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 #2545  by Minerva McGonagall
Location: Transfiguration Classroom • Date: Friday January 26th, 1979

Friday afternoon classes required a tight grip from the already stern professor. The student's trepidation over the imminent weekend often made them careless and more prone to mistakes.

"You are not here to practice a twirling routine, Mr Pettigrew." The professor snapped at the boy who was holding his wand in a way she would almost qualify as profane. "Firm and decisive wand movements!" Years of repeating the same basic advice. Years!

She turned to look at another student, surely Evans would be able to lift her spirits.

The rest of the class was uneventful. Just before she dismissed her students she called on a bespectacled messy haired boy. "Mr Potter, I would like to have a word." She informed him.
 #2621  by James Potter
There had never been a moment in his young teen life in which James Potter ever found himself dreading Transfiguration class. It was amusing to watch the other students struggle with something that came so naturally to him as breathing. He had spent the better half of the afternoon nudging his best friend, sniggering at one student in particular who failed to turn their blue song bird into a teacup. James had to retrieve the poor thing from the ceiling fixtures after it flew away in freight. He sat for the remainder of the class gently stroking the smooth porcelain body of the tea cup bird in an effort to calm it. It was in a downright panic, chirping and flapping its little blue wings in an effort to escape again, until it eventually stilled and sat contentedly in the boy’s palm.

His own bird, a red cardinal, had successfully transformed into a rosy pink tea cup and back again. A lazy smirk slid across James’ young face as his attention lingered on a particular redhead he fancied. She, too, was a natural.

Soon enough class ended and he was beckoned over by Professor McGonagall. Hopefully this wasn’t about the rainbow painted badger he set loose in the Great Hall last night during supper. James stalked over to her desk with the winged tea cup in hand and more confidence than he actually felt. “Yes, Professor?”
 #2653  by Minerva McGonagall
With a few movements of her wands the professor tidied the classroom.

Noticing the hybrid cup in the boy's hand she frowned. "Will you require assistance with that?" Her tone was almost impatient, as if she was disappointed to have overestimated his transfiguration skills.
 #2852  by Sirius Black
Over by the doorway, a student snorted. Prongs really should just go ahead and change his surname to McGonagall already, the way he was always hanging back after Transfiguration class. Oooh that was a good one. He'd have to bug Prongs about it on their way to Charms.
Okay okay Professor McGonagall called him back, but Prongs really walked much too quickly to the front to be anything short of a McGonagall devotee.

"Oi, Potter," Sirius called lazily, sipping tea from a grey-and-yellow cup that was once a cockatiel. "We've got Charms in five minutes, better hurry up with that teacup!" Not that Sirius or James were ever on time for any class. He just wanted to get on his best mate's nerves already. That and he'd sooner lick Filch's gnarled feet before reminding Professor McGonagall about their class schedule.
 #3605  by James Potter
James blinked and slowly tilted in head in confusion when Professor McGonagall asked him if he required assistance with his assignment. Was she…. was she serious? It took him a few seconds before he realized that she was referring to the half-transfigured tea up in his hands.

“No, no,” he said cheerfully as he retrieved a rose-colored tea cup from the outer pocket of his robe. “THIS is my teacup.” Paying no mind to the stack of paperwork on her desk, James proudly set it down for her much wanted approval.

“And THIS, “said the scruffy haired Gryffindor as he held up the blue teacup with wings. “Is Wilfred. He flew away from another student.”

The tea cup gave a happy chirp and settled down comfortably in the warm palm of James’ hand.

"Oi, Potter,” Sirius called lazily, sipping tea from a grey-and-yellow cup that was once a cockatiel. We've got Charms in five minutes, better hurry up with that teacup!"

James was quick to turn his head and shoot his friend a look that clearly told him that he was ruining an opportunity to butter up to the Matron of Gryffindor.

“Thanks for the REMINDER Sirius. Two chocolate frogs says we can make it in three minutes or less.”
 #3607  by Sirius Black
Sirius snickered. Prongs was in loooooove. "Three minutes, mate?" Sirius drawled, emptying his teacup and placing it in McGonagall's box of other transfigured items. "Two chocolate frogs and a card of Uric the Oddball says I can get there in half that. With you lagging behind," he added with a smirk.
 #3662  by Minerva McGonagall
With her watchful gaze climbing over her square spectacles and falling upon Mr Black, Minerva considered ushering the nonchalant boy away. There was a reason why she had asked a word with Potter without his comrades.

She could have questioned any of them about the Midnight Tea Party, but Minerva was nothing if not meticulous, she had chosen her victim quite carefully. It would have been unfair to ask Mr Lupin as the topic would have been a sore one and Minerva could not bear the thought of making the boy suffer more than he already did. Mr Pettigrew would have given her the information she sought far too easily. Mr Black would have been more of a challenge, but it was Potter she had chosen, perhaps just to see if Miss Evans was finally starting to have a positive effect on him.

She gave both boys a glare. "Two minutes will have to do." She warned as she was not going to excuse their delay. Mr Black could stay if it amused him.

She took Wilfred's cup, held it so both boys could see it. "Delightful beveurage tea, wouldn't you agree?" She introduced the topic, her tone far too casual to not be a warning of the wrath to come.
 #5736  by James Potter
“I’ll take that bet,” said James, rising to Sirius’s challenge though the smirk was immediately wiped clean off his face at McGonagall’s well practiced glare. He quietly cleared his throat and readied himself for her questioning.

"Delightful beveurage tea, wouldn't you agree?"

Her tone didn’t go unnoticed by James. His conscience was violently waving a red flag that warned him not to proceed with this conversation. So naturally....he didn’t listen.

“I’m partial to mint myself or a bit of earl grey in the morning with a splash of honey or lemon.”
 #5758  by Sirius Black
Sirius was very glad that the tea he had just consumed was now making its way down to his stomach, and not currently in his mouth. Otherwise, essence of leaf would doubtless be all over both professor and friend. Meanwhile, he didn't entirely trust his good friend to maintain as solid and innocent a face as he was able to manage (years of practice lying to his family) upon hearing such an allusion.

"Professor, I give you my word that last night Pr-James was in the Common Room with myself working quite hard, as the devoted students you know we are, upon a truly excellent Transfiguration essay you set us to work on not two days ago. You really know how to work the minds of the younger generation, you know?"
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His eyebrows shot so far up on his forehead that they disappeared behind his messy dark fringe. “A tea party in the Forbidden Forest?” James put on the best act of innocence he could muster. He knew Professor McGonagall could probably see through it, but he wasn’t stupid enough to admit fault to three animagi playing tea party with a werewolf on campus grounds. “The nerve of some people.”

Happy that Sirius was playing along, James nodded along to every word that his partner in crime said.

There were only two people in all of Hogwarts that he found it incredibly difficult to lie to: Lily Evans and the Professor McGonagall. He knew he could only keep up the charade for so long.

“Professor…I’m sure whoever did it was just looking for a bit of fun…trying to cheer up a friend…. possibly…maybe....I'm most certain that was the case.”
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"Funny you should mention your essay." her eyes drifted to the neat pile of parchment sitting on the corner of her desk. "You seem to claim to have dedicated a good portion of your night to it while my well-trained eyes would tend to deduce that it was rather hastily written." Her eyes were back on Black, daring him to challenge her.

As was their usual dynamic, Potter seemed to understand that she at least expected them to allude to their participation to the midnight event. The professor gave him a stern look when the boy alluded to their motives. "Cheering up a friend is an honourable affair, but doing so in the Forbidden Forrest during a full moon is reckless and will not be tolerated." She expected them to break the rules, test the limits, but she wouldn't allow them to put their lives in danger.
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James stole a quick uneasy glance towards Sirius without so much as even turning his head. Leave it to Professor McGonagall to over analyze their handwriting. It made him wonder if she knew of the times when he helped Remus by finishing his transfiguration essays on nights of the full moon. Now that they were able to entertain a ravenous werewolf by transforming into animals he no longer had time or interest in helping his friends with essays. A person could only do so much.

James raked a hand through his hair, hiding his nervousness behind a cool and calm demeanor. “You know-you are absolutely right, Professor-as usual- and I’m sure they are really really sorry for the mess. It was reckless and dangerous and-you look absolutely glowing today. Are those new specs? Because they look lovely. Brings out your eyes.”
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"I am sure that flattery does wonders for you, but let me assure you that in this case it will get you nowhere." Minerva warned. Over the years Potter and Black had offered her countless variations of this compliment and while she couldn't say it hadn't disarmed her at first, she was close to immune to their flattery at this point.

The two boys might not see the risks they were putting themselves in and while that was problematic it was not necessarily what concerned her the most. It was Mr Lupin that had been on her mind. The boy had already much on his mind, she couldn't help, but feel protective when she felt like his two friend's antics could lead him to be put in a situation that was far too dangerous.

"It is not about the mess. It is about risks. It is a a privilege to be able to disregard to risks when making a decision. " She spoke slowly to make sure the two boys were on the same page as her. "Imposing your recklessness upon others, upon people who might not be in a position where their faculties allow them to take the risks into consideration, that cannot happen again." She could not bear the thought of the guilt young Lupin would have been forced to carry if his friend's little tricks had gone awry.
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Erp. Prongs did not handle that well. The professor saw straight through him....and straight through Sirius, too. This was starting to sound like a lecture on responsibility and, having had quite a few of those at home, he didn't fancy hearing another, even from his favourite teacher. There was only one thing for the loyal Gryffindor to do.....

Sirius placed a hand on his best friend's shoulder. "Mate I'm so sorry, I just remembered I left my favourite quill in the Potions class. Good luck!" And with that he made a beeline out of the classroom.
Yes, he bailed like a rat off a burning ship.