A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Location: Hogwarts, stalls and paddocks for various magical creatures • Date: May
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Warm

The hippogriffs had already had their dinners (whatever it was, Cathrine didn't exactly want to know what Hagrid had served for them, maybe the unfortunate small birds that the castle cats brought alive to their owners) when the two girls reached the fenced area. There was an open field where most animals gathered, but the pair Cathrine was looking for had built their nest near the edge of the forest. The stallion, a bright grey specimen, was grooming the feathers of his lying mate, who was curled up around... something... Someone?
"Look!" Cathrine whispered. "Egg shell fragments around them!"
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Meiriona followed Cathrine to the Hippogriff pen, occasionally glancing over her shoulder. She did like the animals, though, so at least she was doing something interesting to her. The stallion was gorgeous, but the Ravenclaw was just as eager to see the babies as the Hufflepuff was.

"Oh, wow!" she breathed out, her face stretching into a wide grin. "That's incredible! And with their parents, imagine the colouring they'll have!"
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Just that moment, the stallion took a step towards the girls. Cathrine bowed, knowing that the male won't repeat the motion, but expressing her respect anyway.
Indeed, the stallion just clicked with his beak and moved aside, allowing them a few steps closer.
There were two, very tiny foals. Soft-looking grey hair covered their entire body, and their short beaks looked like the tip was missing.
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Meiriona followed suit, giving a respectful bow to the stallion. She slipped closer, bending down to the ground and trying to swallow the high pitched squeal that threatened to leave her throat.

"They're adorable!" she whispered, tilting her head and taking in every bit of their appearance. They truly were stunning creatures, hippogriffs, and she was instantly happy she had come this way. Maybe she would even have a story to tell James later. "And so small... I've never seen newborn hippogriffs, wow..."
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"They're all furry, even the wings," Cathrine pointed out. "Feathers grow in much later. Hey beauty! Are you a girl or a boy? "
As if understanding the question, or maybe just in reaction to the hands reached out, the darker foal stood up, standing on two very uncertain two bird-legs and two much more useable horse hinds. She was trying to nib a finger, but she rolled over the moment she lifted a leg. The mother was there in an instant, cushioning her foal's fall to the soft bedding with her feathery neck. The young one lifted her head, nibbed at her mother's right ear, then tried it again. She remained standing, this time.
Cathrine walked around her to see the hind part of the hatchling. "Here's one girl! " she announced.
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Meiriona nodded, her eyes bulging as she watched the foals. She couldn't think of a time when she had seen anything so adorable. She was known for being a bit of a tomboy, but even she liked baby animals, especially horses. Hippogriffs were right in her area of interest.

She watched as Cathrine checked the foal, clearly impressed. "I can't believe the parents are letting you do that," she breathed, eyeing the stallion for a moment before turning her attention back to the foal. "Do you know a lot about hippogriffs?"
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"More than about humans," was her answer. "They communicate very clearly what they want and what they are willing to do in return. See? She's quite comfortable with us watching, but doesn't want us to touch the foals. And she doesn't want anything to eat, either. See that slice of meat over there? Priceless must have saved it from theit dinner, but she doesn't yet want it. If she doesn't take it from her mate, don't try to force your food on her. It's this simple. "
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Meiriona nodded, glancing between the three hippogriffs. "Wow," she breathed out again, clearly impressed. "Remind me why you're not in Ravenclaw again? You really know your stuff." She wrapped her arms around her middle. "I'm a little more interested in practical magic. Wandwork. I'm trying to master a few NEWT level charms right now."
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"I'm even more a Hufflepuff? " Cathrine guessed. "Or maybe I wouldn't fit well with those who seek knowledge ast the cost of others. " She knew it was the latter.
The other foal stirred a little, getting more comfortable at the side of the mother. " I guess that's a boy. "
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Meiriona shrugged. "That's not a very Hufflepuff thing to say. I don't seek knowledge at the cost of others, but I do value the pursuit and protection of knowledge. I'm always looking for something new to learn. But silly house rivalries aren't my thing, so that aside..." she glanced at the other foal. "They really are stunning," she was sure she was repeating herself, but there really wasn't much more she could say about the creatures. "I always thought it would be cool to ride one of them."
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Cathrine grimaced at the house dfifference comment. No, she really wasn't a people-person.
"These are quite preoccupied, " she noted. "Maybe those around the oaks are more willing to let you on their backs, but they only fly daytime, if they have a choice. "
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Meiriona shook her head quickly. "Oh, no, I wouldn't even dare to try to get on them tonight. It's getting late, and I wouldn't know what to do. I'd rather learn from a professor or a book first," she said, glancing back over her shoulder. She hadn't made the comment idly, it was getting late, and she had really hoped to spend some more time with James before they had to return to their own common rooms for curfew.
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"Let's go back, then, " Cathrine agreed. It was getting late, and while she felt quite comfortable and safe in the Forest or around animals, she couldn't say the same about angered teachers. So she cast one last look on the hippogriff foals, and nodded towards the castle. "So, you will read about them tomorrow, and come back in the afternoon when the sun is still up? "
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Meiriona nodded. "Possibly. I also have a ton of studying to do for my OWL exams so we'll see." She hesitated. "Um, you go ahead. I'm going to go find James and walk back with him," she said, hoping the hint was strong enough. "Thanks for showing me the foals, by the way. Sometimes I think about a career with animals, and then I get out on the Quidditch pitch and remember I really want to be an athlete." With that, she offered a small wave and took off towards the lake, hoping her boyfriend had waited for her.
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"Hey, as a quidditch player you should really value a new aspect of flying," Cathrine grinned. She didn't want to admit that she had no idea what position this Rawenclaw was playing. She should try and pay more attention to the names during the next match. "All right, see you tomorrow! "