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Erika chuckled and gave a shrug. "Ah've always been active. Me dah got me started wit' swordplay when ah was young, Ah always competed with tha boys back home, that sorta' thing. Here though, only so much ya'kin do ta stay in shape. Thus the swimmin' and climbin'. As fa' muscle..."

Erika extended a hand towards Mark, and then halted. "Ah'ma take ya' hand," she said before gently laying fingers atop the boy's hand. Shifting her sitting position, she brought her free arm up and flexed her bicep and guided Mark's hand to it. Erika wasn't built like a bodybuilder or anything, or even a fitness nut. She was fit, that was clear, but her muscle was functional as opposed for show. The kind of muscle you got from swinging swords and stabbing with spears, from climbing rocks and cliffs and doing laps in the lake. She was...an athletic build.
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She was talking about something he didn't know which has captivated his interest, this was new information he didn't know...which meant she had his full attention as she spoke. Being socially-shy this was rare for him to give someone.
"So then your not an only child." He chuckled.

He was honestly shocked someone informed him of what they were about to do, seeing as Michelle and Prue just kinda went for it. Made him actually respect this girl a little more. He nodded giving consent, feeling his hand carefully being guided to her bicep his eyebrows rose a bit a..yup. She was muscled, well for someone in Hogwarts. As she had said herself...most of them didn't work out at all. She had a reason to be as prideful as she was about it.
"Well, whatever your doing, Seem's like it's working." He smiled. "When did you start?"
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"Oh nah," she said with a wave of her hand, "Only child. Me da said I was too much'a'v'a handful when I was young." She was quite happy to be an only child honestly. She couldn't imagine having a sibling, and figured that if she did have a younger brother or sister, she'd probably have ended up in more scrapes and fights, either with her sibling or in defense of them.

Erika let Mark's hand free as she answered. "Well, on an' off since First Year, but like ah said, always been active. Though, in light'a...recent events," she added in such a way to imply the Triwizard Tournament debacle, "Figure it's best ta' get back inna' shape."
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She hopped out, quickly grabbing her shirt just in enough time to see Marks hand on the woman's muscles and raised an eye brow. Talking...was one thing...but now he was touching a Gryffindork? Talking about being only children and...wait a minute! She felt a pang of jealousy run through her bones. This was not ok, Mark...Markey boy was hers.
"Watch out, looks like you two might just be...budding a romance." She said putting her shirt back on, before slipping her black short shorts back on even though she was still wet. The fabric being black meant it didn't really show.
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He chuckled, but honestly, he couldn't see her as too bad of a child. She was odd, to say the least, but odd and he seemed to mix. "I'm sure you weren't that bad." He said before listening to what she was saying about staying active, he did the same thing...just with his brain. In some ways, he understood what she was saying. The mention of the recent events made the scene a little quiet.
"We must all be ready for anything now, I like how you think...something tells me though...it's gonna take more than just a few of us if it gets as bad as I think it will." He simply. He didn't know what was going to happen, naturally. But he could feel there was a change in the air after recent events that he suspected was just going to grow darker.

Prudence got his out of his thoughts, causing a blush to cross his face when he realized his hand had still been on her arm only to be taken off by said Irish girl.
"Tact Prue, Tact. Learn it. And it's not what you think." He quickly said.
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Erika raised an eyebrow at the smaller girl, and her eyes flicked, ever so briefly, between Prudence and Mark. With dramatic slowness, a smile formed on the redhead's face. If she hadn't caught it in time, she was sure she'd look very much like The Grinch when he got a particularly evil idea.

"An' would tha' be a problem?" she asked Prudence as she stood up and stepped over to the girl. She fixed her pale green eyes on the Slytherin's dark brown and stopped a foot or two away, folding her arms across her chest and taking a very relaxed stance. She easily towered over the girl, though the distance didn't cause her to actually look down on Prudence. To punctuate her question, she cocked an eyebrow. Truthfully, she thought Mark was nice, but she had no desire to pursue him at the moment. Maybe if they hit it off or something later...
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Tact...what was that again? She shook her head and grabbed her towel, raising an eyebrow as the girls face turned into a cartoon-like grin. She smirked at Mark...and just as she was about to say something...The girl got up and got closer to her, 'bad idea sweety...' She thought. She didn't like people in her personal space and this girl was now in it.
"Seeing as you wear the color of the lion...could you really be a good... I don't know. Influence on my friend here?" She simply said. She wasn't scared of this Irish lily in front of her.

"He's spoken for. He has proper friends." She said not knowing this girl really wasn't just talking when she was talking about all the sports that she did.
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'dont...please dont....crap.' He thought just as the girl gave Prudence more reason to get snobby. This...was not going to be fun to break up, and part of him wanted to politely excuse himself and Prue right then and there but...that would make it seem like him and Prue was a couple and he really didn't want that being thought. Honestly, that was the only thing stopping him.

Just as the house topic was brought up, Mark did stand up taking his can in hand as his bag fell to where it now hung over his shoulder.
"Prudence! Enough!" He didn't like that she was so... judgmental about other houses. As much as he liked Prue as a friend he was not about to deal with house rivalries.
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"Better'n some I could name," replied Erika, looking down on the girl with a bored expression. She wasn't one for house pride, seeing it as a tool to drive a wedge between students while the school also tried to push for unity.

"Friends are important, canna 'ave too many, 'specially not in times like these." She stood her ground, never breaking eye contact, but at Mark's outburst she figured she'd do her best to wrap things up. She kinda liked the guy, even after only a few minutes of talking, and she felt she was exacerbating an already bad situation. But stood her ground she did, looking for an opportune moment to back out and go about the rest of her day.
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"Well, step off. Because he already has those he needs." She wasn't playing anymore. His outburst, caused her to look over sighing she backed off...she might be a prude...but she didn't like seeing him upset. Never upset. Only for Mark would she ever back out of a situation where her territory was coming into question.

"He'll be fine, I'd not let let anything happen to him and neither would anyone else." She said with a tone that meant for once...she was being honest. As the girl backed off she looked down at Mark who was running his hand through his hair looking rather annoyed.
"Sorry Mark," She said picking up his bag for him. "But you're under our protection since you won't protect yourself." She said as the girl walked away.
"Lets get to lunch." She said helping him up.
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But...the girl hadn't been a threat! He huffed as she took his bag from him and helped him up, having sat back down when Prue started her bullcrap.
"Not everyone is a threat Prue, if anything...I enjoyed talking with her." He gripped. At least she wasn't one to pull him around like Prudence did day in and day out.
"You go to lunch. I'm heading somewhere in the shade to finish my book." He pulled his arm away.

He'd had enough of Prue's drama, so he went on his way to his usual tree that no one knew about.
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Erika actually smiled at Prue's declaration of protection. Not an evil smirk or mischievous grin, but a genuine smile. "Good," was all Erika said, and felt that was all needed saying on the matter. She felt it was a good thing that Prue's apparently obsessive jealousy came from a well meaning place.

Unfolding her arms, Erika moved past Prue as the younger girl coordinated lunch with Mark. "Well if yer leavin'," she said, slipping her towel off and setting it on a rock, "I'mma do some more laps." She stretched briefly and made her way back into the lake. Maybe 10 laps or so and she'd go in for lunch as well.
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She rolled her eyes, 'if' she was leaving. Normally she'd fight that but with Mark gone and the issue obviously done and on an ok note she didn't want to try her luck. she'd seen the muscles.
"Yeah, lakes yours." She walked off towards the castle. First shed slip into her uniform then she'd hit the great hall before evening classes started.