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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Once she had calmed down from Prue dumping her in the lake, and gave her silk blouse a proper funeral she started thinking more about Marks mood and actions that day. Something was going on, something had broken the camels back and she was determined to figure out just what it was. A search of the library found no results which meant there was only one other place he'd be - if he wasn't in Ravenclaw tower.

She made her way to the lake, hoping he wasn't the only place that she couldn't go. Students joking about makeup and sports took over her ears as she made her way down, sighing in relief when he was indeed by the lake. She sat next to him, saying nothing while she tried to figure out what to say to him that wouldn't send her into the lake.

She'd left her books behind just incase...
"Want to...tell me whats going on?" Subtle Yukiko...that might just send you into the water after all...
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Book in hand, he ignored everyone and everything around him. The book, a potion book he had gotten from the library as soon as he was back was a book that he had wanted to read for a couple of years but had always been checked out. His legs crossed and his fingers going over the words in the book he paused when he heard the blades of crass crunch under someone who was sitting down beside him.
"Prudence...I am not in the mood to deal with your crap." He warned.

He jumped when it wasn't Prudence but Yukiko instead. If she was worried about being tossed into a lake, scaring a blind guy was a great way to get soaked before one even opened their mouth.
"What I want to do...is ask why you think it's wise to sneak up on me knowing what mood I'm in."
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"Not Prue..." She hummed, tempted to touch his shoulder. One look at the water stopped that yearning and she inhaled thinking about it. He was right about being in a mood, it seemed that no matter what she said he always seemed to have a snappy comeback. Even before someone spoke he was rearing to tear their heads off.

However, there also had to be a reason for it.
"Mark, seriously. You get off the train this year and you've become mister moody. Were worried...well I am." Prudence had proved she was still angry about her book and didn't really care about his moodset.
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His book snapped shut,
"What? Worried your little bookworm isn't going to deal with all the problems you and ms. Batsu want to cause?" He mused, looking towards her voice.
"You are aware Ministry is in the building, doing what you normally do...is going to get you two in trouble even I won't deal with."

That sounded....normal right? He wasn't sure what was normal anymore.
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Her eyebrows pinched together, Her mouth trying to figure out what she was going to say next. For once in her life, she was speechless...until he mentioned problems with the new teacher being Ministry personnel. He did have a point on that.
"About that, me and Prudence agreed to keep out plotting low key this year. We've seen her in the hallways, not even Slytherins are safe." She explained.

Crossing her legs like him, she looked back over at him.
"Did you know she pulled a slytherin over just to fix a wrinkle on his vest. Said something about proper dress code and looking perfect." gossiping was always her past time...but doing it with Mark was new.

She took the chance, getting back to the point and put a hand on Marks leg in a kind manner- something that was rare for her.
"However, that's not what I'm worried about." She started. "It's...my father helping Genesis Mark. I know some of the details and...judging by your mood...we weren't wrong to suspect were we?"
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He had opened his book back up by the time she was talking about the slytherin in the hallway, not wanting to hear about anything that was going on and wanting to stay in his book world. Nor did he care about their new plotting idea's. A hand on his lap caused him to jump and she ended up being shoved away in a jerk reaction.

A pause. Hard breathing.

Then the anger.
"I...have no idea what your talking about." He went back to the book, his fingers tracing the words once more.
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That....confirmed a lot. She bearly missed the water once again, cursing her idea to wear silk once again for this meetup. Why could he have not been in the library? Where her clothing was safe?
"So...we were right." She settled back down, his words and actions were not adding up. "So...if you don't know what I'm talking about...why jump when I got close?" She smirked, pride filling her with knowing that she'd been correct.
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"To assess someone just because of one alacrity an individual does is rather impulsive don't you think?" He muttered not taking his finger from the book on his lap. a lap he didn't want to be touched again.
"You don't know anything Ms. Takayama and to dig into someone's problems is asking for trouble if you were to ask me." He sighed. "Is there anything else or are we done?"
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She blushed, looking down and feeling like she'd stepped out of her limits. Maybe she was even wrong? At least she thought that before Mark said his next line and suddenly it all made sense.
"Mark, you need to tell someone. An adult...maybe they can get you permission to stay with my family over the holidays or even...stay at the school? Like Harry Potter does."
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The realization that he'd just basically admitted she was right hit him. He was really slipping this year, his mask was cracking and he wanted no part of it. He slammed the book shut for the final time and stood up, walking off without a word. He wasn't a social person, not really. Prudence had forced it on him, and now his forced social ties were getting personal.

Bag around his shoulder he headed towards where he thought was grass only to end up walking...well falling into the river.
"Dammit!" He cursed, heading to the bank. He already knew his books were history. Replacing them impossible, speaking of his situation...with a father like his replacements weren't an option.
"I can't replace these...and being soaked..." Even his spell for spilled liquid wouldn't work. He had been lucky to keep his grasp on his cane.
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One would think after being dunked herself she'd laugh at his problem, knowing the reason he wasn't thinking right however stopped that thought and she instantly went to try to help him out of the water. His words about his books hit her like a ton of bricks...those were literally Marks pride and joy.
"I'll replace them...please let me." She scrambled to try to see the damage, only to be blocked.

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It seemed with his books ruined, the final peg keeping in his emotions also fell. It was like his world was crashing around him with them no longer able to read. He shut his eyes tightly and threw his books across the field, his bag ripping open causing everything around the books to fall around them as it all landed. He heard one of his ink vases hit a trunk and burst.
"It's all your fault! You...you and Prue should have kept your noses out of my homelife!" He took a breath and ran his hand through his hair. "Who do I go to yukiko? No one can help, you guys tried and it only made it worse. Don't you understand?"

"I don't need you to replace them, I'll take them out of the library and explain what happened to the potions book. I just need...you both to leave me alone. Ok? Just leave me the fuck alone."
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she shook her head, not that Mark could see it.
"No, I'm replacing them." She insisted. She wasn't going to be the one to take away Marks hobby, not when he really needed it the most. His outburst proving this.

"We're not leaving you alone either, look Mark. We can't do much because we're children...talk to maybe a professor? It might help the case and get it settled a lot faster. In the meantime...me or Prue's father could get the ok to house you during summers and holidays until it's settled."
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He was beginning to collect his belongings when she kept on talking, the books falling out of his bag making him realize the bag was ruined. A simple spell fixed that and he started reloading the books and quills into the bag.
"Is this some sort of...sick hobby of yours? Do you seriously like to meddle in such affairs? Because all your doing is pissing me off right now. No professor cares. No one cares. Got it? Reality is...cruel, something you don't know because you grew up getting everything you wanted." He slammed the last book into the bag and headed towards the castle.
"Like I said Takayama, Leave me alone."
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She was almost offended, did she enjoy having to step into matters that honestly should not be happening to anybody?
"No!" She stood up, helping him collect the last book. "Not until to talk to someone who can help, because in the outside world Mark people do give a crap." She watched him shove the last book into his bag.

"you just don't open up." She finished. "Talk to the head of gryffindor, she will help...at least make arrangments to keep you from there."