to you." She corrected he words, starting to think about the possibility of the professor allowing them in. Would her father heading the court case be enough?...probably not.

A sigh,
"He...might be on his own." She muttered. "I'm sorry, I just...wanted to help."
 #16603  by Prudence Binx
She leaned back, running her hands down her face. If she helped him this time...she might not be around to look out for him later. That was a problem. she looked at Yukiko, understanding her need to help but still angry.
"Yeah well, when this is done you apologize for any trauma that comes from it. That's how you'll make it up to my brother." She got up after slamming her book.
"And next time...mind your own business. Mark's mine, not yours."
 #16605  by Prudence Binx
Not even out of the room and Yukiko was asking for round two...a hufflepuff?! She shut her eyes to try to calm herself down...biting her lip to not scream right then and there.
"He...what?" Prue asked. "Did you set him up with a Hufflepuff Ms. Takayama?" She asked.
 #16607  by Prudence Binx
And that made it better. She grumbled as she put the book back in her magically supersized skirt pocket, looking at Yukiko like the grim reaper himself.
"She hurts him...in anyway. It's on you." She had to accept that Mark accepted other people from other houses other than Slytherin...didn't mean she had to like it.

She headed out the Slytherin common room to try to find him, maybe she could beat him to the professor.
 #16608  by Yukiko Binx
Her first time seeing momma bear Prue had gone horribly, but at least she seemed to accept he was going to have friends in other corners? She stood up shaking the events in her head as she headed up to her dorm.
"And now I know he's off limits in anyway other than friendly chatter..." She mused as she headed into the dorm room.