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Location: The Great Lake • Date: Late in the 1995 school year
Time of Day: Early Afternoon • Weather: Clear skies, slightly windy

Cold quietness surrounded Erika. She glided through the lake, her long red hair flaring out behind her. Despite the cold, her arms and legs were starting to burn from exertion. She had been, after all, swimming on and off for the last hour or so. The laps she did were nothing special, just back and forth along the shore between a tree and a rock sticking out of the water.

She liked the quiet. It gave her some time to think, and given the events of the year, she had quite a lot to think about. Cedric was dead, Voldemort was back, and the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was a secret Death Eater. All in all, it was an eventful year to say the least. The implications for the future, however, troubled her.

Her hand touched the wet, slimy stone, signaling the end of one of her laps. She surfaced with a gasp and held onto the stone, catching her breath. After a moment, she paddled her way ashore and got out. Her yellow bikini clung to her pale, freckled skin and she shuddered as a breeze kicked up off the lake. She made a beeline to where her clothes and towel lay, wrapping the fuzzy white cloth around her, cutting the windchill down to a tolerable level. Drying herself off and slipping her glasses back on, she glanced up at the castle with a sigh. The future was starting to look a lot bleaker, and for the first time in a while, Erika was worried.
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Her hair was now dry as she, finished ringing the last bit of water out of it sitting next to Mark who was once again reading. He hadn't taken his nose out of his book since she sat beside him, the wind cold on her skin when it chose to act up around them. She'd been playing in the water until it got taken over by the Gryffindork over there. The breeze was not helping, and as the girl put the towel around her...Prue was putting her black t-shirt back on that had a snake on it. Finally, the girl was out...just as it got chilly due to the wind picking up.
"Great...your not talking...like usual...and she waited till it got chilly." She muttered shaking her damp hair so that it went into his face.
 #12072  by Markus Green
He'd heard the laps, he felt her rejoin him as the water on her body soaked the sleeve of his shirt causing it to cling to his thin arm. But his mind was focused on the book, as his thin fingers trailed the dots that lined its aged pages. Potion of the centuries was that title that was currently in his lap, his cane beside him. He let her moan and groan, only to look up as the wind picked up.
"Prudence...is complaining your personal hobby?" He asked simply, before getting back to his book.

The look on his face must have been very amusing as she bombarded him with her damp hair,
"Prudence!" He scolded- well tried to scold her. "It's everyone's lake, get over it." He finished checking the page he was on to make sure it wasn't damaged due to her irresponsibility.
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The disgruntled mutterings did not escape Erika's notice, nor did the rebuke from the older boy to the younger Slytherin. The chastisement brought a small smile to Erika's face as she wrung her curly, poofy red hair out. "In my defense," she said to Prudence in her soft Irish lilt, "You were takin' a break when I got in. An', as Mark said," she added, tousling her hair to help dry it out, "There's pleny'a lake for all."

Erika glanced over to the blind boy as she spoke. She didn't really know anything about him, beyond his name and that he was blind, though the cane and braille book helped clue her in to that. Prudence, on the other hand, had a reputation. She was like Malfoy but....worse. A wannabe Queen-Bee, or that's at least how Erika saw her. She was younger than her by a year so for the most part, Erika didn't pay any mind to her shenanigans. Now however...

"Well I'm done for'a bit so if'in ya wanna get back in," she said and gestured to the lake.
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Wannabe... Oh if that had been said out loud she would have had a few more words to say, she glared at Mark as he tried to treat her like a child who had just done something her parents didn't approve of. She didn't like it when he went all high and mighty like that.
"Right everyone's..." She muttered only to hear the other girl speak up.

She sneered, Mark not coming to her defense like a good little Ravenclaw....though she did just put damp hair in his face...For once she couldn't say anything.
"Well Mark, I'll do a couple laps before I drag us up to lunch alright?" She said getting up. "He was talking to me miss red. No need to jump into it. You know...I normally say who swims and who doesn't when I want to be in the water. Your lucky Mark was here." She said as she walked past pulling off her shirt, revealing her black bikini top before jumping in. Making sure to splash both.

If silent Ravenclaws were bad enough...a mouthy Gryffindor was just as bad as a slow Hufflepuff.
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Irish, interesting... He liked their accents. While it was an off-pitch of there's it had a certain ring to it that theirs did not have. He rolled his eyes at her lame comeback before his ears perked up as said Irish girl was about to set Prue off... 'Oh Merlin please don't...' He thought. But the Irish one had a point as well because there was plenty of lake for everyone...he, however, was one to keep quiet.
"Prue...please don't start something this close to school year closing..." He muttered only to get splashed, he didn't bother to check his book this time.

It had got hit.

"Prudence...this came from the library and you were out of line with this one." He said meaning how she spoke to the other student. He grabbed his wand and started the process of drying the book properly while muttering something about her not owning anything.
"I'm sorry for her, she's...Prue." He said simply directed at the other woman.
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Erika couldn't help but roll her eyes at the...well she wouldn't really call it a threat. Implication of a threat? That if Mark wasn't present the shorter girl would throw down. "Oh aye, the wee babby actin' like she's the bloody Lady'a tha' Lake," she muttered none too quietly. The splash from Pru however caught her off guard, causing Erika hop up off the rock she had been sitting on, muttering angrily in Gaelic, a language in which she wasn't exactly fluent, but could speak well enough. At least well enough to deliver some choice swears.

Slipping her towel off from around her shoulders, she gave it an experimental wring and a few flaps to air it out before wrapping it around her torso and securing it. Stepping over to Mark, she examined the damage to the book as the boy chastised Prudence, and she was relieved to see that the damage to the book was minimal. At least compared to something written with ink. Good thing for braille she supposed. She smiled and waved off Mark's apology, then, remembering he was blind, added "It's nae a problem." She looked over at the smaller girl splashing about in the lake. "So is she'a...friend? Of yours?" She found it odd that someone with such an attitude could have friends, but she'd been surprised in the past.
 #12244  by Prudence Binx
She rolled her eyes as she dived down under the cool streams of the water missing the insults in another language. If she had heard it she would have demanded a translation, one the girl would have happily probably given her. She also didn't really care about the book, in her mind, Mark was far too into his books for it to be even healthy. Running one would save him some boredom.
"Aww Markey boy, your book will be fine. So will the girl." she simply said diving back in.
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His eye twitched, before getting back to his drying treatment, muttering something about murdering the girl before he heard the voice behind him causing him to jump slightly. He had not expected her so close, he chuckled and started feeling the book to see if it was working...glad to see that it was. He blushed slightly at the tone she used when she used the word 'friends'. It shocked a lot of people that he was friends with her, but she had been his first real friend in school.
"She was the first one who noticed me in school." He admitted. "She's not that bad once you get to know her, really." He tried to defend.

She had made doing so rather hard. He fluffed the pages and set it back in his water protection charmed bag in case she chose to try it again. Her in the water with that mood was not safe for any paper around the area.
"You know it's a good thing I can't read ink, A drying spell wouldn't have been enough." He chuckled. He imagined her looking at him oddly for taking it so calmly, as most did.
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Erika simply raised an eyebrow at Mark and gave a shrug as if to say 'if you say so'. People were friends for all sorts of reasons and she wasn't about to refute the boy that Prue was indeed better once you got to know her. Audibly, Erika simply responded with a soft "hmm", as if to say 'well okay'. It was a simple non-committal tone.

Erika smiled. "I was just thinkin' tha' actually." She chuckled softly and sat down on the rocky shore. She watched Prue swim about for a few seconds--not bad form Erika conceded--before turning her head back to Mark. "So, wass'it about? The book?"
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She watched the two with a close eye as she did her laps, rolling her eyes when Mark put the book away in a melodramatic way, in reality...it was her that was being melodramatic.
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Yeah, he wouldn't have believed him either with how she was acting right now, but this girl wasn't seeing Prue's nice side...and knowing Prue when she got a bug up her butt with someone she probably never would so he was wasting his time defending her. He didn't know her house, which would have sealed that fate. Not that he would have cared, he didn't mind any of the houses when it came to people who were sorted in them.
"You'd have to see it." He simply said.

"Potions of the centuries , basically it tracks back how potions evolved into what we do now and how us wizards came up with categories for them. Like medical or love potions....well you get it. I'm sure it's probably boring you, I've been told I get too much into them." He blushed slightly. "But I find it interesting, I take you're a mermaid kind like miss prude over there?" He asked. he wouldn't disagree that Prue was too much, he'd got caught in too many detentions to disagree to that. You can love someone like a sister and hate them like one as well.
 #12257  by Erika Bran
Erika couldn't help but let out a bark like laugh at being called a mermaid. "Nae, not so much. Only when tha' weatha's nice. Climbin' when it's cooler, martial arts when it's not great out." She gave her midriff a few pats. "Gotta stay in shape. School's rubbish on physical activities," she said, though the second part was muttered ruefully.

She was quiet a moment before speaking again. "So, potion history aye? Nevah' been great at potions meself, too much concentration. Got respect fah people that can stick wi'it though." She scowled as she brushed a lock of hair from out of her face. She was drying off slowly, but her hair was slowly becoming troublesome as a result. "Just go'an interest innit? Or somethin' more?" she asked in a prompting tone.
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Prue popped up from the water splashing him with great aim, the boy almost expecting it. However...she didn't speak. She might be a prdue but he seemed to be finally talking to someone. Even if it was gryffindork.
 #12259  by Markus Green
Ok, he earned that. He blinked the water out of his eyes and for a second was afraid that he had offended the other girl until she spoke about sports. Part of him wondered if she was all muscle from how she talked...hiking, martial arts... those sports took real skill. He had to agree with the fact hogwarts really didn't have a lot of options for psyical wellness.
"True, it seems like we really only have one sport at this school and it's on a broom." He agreed with her.

He couldn't see her messing with her hair but if he could...he would get a little bit of a chuckle out of it. He thought about how to reply to her without giving too much away, something he always did due why he kept himself locked away in books.
"Actually I read on more than just potions. I read up on language and history...runes and charms, It's...relaxing for me. Also helps me in school." He admitted. That was just a side effect though, though a good one.
"I find potions interesting because of how much good or bad they can do. It's like yin and yang, you can't have one without another. Balance." He explained.
"So why all the sports? I assume your nothing but muscle." He chuckled. Ok that sounded odd, he could hear prue laughing from the other side of the lake.