A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #6108  by Minerva McGonagall
Minerva eyed the young Gryffondor as he dared to flee the scene. A part of her wanted to criticized the boy's priorities with a quip about him favouring his win of a trivial race over his werewolf friend's wellbeing, but she refrained. After all it was not him she had asked to see after class.

"Tell me that you understand and you will be able to follow your companion to your next class." Because of course she knew that Black's quill had not been left in their Potions class.

They had been out of bed after curfew, they had been in the forrest, they had probably put their lives in jeopardy; one would have thought that it would have resulted in weeks of detention, but Minerva was determined to call upon to boy's strong bond with Lupin to understand the lesson she was offering.
 #6121  by James Potter
“Looks like SOMEONE isn’t getting belly rubs tonight on the rug by the fire tonight!” shouted James as he glared daggers at Sirius’s retreating form. Feeling betrayed, the sixth year scoffed his disapproval at his mutt of a friend. “And no Padfoot cookies either!!”

It was then that he remembered…

Slowly, very slowly, and with tremendous amounts of caution James turned to face Professor McGonagall. Her next choice of words caught him completely off guard and as a result he was staring at her like a deer caught in wand light.

It took him a few seconds before he regained his senses and realized that she wasn’t going to punish him.
“I understand,” said James, sounding sincere “and…I’m sorry.”

He casually slung his bag over his right shoulder and paused at the door as he made his way out.

“Oh, Professor?” James looked at her from over his shoulder. He smiled in appreciation.

“I really meant it earlier when I said those new specs looked great on you. You can fool the rest of the class into believing those are the same ones you always wear…but my guess is you didn’t like your new ones, so you transfigured them to look like the old ones…the color is a little off…It needs to be a slight shade darker.”

James tossed her a wink before he ran off to find Sirius in Charms class.

Perhaps the attempted tea party with a werewolf, three Animgi, and roughly two hundred giant spiders in the Forbidden Forrest wasn't the best idea...