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Charlotte stopped trying to stuff her belongings into her bag, taking a moment to decide if it would be rude of her to dive under the table. Thinking better of it, she looked up at Mark and blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "My aunt had a blind cat once, he got hit by a car." Her eyes got huge and she slammed her hand over her mouth. Way to put your foot in your mouth, Char she scolded herself. "Not that you have to worry about cars here, so you're completely safe!" The more she opened her mouth, the worse it got. She sat down and put her head on the desk, meekly saying: "Sorry, I don't know when to stop talking, its a curse."
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A car would have been a better reason than the real reason for his blindness, not that he cared to share that information. He let it go, grabbed his things and headed over to the table. The cover was still readable to those with sight but he'd put a spell on the book to translate the paged into braille, Taking a seat he simply nodded.
"Given the half blood contention around this school at the moment I wouldn't mention a muggle mode for transportation." He kindly reminded, making it clear while he was fine with it, someone in the library might target her.

He cleared his throat.
"Now, What's the subject we are working on?" He asked, putting the potion book in his bag, remembering his manners he bowed slightly. "Mark Green, pleasure." He said.

"Shocked to see you and someone out of your house being pleasant." He said to Yukiko.
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She giggled at the girl, waving her hand.
"He hangs around me and my friend far too much. He's used to it." She assured her, happy Mark sat down. It was the first time they were actually pleasant after the lake incident.

'yukiko...what on earth do you think your doing?' Prue's voice called from the door. She blinked grabbing her things. "Gotta go. See ya Mark." She gave him a kiss on his cheek before running off.
"He's a charmer really. Find me later you both. we'll talk." She stated again, on her way out.
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Charlotte froze, waiting for his reaction. When he smiled at her, she raised her head up off the desk, she could feel her pulse slow down. No longer checking for possible exit routes. "Oh, thanks again Yukiko!" She said as the 2nd year ran off.

Char began to pull her notes and books back out of her bag, laying them out by subject. In total she was taking 7 N.E.W.T level classes, she could probably manage a Ministry position, if she actually managed to pass her classes. "Oh, I was working on Transfiguration, we've started in on Conjuration. I'm absolutely terrible at the theory behind it." She said with a smile and looked up at Mark. "Oh, I'm Charlotte, by the way!" She said even though she knew he probably heard her earlier.
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slightly jumping at the contact he glared her way. The girl was really becoming a thorn in his foot, he cleared his throat and focused on the girl in front of him instead, hoping she didn't see him jump even that slightest bit. Interesting topic, he'd read into it a year ago.
"Nice to meet you Charlotte. I see, an advanced form and branch of Transfiguration, the difference being the object disappears in thin air." He smiled taking out his notes on the matter, pages that went on for about ten chapters.
"I...have no life. Anyway, mind if I see your notes on it?" He asked. "Temporarily...translate them possibly?" He had his wand out, he wanted to give honest feedback but he also wanted to help.

He took his wand and translated his pages into English form.
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She herself jumped when Mark cleared his throat. They sure do make an odd pair, jumping whenever startled in the least. When he began speaking, she could already tell she was going to put her foot in her mouth again. "Actually, Conjuration is the act of conjuring an item or object, rather than making it disappear. Vanishment is making the object disappear into thin air." She said quietly and grabbed her class notes, pretending to put them in order. "Oh, of course!" She said with a smile and handed over her notes, they were still slightly stained from the ink pot spill earlier, "My handwriting is terrible, hopefully you're able to translate them."
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He must have been slipping, his notes were correct but his words were not. His mind trying to think back to what he read about it when he still did have sight.
"The textbook said...'Conjuration is an advanced form and branch of Transfiguration, some of the most complex magic taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Conjurations are distinguished from the other branches of Transfiguration, by their ability to transfigure the desired object from 'thin air'." He recounted, before correcting himself. "I'm sorry, I mixed up vanishing to being able to appear from thin air." He blushed a bit.
"My notes do say this...don't know why my mind twisted it...been going through a lot I guess." He didn't know why he was being honest with her about his feelings.

"Shouldn't be a problem." The wand translated them with ease, he handed over his notes. "Mind you any updates have yet to be added to that within the last year. I shift from subject to subject." He stated as he handed her the ten pages and took hers in his hands.

Going over the material he was impressed, she had a general idea down indeed...however she was focusing too much on the building blocks. Either way, she didn't have much to panic over. Her work was actually not bad.
"Your using the building blocks which is on the right track and a lot of these facts are correct..." He traced over another paragraph. "Have you...tried to do this before? Perform the spells involved?"
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If he did get the different forms of Transfiguration mixed up, Char couldn't care less, she was having a hard enough time keeping them straight herself. She smiled up at him, "Don't worry about it, I was mixing them up myself up until this week." She frowned when he mentioned that he had been going through a lot, but it wasn't any of her business, so she let it slide.

She began to look through his notes, nodding along with what he was saying. "I haven't actually needed to try it yet, Professor McGonagall said we wouldn't need to begin practicing for a few more weeks. I'm mostly perplexed by Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration, and how it applies. Like, you can't conjure food without having the food existing somewhere nearby or without knowing where exactly it is, but the same thing doesn't hold for liquids and liquid variations. So I can't conjure a BLT sandwich without the sandwich already existing, but I can conjure mayonnaise into existence." She said it in all one breath, needing to take a moment to take a few deep breaths.
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Indeed that was hard for most to grasp, him included until he read more into it. He tried to figure out a way to explain it without making it more so confusing to her.
"Well, that's actually the basics but I'll try to explain," He started. "Matter comes in two forms. One is solid and the liquid, it's the same as magical bending. The lake is going to be easier to morph than the rock is, because the rock is solid." He scratched his head. "Why you don't need the solid object in front of you if its nearby is due to the fact that if it's near you it takes less energy to transport." He explained. "Liquid tends to flow easier it's somewhere in the world, so in reality your not really forming it out of nothing....am I making sense?" He asked.

He nodded, looking over the next area.
"This has been spilled on...and not cleaned fully." He noted doing the same spell Yukiko had, though all came up. "What animals work better for Conjuration?" He was testing her. "Because you need to know that for when I take you out to practice." He smiled. "Why study something without doing every corner of it in order to understand it fully?"

He let out a sheepish chuckle,
"I...find studying a serious hobby...if she hadn't warned you. Hope you don't mind."
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Char smiled lightly, "Unlimited sauces could have its uses, I suppose." She said and let out a light laugh before she felt her cheeks heat up again. "You are making sense, thanks." She blushed and looked down again, "Things seem to sporadically fall over when around me." She said with another laugh and almost knocked her book off the table again. She righted the book, making sure to put it towards the middle of the table to avoid knocking it off again.

She began looking through her bag for a new bottle of ink, one that hadn't had its contents dumped all over her notes. When he mentioned taking her out to practice, she did manage to drop her bag. "Oh!" She exclaimed and did end up diving under the table this time, she began collecting the misplaced items and squishing them back into her bag. Of course this would happen to her, why not!

She pulled herself back up onto her seat, again feeling the flush of her embarrassment written all over her face. "Oh, studying is fantastic, normally not this messy. Though thats probably just me, I really need to work on social interaction." She pushed her hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear again. Not knowing what to say, she spouted off the first thing that came to mind "The weather is pretty terrible today?"
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He chuckled, not really a food fanatic. Sauces were the last of his worries.
"If you say so...not really into food." He muttered, pausing. "I-I mean I don't really focus on it." He edited his words. He then shook his head, remembering when he was first blinded. His work area's were always a mess.
"Trust me, I've done worse...I spilled water all over a first edition 'potions of the world' book before. Thankfully was able to save it." He chuckled, glad he was making sense.
"It's no problem."

He heard her scrambling under the table and flicked his wand forming all objects to go in one pile for her.
"That help?"

He shook his head once again,
"I'm horrible at it believe it or not...your just meeting me under my element." He said, understanding other shy people was pretty easy for him. "No, the weather is actually nice. I was just avoiding Prudence Batsu, though I don't mind going out for studying. In fact, I always welcome that no matter what the case." He smiled, waiting for her to gather her things while he packed his. if she wanted to do this now...he was all for it.
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With a look outside, Char shook her head, "Its still kinda raining though." She said with a frown. With a glance down at her watch, she let out a sound of surprise. Her next class started in 30 minutes, and she still had to stop by the Hufflepuff common room to drop off all of the books. "I'm sorry! I have to get to my next class, maybe another time?" Char began to pack up all of her other notes "I didn't realize what time it was, and I have to get to the other side of the castle, Umbridge will hang me up if I'm late."

She stood up from her chair, throwing her bag over her shoulder. "Maybe another time?" She asked, pushing her hair back again.
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While rain never stopped him, getting to class in time usually did the trick. Things all packed he realized he had potions and had never been late.
"Uh...yeah." He said not even giving her another second of his time once he realized his potions attendance was about to take a hit.
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Char smiled, throwing her bag over her shoulder. "Thanks for looking over my notes, it was really nice to meet you, Mark." She then turned to speed out of the library, opening the door a little too strongly, it bumped into another table. She was going to be late, and she was working on coming up with an excuse on her way.