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 #8048  by James Potter
James listened in earnest, clinging on to every word that Lily admitted to, and by the end of it he was overwhelmed with emotions he didn’t understand.

“Lily, I-“ he started, but the worlds got caught in his throat. His stomach felt as heavy as led. His breathing became shallow and shaken as someone who had just received bad news.

James wet his lips and tried again.

“I spent five years of my life chasing you, doing anything I could to get your attention.”

Didn’t she understand that the only reason he started dating other girls was so he could move on from his infatuation with her???

The rise in his voice signified the slow rise of his temper.

“You wanted me to leave Snape alone and I have. You wanted to just be friends and we are. Everything I have ever done was in effort to make you happy. And now...and now...you’re telling me that your unhappy?”

James was pacing back and forth, raking his hands through his messy hair out of pure frustration.

“I just don’t understand what you’re telling me. I don’t understand what you want from me. So tell me. Please just tell me.”

He looked at her with a pained expression.

“Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it. Tell me what you want me to be and I’ll be that for you. Tell me...what will make Lily Evans happy?”
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As Lily listened to James and watched him pace, she was cringing. Clearly, he was upset, and she didn't know how to help him. She knew it all had to be confusing, and to be honest, it was confusing to her too. She had gone from hating James, to begrudgingly befriending him, to considering him to be one of her best friends, and now to this. This confusing emotion she was feeling whenever she looked at him.

"I don't know what I want!" she exclaimed when he asked her that one fateful question, her arms spread open for a moment before she wrapped them around herself, closing herself off from him. "I mean, I know I smile when I see you, when I used to try and run in the opposite direction. I know I look forward to working on Potions with you, when I used to beg Slughorn to make sure I never had you as a partner. I know I feel sad when I see you with Meiriona Davies, when I used to wish you would just settle down with another girl and get over me so I could live my life."

She stopped to take a breath. "But James, I honestly don't know what I want, because the last thing I want is to mess up the good thing you have now." There were now tears at the corners of her eyes.
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James didn’t look away despite the pain he felt in his chest when he saw her beautiful eyes well up with tears. He listened to what she had to say, hoping she’d give him an answer to his question, hoping she’s give him a reason to break things off with Meiriona....but she didn’t.

She was confused, indecisive, and...afraid?

And as much as James wanted to comfort her and confess his feelings, it wasn’t enough of a reason to jeopardize his relationship with his current girlfriend.He cared for her dearly. Meiriona made him laugh and accepted him for who he was...and who he wasn’t.

But what he felt for Lily was painfully raw. It was real. He just wanted the pain to go away.

“You really don’t get it, do you?”

Unable to help himself, James stepped up to Lily and tenderly cupped her face with his hands. He found himself leaning in until their noses brushed together and their lips were but a breath apart. He somehow found the strength to resist kissing her. “ You ARE the good thing in my life,” whispered James,”All I want, all I’ve ever wanted, was to be the good thing in yours.”

Hazel eyes flicked up to stare into emerald green. His reserve was slipping away. He needed to distance himself from her before he did something stupid. “But I’m also not a cheater and I care about Meiriona.”

He dropped his hands and took a step back. James let out a uneven breath.

“Just....let me know when you’ve figured things out...”

He took another step back, distancing himself further from the redhead who already laid claim to his heart. If she didn’t want to give up hers, James decided, then he desperately needed to get his back. He wasn’t about to risk losing Meiriona over someone who was unsure of the their own feelings.

“I...I need to go....I...need to find Meiriona.” James turned to leave.
 #8983  by Lily Evans
Lily felt like she had been punched in the gut. She had felt her heart leap as he cupped her face, had wanted so much to kiss him, and then he pulled away and the spell was broken.

She watched him, her cheeks suddenly wet, but when he spoke again, she felt that punch once more. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out, and when he turned away, Lily shook her head.

Everything made sense, all of a sudden. The years of torment. The effort to do whatever it took to make her happy. The size of his heart. Lily felt numb.

"James, I..." she trailed off, not sure what to say. Her heart felt like it had just been broken, and she didn't know why.

Then she shook her head. "Never mind," she said, choking back a sob before turning on her heels and running back towards the castle. She couldn't be around James right now. She couldn't be around anyone right now.
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James anxiously waited for Lily to finish her sentence....but the words never came. He stared wide eyed as she fled, a moment of fight or flight response stirring within him. He watched as her form became smaller in the distance.

James ran.

James ran to her.

He was thankful of having built up enough endurance over the years, of chasing and being chased in the forbidden forest by the “friendly” neighborhood werewolf otherwise known as Remus J. Lupin, that he was able to chase after Lily.

James caught up with her as neared the castle. He followed his heart up the steps and into the entrance hall. A large calloused hand reached for a much softer one, pulling a smaller body frame into his own sturdy one into the nearest broom closet. It was dark in the tiny space, and not much room to maneuver around. He had her pinned to the wall.

James was shaking, his breath heavy and hot on Lily’s lips as he panted. “Damn you...” His lips crashed down on hers in a powerfully claiming kiss. It was the best feeling in the entire world.

Deepening the kiss, James lost himself in Lily until nothing existed apart from her. He placed his hands on her hips to keep them from exploring other parts of her body he so desperately wished to touch.
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Lily swiped angrily at tears on her cheeks as she entered the castle, but let out a loud squeak when the hands grabbed her from behind. The next thing she knew, she was pinned between a wall and a very muscular body. She squeezed her eyes shut, not knowing what to expect.

She could have never possibly imagined the outcome, though. The voice was oh so familiar, and when those lips came crashing down on hers, she melted against him, slipping her arms up and around his neck. Not even a week ago, Lily would have never expected she would want to be kissing James Potter, but here she was, kissing him like she would never be able to kiss him again.

After what seemed like ages, the kids broke as they both needed air, and Lily panted, her head still tilted up and her lips lightly brushing against his. “I... I want... you. You make me happy, James,” she whispered against his lips. Her eyes opened and green eyes met hazel. She could see in her mind’s eye the exact shade of hazel, despite the darkness of the broom closet. Images of a blonde Ravenclaw filled her brain suddenly, though, and she demurred, turning her head to the side. “You can’t cheat, though. Please don’t cheat.” No matter how much she liked, no, loved him, Lily couldn’t bear the thought of deceiving someone like Davies.
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The kiss ended all too soon for James. Whether it was from lack of oxygen or the euphoria he’d experienced from kissing Lily, he was left standing in a semi dazed state of mind. His body was humming, his toes tingled, and his pants now felt incredibly uncomfortable.

The words he’d been waiting for six years fell from her lips, and James slowly opened his eyes to meet hers.


She wanted him.

His hold on her hips tightened, pressing and gently squeezing in reassurance that he wanted her too.

But she was right....

He was still with Meriona and this was wrong. She deserved better than this. Both girls did.

His fingertips feathered along her jaw to gently turn her head back towards him. “I won’t,” he promised in a whisper. “I won’t cheat...” He removed his hands from Lily and distanced himself as far as the tiny closet would allow. The sound of his heavy panting could still be heard even after opened the door. Light flooded the dusty broom closet to reveal just how worked up James really was. Hazel eyes were bright with vulnerability, face flushed pink, lips swollen from kissing her as he turned one last time to Lily. He smiled a one sided smile and left. Finding Meriona was now at the top of his list of priorities.
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Lily played with her hair for lack of something better as she watched James walk away. She was completely overwhelmed by the evening's new developments. She knew she had to try and keep some semblance of normalcy, though, and slowly stepped out of the broom closet, glancing sideways towards the giant doors before shaking her head and turning the other way. Now, she wanted to make it to her dormitory, preferably without running into anyone.