A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #11182  by Genesis Batsu
His dark eyes rolled as she told him that he had been out of line...like that really bothered him, though he did smirk when she mentioned it looking rather wrong. His sister...so pure an innocent always seemed to go right for the throat. Hojo seemed more embarrassed with her comment than he did his threat.
"Ture...but are you going to jail random people...who could be innocent for nothing? If they're wrong it would be unlawful." He calmly explained.

He busts out laughing at her reaction, Hojo, and Kabe joining in. It was priceless.
"He's used to that Gem-chan trust me..." Kobe gives him a glare then smirks. 'I think...The English call people like him a 'git'?' Kobe shot back.
 #11213  by Gemma Batsu
She looked displeased at the notion that the Ministry wouldn't look into such matters but kept on sipping on her butterbeer as the three chose to sit there and laugh at her for her outburst. Were all boys so mean to each other? She hadn't had a girl fight before or even heard of one. Many of her friends were straight arrows and would never even think of a thing, so she didn't know girls could be so much worse yet.

she laughed when Kobe used the word 'git', something her penpal would use from time to time so she did know what that meant. She got a look from her brother, and shrugged.
"Well, to be fair...that's what you were being just then. Maybe Kobe just likes making girls feel pretty." She suggested. Kobe smiled at Gen like 'see! She gets it!' She smiled back at Kobe,
" I think it's a wonderful career goal Kobe-san. Go ahead and do it!" She gleamed.
 #12354  by Genesis Batsu
Of course, Gemma would side with the boys...He rolled his eyes and looked at Kobe who winked at Genesis stating that it was a job that would give him plenty of chances at girls. Genesis rolled his eyes and was about to reboot when their parents walked in, great...His father looked mad.
'So you dragged her away! You know how unsafe the streets can get! Your in them.' His father said, only for Kobe to try to come to his defense. 'Who's idea was this?!' His father asked because he had tried to do so.

Genesis stood up with his hands up.
"It was mine father, not theirs." He said his father taking Gemma by the arm gently telling her how her brother was in the wrong. He let it go as she was dragged out.
'You too buddy, with us. Now. Kobe, Hojo back to your parents.' He said the three men getting up and following the Batsu's out. Great...vacation ruined.