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Location: Detention - Transfiguration Classroom • Date: January 9

Only a few days into the New Year and they had already landed themselves in detention. Sirius was a little disappointed, however: It took them a solid few days into the New Year to get landed in detention. Last year they made it on the second day back. Still, Sirius leaned back in his chair, shaking his long dark hair over the desk of the student behind him.

"All things considered, I'd say we were pretty successful, mate!" he said to his fellow student.
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Fellow student sitting behind him smirked. He sat up and leaned forward at the same time Sirius leaned back. “I agree. Not bad for our first school wide prank of the year. Though next time I think we should include fireworks.”Bored and with seemingly nothing else better to do in detention, James started braiding Sirius’s hair. “Okay...you have to tell me how you get your hair this soft. It’s like...as soft as girl hair.”
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A lazy, satisfied grin crossed Sirius's face as he allowed James to marvel over his hair. "Just gotta be a Black, mate," he replied. "We may be a line of egotistical muggle-hating pricks, but we've got better hair than your dad." Tilting his head back so that he could see his friend, Sirius stuck his tongue out.

"Anyway I still say we have to let a stampede of gnomes loose in the school, and take bets on how long it takes for the teachers to find them all," he added, now dictating to his quill as it wrote out fifty ways a wizard can make better use of his time during free periods. Lazy as he was, he wasn't about to give McGonnagall a chance to tell him off for not working during his detention. No sense wasting a good stern lecture on something as simple as a detention assignment.
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“Just gotta be a Black, mate” James mimicked in a higher pitch that was most unbefitting. He had half of mind to reach out and snatch Sirius’s tongue when the prick leaned back and stuck it out at him. But he didn’t. Not today. Maybe later. “You’re lucky you’re my friend.”

James found himself nodding in agreement to Sirius’s gnome prank. “Yes. But I think we should wait until February, around Valentine’s day so we can pay them in chocolate. They’ll run faster if they are hyped up on sugar. “He had already completed his detention assignment, which was why he was pulling the laces from his left shoe to transfigure into a bow for Sirius’ hair.

“Besides, in addition to the complete chaos it will cause, it will also cheer up those without dates on Valentine’s day,” said James as he positioned the small purple bow into Sirius’s braid with care.
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"You're talking about yourself, right?" Sirius quipped, now doodling the handsome face of a dark-haired man-himself, naturally - on the corner of his parchment. "I dunno about Valentine's though. Yes to the sugar rush, but didn't some professor one year hire a bunch of gnomes to recite stupid love poems to students? If that happens again this year, our gnomes are gonna get mixed up with his and people might think the whole thing was him. Nobody takes credit for Marauder shenanigans save for the Marauders," he added solemnly.
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James shoved an elbow into Sirius for his snarky comment. Unfortunately, his trusty friend had a point. He was going to be alone if he didn’t act fast and snag a date for Valentine’s day. Since Evans only wanted to be friends for the time being, he would have to find someone else.

He lazily leaned back in his seat so that he was balancing himself on the back two legs of the chair. “You do have a point,” sighed James “ Like hell if I’m going to allow anyone stealing our thunder.” He crossed his arms over his chest and let out a loud yawn. “What about St. Patty’s day, then? We could do leprechauns instead of gnomes.”
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James's elbow also had a point. "Ow," Sirius whined, twisting his back away from his backstabbing friend. "Yea okay St. Patty's Day - YES PRONGS! MERLIN YES ALL THE LEPRECHAUNS!" Five seconds of animosity quite swiftly turned into excitement at the prospect of introducing such magical creatures. "Wait....wait Prongs here me out." By now Sirius had turned completely around, his beautiful braid smacking his friend in the face in the process. "Leprechauns for the main show....but we hide a handful of gnomes around the castle. Nobody'll be expecting them. They walk into Potions class and BOOM. Gnomes drinking love potions. Filch running into a broom closet to find something to get rid of the leprechauns and BOOM. Gnomes sleeping in his best bucket. The professors will be so busy trying to deal with the leprechauns they'll have no choice but to just let the gnomes exist peacefully with the students!"
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Thankfully his glasses had saved him from the lashing of Sirius’ deadly but beautiful braid. It bounced off the lenses with such dramatic force that James would have been knocked from his chair and blinded by it's brilliance had he not been wearing proper eye wear.

“I’ll handle the gnomes since I’ve got the antlers to deal with their brutish tactics and you hunt down the leprechauns with that tracking nose of yours. Remus can distract the professors while we place the little devils around the castle and Peter can…he can…do Peter stuff.”
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Hmmm. Sirius didn't like leaving Wormtail alone in these matters. The little patron of Honeydukes had a nasty habit of blurting out all their surprises in a fit of eagerness and excitement. "Yes, yes, naturally but......" Sirius pressed his fingers together in sirius thought, "how about....Wormtail goes to the kitchens.....and tells all the house-elves that it's Filch's birthday and to find him and sing to him to keep him out of the way, too? That way the titchy little things can keep Mrs. Norris at bay, too. Moony's great with the teachers, but we need Filch out of the way too, you know?"
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James’ brows knit together in slight concern. “Good plan. However, that might be a bit too much for our cheese loving friend to handle. You know how stressed he gets under pressure.”

He took a moment to think, raking his hands through his messy hair. “How about we just have him distract Mrs. Norris? Peter could transform and give Mrs. Norris a run around the castle. If Mrs. Norris takes off running, then Filch is sure to follow. He never lets that blasted cat out of his sights for a single moment.”

“Peter is surprisingly fast in his form. If he can outrun a werewolf, surely he can outrun a cat," added James.
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Sirius clapped James on the back with a little more force than necessary. "Prongs you're a genius!" he roared.