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She normally was a good girl, she normally stayed with her parents...even more so when she was in another country. However, she was in a mood this day and wanted to explore without being told to 'stay in sight' She was 15 for crying out loud?! What could happen?

She wouldn't want the responses she'd naturally get. but she also wasn't asking out loud as she slipped her hand away from her mother and vanished in the crowd. She wanted to see everything, she wanted...She wanted to do what her brother got to do. Bad boy Genesis always had a fun life, she wanted to try it.

She was halfway down the street when she bumped into someone, her dress flowing around her as she hit the ground lightly...ok so maybe...just maybe her brother had the street smarts unlike her...She slowly looked up at the person who she had just bumped into.
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Yeah, he had a good life. He got to do what he wanted because his parents had given up parenting him when it came to coddling... He was also older than his little sister. He'd been talking to a random man about some herbs he had when he felt someone bump into him, and being his cocky...bad boy self he was known for the first words were...
"Oi. watch it." In a heavy accent.

Looking down his annoyed face turned into a smirk, there was his little sister in a pink Kimono...running away from mommy and daddy. Priceless. He chuckled and took her hand before pulling her to his feet and fixing her Kimono doing the tsk tsk sound as he did this. He fixed her hair, with care. His little sister...was the apple of his eye. In a non-romantic way. He'd always make sure she was ok. His other sister could take care of herself- not that he'd not step in if she needed him to...but she was kinda the bossy sister.
"Running away from mom and dad I see..." He said cleaning her face with the cloth he kept in his pocket before putting it back.
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She was wide-eyed as he pulled her to her feet and fixed the top of her Kimono, only to continue with doing things that were well...unnecessary. She gave him a look when he messed with her hair but knew fighting wasn't worth it...however as he cleaned off her face she did duck out of it. That was too far for the 15-year-old.
"Oni-san!" She said, only getting a chuckle from him. Merlin he could be so annoying! She gave him the stink eye one more time before blushing.

"You get to run the towns were in...I wanted to..." she said in her equally thick accent. She didn't mind doing it with her brother...so she didn't see why her parents were not ok with the idea- as long as she was with her big brother who she adored and looked up to. Gina just teased her, Genesis, however, tried to make life fun for her knowing how strict their parents could be.
"They don't have to know...please show me around town?" She practically begged.
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He did indeed chuckle, she was growing up. He didn't like that. He liked being the one she would run to with a problem her parents wouldn't understand. While she was still doing that...in his mind, there would be a time where that would stop. He dreaded that day. He put his hands in his leather pockets as she rambled on about his he had a good life with doing what he wanted. His cousins who were with him shook their heads in amusement.

"dat is because zey know I wont stay wiz them." He countered, his cousins sighing at this. Genesis was well to known for this habit...but it also allowed the boy's to have a little fun on vacations. He put his finger to his chin as to tease her, he looked at Hojo and Kobe.
"Well, what you think boy's? Show a girl a good time in London?" He asked the two chuckling and clapping the hands Genesis had out to show agreement. He was going to catch hell with his parents but he didn't seem to care.

The boys were tempted to wrap their arms around Gemma's shoulders and lead her down the street to show this...but they knew better. Genesis was an alpha male when it came to his little sister. Even when it was them who was doing it.
"da popcorn gallery has spoken." He smirked and put an arm around his little sisters shoulders.
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She gave her brother a look as he talked about how he was with their parents however, it did give her the opening to allow her brother to let her bend the rules. He took the brunt of it...and she got a slap on the wrist because he always willingly took all the blame. She didn't think that was fair and told him time and time again that he shouldn't be doing that. He always told her to forget about it.

She cupped her hand, and watched the three look at each other with there looks of 'well? Are we gonna be the scapegoats again?' and hoped that they would allow it. She jumped up and down and hugged her brother when the hands clapped indicating that this was going to be a thing.
"Sank yuu!" She squealed and hugged the other two before Genesis put his arm over her shoulders. If it had been anyone else...she would have been annoyed but not her big brother.

She nodded excitedly at the popcorn gallery comment.
"What are we going to see first?! I hear they have great museums!" She was like a five-year-old with her brother.
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the force of her hug made him laugh, as he pulled her back down.
"You know I always lret you come wiz me!" He laughed, Hojo and Kobe nodded in agreement. They all found the Batsu's just a little too strict, took years for Gen's cousins to get any freedom so they knew how it felt.
"Gina-chan though..." He scratched his head. Gina could handle herself. She'd done what Gen had done and while they still tried to stop her...she got away.

They had only taken a couple steps when she mentioned a boring place, and the three looked at each other...was Gemma worth an evening of boredom? No. Genesis wouldn't send her back to the parents but they were doing something fun, not educational...
'The three broomsticks?' Kobe chimed in. Genesis thought about it for a second. They all had money, they could get anything they wanted. Genesis paying for Gemma's obviously.
"That sounds like a plan. Lrets go." He said. "Well go tomorrow Gem-chan." He reassured her. If he wasn't grounded.
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She gave him one more hug, nodding. It was true, whenever she asked to go he'd always pull her along with whatever he was doing that day. Normal brother would tell their little sister to go away. Genesis seemed to take pride in the fact he had such a sweetheart of a sister and pulled her along whenever she asked.
"You two seem like you would get along." She poked fun at him.

He and Gina seemed to both love just irritating their parents from the time they woke up to the time they went to sleep. For some reason though, they only teamed up when the outcome would help both of them. Other than that they were at each other's throats. She was the sister Genesis would tell to go away. She pouted when the boy's dashed her plans, she wanted to see the royal family's museum! She was away from the parents though, so she'd deal with the three broomsticks.
"Ohh! Is that where they have butterbeer?!" she remembered suddenly.
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He raised an eyebrow before realizing she wasn't actually being serious...That annoyed him a little when it came to her. She could sound so serious and be getting your goat. He shook his head and handed Gemma some money of her own so she would feel like one of the guys.
"Nah...don't like the competition. " He smirked. However, he was being honest...It was like they had this competition to see who could make their parents grey first.

'Yup! Wonderful stuff! Never had it?' Hojo asked her only to get a shaking of the head from Genesis who explained. "Parents don't like the idea of those kinds of drinks. something about it being unhealthy." He shrugged the boys behind him both saying a 'well that sucks...' Genesis nodded and patted his sister on the shoulder before letting go.
"That's why...she's getting one today. One can't come here and not have one." He smiled.
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"There shouldn't be one." She said this while giving him a look. When they irritated the parents...she got to hear about it. 'why can't your siblings be more like you?' which got more annoying everytime it was said. Everyone had a right to be their own person and Genesis and Gina were no different. Though they did push some buttons she would not dare touch.

She shook her head as she took the money, only to gawk at the amount. This...was more than an allowance.
"Still doing work for others I see." she chuckled and put it in her bag. She didn't mind taking money from her brother if it had been her cousins? She would have been uneasy about it.
"Yep. There all about healthy stuff. Tea and water." She mused.

A smile spread as Genesis said she would be getting one today. Finally!
"I've always wondered how it tasted, soon I'll know." She grinned cheek to cheek.
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"Tell Gina that." He said to her look. Genesis was naturally an alpha and needed to be on top, Gina used this to her liking but most of the time lost out. Mainly because Genesis was older than both of them and had many years ahead of her.

"Well... my fun needs more money than just what the old man hands me." He said casually. The old man handed him change while he and his friends did odd little jobs in the summer- nothing dark but since they were now legal they used their magic to repair things for people. He rolled his eyes at the idea of just tea and water, what kid could live off of that and have any kind of a childhood? Maybe not allow your kids to load up on the crap but make it a treat...
"By the way, Gemma. If you want to hang out with me tell me before you skip off. We'll plan a meeting spot close by. if I had been a creep I'm sure they would have scooped you up." He said not forgetting the safety talk. The boys that now walked beside them nodded in agreement. 'Knockturn alley isn't too far from here and all...' Kobe mentioned getting a nod from Genesis.

He smiled back as the place came into view. Much better than an educational facility. Opening up the door for his sister, he let his friends enter as well before following.
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A simply sigh escaped her but she let it go. He and Gina were already too set in their ways, but she was sure they still loved their parents. When their father had been hurt both Genesis and Gina were panicked. At the end of the day, they were family and not just pranksters.

"Just don't get in trouble while doing it. I wouldn't trust everybody when it comes to money, remember the stories father tells us about why some end up in jail?" She spoke as she entered the place and looked it over...it was...amazing! 15 years old and because of her parents she was just now seeing this. It was all so different from Japans places. She looked over at her brother,
"I'm only two years below you, what about you?" She pouted. It was unfair how he acted like he was 30 when he was really only 17. "And what's knockturn alley?" She asked looking at Kobe.
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Woah...did Gemma seriously think they were doing dark things for this money? No...at least...not yet. He didn't know a few years later he'd be getting mixed up in the Chinese Mafia...and he didn't think his friend Yoru was serious about being in the yakuza yet. No, as it was at that moment he was still innocent of most things. Gemma was really off note...or telling the future.
"We don't do those jobs Gemma..." He sighed before giving her a lopsided smile. "We can use magic for one, and two...we know to watch ourselves. You bumped into me with no sense of Danger even in you." He chuckled. He glared at Kobe when he mentioned that alley. He didn't need his sister knowing about those type of people.

Exhaling he ordered their drinks and let them pay after he did before sitting down at a table with all of them.
"It's like...a black market, yet it's totally known about. Even the ministry seems to leave it alone." Genesis explained. 'I've been down it once... the last vacation. I'm glad my parents followed me for once...' Hojo looked at the floor like he was ashamed as Kobe mentioned having to step in to save his butt when their parents didn't even know what to do. Genesis simply looked at them with a raised eyebrow.
"Hojo?" He said as the man looked at him. "Stop being an idiot." He finished causing Hojo to look down again as Genesis took a drink.

And now they knew why Kobe was always the babysitter...
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The look of un-ease was on her face directed at her brother as she slid the money over, she thanked the man and joined them at the table listening to the topic of knockturn alley and her brother explaining why he could go out on his own but she couldn't. Innocent was the word that came to mind when he spoke about her reaction to bumping into him...maybe he was right.
"Ok, I'll tell you so we can meet up." She agreed on seeing his point.

"Something tells me with the dark lord is taking a lot of time for them, I mean...all the rumor's cant be fake right?" She reasoned Japan had heard about it to a point. Apparently, trouble was brewing in England. Though no one had seen anything yet. She laughed lightly at her brothers comment as he told Hojo to stop being an idiot.
"But he'd a cute idiot!" She half-joked. He was cute- but he was also family so that wasn't happening.
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He nodded, ignoring the concern because truth be told there was nothing to worry about. He had a handle on everything he was doing. He listened as Gemma...just had to bring that up. It was all hearsay at the moment, even so, it had made their parents re-think this vacation. He was glad it didn't come down to that because...man did he love at least on butterbeer a summer.
"Maybe, Gemma...but just rumors aren't going to make them jump." He reasoned back- which was a shame. Because in just a short time, it would become a problem. People would die.

He watched Hojo put his hand over Gemma's hand and swatted it.
"That's wasn't an invention to put your hands on her." He said with his hand up as a warning if he wanted to do it again, Genesis was ready to react. Hojo got wide-eyed and put his hands in his lap with Kobe laughing at him for being a dork as well as an idiot. Genesis relaxed and took another sip of his butterbeer.
"so how is the fashion idea's going my confused man?" He asked Kobe who got red. 'It's not like that man!' He put his hands up.
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She took her first sip, imagining fireworks in the air about to go off, this was a big moment for her. It was wonderful, and each of the boys seemed to be focused on her reaction. It was...wonderful! Nothing like tea, not at all. It was creamy and had real flavor, she almost wanted to drink it quickly so she could have another one before they left.
"But...wouldn't they want to check if the rumors were true? I mean...it's not really innocent rumors that are being spread Genesis." She argued.

She shook her head when Genesis went into big brother mode, though she had found it kinda creepy due to there relations. Though she wouldn't have made a big deal out of it.
"That was uncalled for, A simply 'hands off' would have been fine." She scolded him as he was still in his attack mode. Looking at Hojo she smiled. "Sorry hun, but...were cousins. It does look to be out of line." She simply said.

She about choked on her drink as Genesis hinted at that...speaking of out of line.
"Genesis!" Hojo and Kobe laughed. They knew Genesis well enough to basically expect this.