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Location: Near the Great Lake • Date: May 14

Meiriona returned alone to the lakeshore after spending time with the hippogriffs and Cathrine expecting to see James and Lily still there, talking. Or, at the very least, she had expected to see James skipping rocks and waiting for her. When she didn't see anyone there, though, she frowned. That was weird and unlike him.

She sighed, kicking at the ground for a moment before picking up a rock and throwing it into the water. It sank instantly. "So much for that," she groaned, tucking hair behind her ears and letting out another long sigh.
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Another girl he cared about was skipping rocks at the water’s edge with a melancholy expression on her gorgeous face.

“Here we go again...” sighed James as he walked up to the lake to stand behind Meiriona.

He slipped his arms around her waist and gently pulled her back into his chest.

“Alright there, Davies?” He whispered, his lips brushing against her ear.
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Meiriona didn't hear the person coming up behind her and resisted only a bit when the arms wrapped around her. She quickly recognized the voice, though, and despite herself she shivered, leaning back against him and tilting her head slightly to the side. "Well, I found out that Hufflepuff girl is freakishly smart when it comes to hippogriffs and saw two foals, and then I came back here and you were gone. Everything okay with you and Evans?" she asked, covering his hands with her own.
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He pressed a kiss to her temple, his smile vanishing as she transitioned from the topic of Hufflepuffs and hippogriffs to Lily Evans.

“I hope so,” said James quietly, “She’s a difficult girl to read. I can never tell what she’s thinking. I didn’t mean to abandon you here, Little Bird…I just had to make sure she was okay.”
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Meiriona turned around to face him, cupping his face with her hands. "You have such a big heart. Sometimes the best person to read a girl is another girl, since we tend to bury our true emotions within other emotions," she said, giving him a quick kiss. "I'm okay, though. Promise. Entertained myself and now that you're here, I'm very, very happy." She smiled up at him, not failing to notice that he didn't seem so happy himself.
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His smile resurfaced when she turned herself in his arms, though, it did not reach his eyes. James found himself gently pressing his face into her palms as she embraced him. There were no words to accurately describe the amount of guilt he now felt for kissing Lily in the broom closet. He did not deserve the sweet and tender kiss Meiriona gave him after showering him with her kind words.

“Good,” he said when she reassured him that she was feeling fine,” Little Bird?” James gently rested his forehead against Meiriona’s. “If you could do anything for one day, be anyone, or go anywhere…what would it be?”
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Meiriona nudged her nose against his. She had been speaking the truth, she did feel better now that he was here, even if he seemed less than okay. At his question, she thought about it for a moment, her nose crinkling a little. "Anything at all?" she asked, smiling up at him, then squinting as she considered her options.

"I guess I'd love to visit some archives and just sit down in a corner and read old newspaper articles and family histories and learn as much as I can about the people who used to live in that area. I really love history. Or I'd be a professional beater for the UK team and win the World Cup. That wold be nice too. Hm... I don't know." She batted her eyelashes up at him. "Right back atcha."
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James remained quiet as Meiriona spoke, secretly admiring the cute little way in which her nose crinkled. He smiled at her answer, his hazel eyes twinkling with amusement.
Leave it to a Ravenclaw to want to lock themselves in some archive and drown themselves in historical reading.

“Me? Oh. The same, “he said playfully.

James took Meiriona’s hand into his own and started leading her back to the castle “…I want to show you something.”

He was silent the rest of the way, staring straight ahead as he chewed at his bottom lip in thought. Once they entered the castle James guided her through several corridors before finally stopping to face at what appeared to be a wall of stone void of any colorful tapestries or animated portraits. He motioned for her to step forward.
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Meiriona couldn't help but think that James was just humouring her. She knew him, and she knew he wasn't that into old records, but she still appreciated him trying. It made him that much more attractive.

She let him lead her, having gotten used to him dragging her off on adventures all over the castle. She felt like she had seen more of the castle this year than she had in her previous four years at Hogwarts. When they reached the empty corridor, though, Meiriona squinted at him.

"There's nothing here," she said, gesturing at the wall he was so interested in. "There's usually some indication of some secret passage. What are you playing at?" she batted jokingly at his arm.
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James pretended to flinch and fake injury when she batted at his arm before he straightened up to give her a big toothy grin. “Try again,Little Bird. “

A large ornate door appeared as he stepped closer to the wall. James extended a hand out for Meriona to take. “C’mon,” he encouraged,” its not a prank I swear.”

James pulled Meiriona into the room of requirement. It was lushly furnished lounge adorned in historical quidditch memorabilia from floor to ceiling.
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"Just wait until I get my beaters' bat and use it, then you'll be sorry," Meiriona chirped, mustering as much attitude as she could before the door suddenly appeared. "... woah..."

She let him lead her through the door and into the room. Her jaw dropped. "Shit, Potter, where has this room been all my life?" she asked, staring around the room in awe. Seeing something that interested her, Meiriona ran over, still holding onto James' hand, and reached out, resting her hand on the old, weathered quaffle. "Is that...?" she trailed off, glancing to her left and seeing something else. Meiriona let go of James' hand entirely and ran over to a set of Holyhead Harpies robes, holding out the sleeves and letting them gently settle back down at the sides of the dummy currently wearing them. "Sweet Merlin, this is incredible!"
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James could only grin over her reaction. She was as happy as Remus Lupin in a chocolate shop.

He allowed himself to be dragged around until she abandoned his side in favor of gawking over the Holyhead Harpies robes.

James joined Meriona, walking up from behind. “This is the room of requirement. At least that’s what I’m calling it,” he said as as he slid his arms around her waist.

“This is the only part of the castle I didn’t include in the Marauders Map. I’ll admit that Ive been secretive about the knowledge of its existence. I mostly come here when I need to be alone or to practice. “
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Meiriona relaxed back into his arms, glancing up at him. "A room of Quidditch history. I can see why you'd love coming here," she breathed out, putting her hands on top of his. "I could spend all day in here just sitting and reading..." As she smiled up at him, she caught sight of two brooms hanging from the ceiling.

"Merlin's beard, are those Oakshaft 79s?" She broke away from him, running for a ladder against the wall to get closer to the brooms. "James, Jocunda Sykes flew across the Atlantic on one of those!"
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And just like that she was gone again in a whirlwind of fangirl euphoria. James crossed his arms over his chest, enjoying this carefree side to her personality. “You can come here anytime you want you know.” He called to her as she made a mad dash for the ladder. “The room can transform to meet your needs....though, currently, you seem to be enjoying yourself just fine.”
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Meiriona glanced back at him, tilting her head to the side as she hung off the ladder by one arm and one leg, her other hand brushing hair out of her face. “How did you ever find a place like this?” She asked, admiring the mess of hair on top of her head. Then she smirked. “You know you’re getting a little bald spot there?” She pointed with her free hand.

Nothing like a good chance to tease her boyfriend. It was all in good fun, of course.