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 #20452  by Isla Fields
Sensing that Vera was struggling to find the courage to say something, but not really wanting to hear it if Vera was unsure about it herself. Isla let the blonde woman battle with herself internally while she watched her fingers trace that outline of her own knee.

"She told me something tonight." Isla finally spoke again after a few moments of silence. "She told me I was beautiful and for the first time, I actually believed her when she said it. Why do you think that is?"
 #20488  by Vera Hadley
Vera's shock as she heard Isla share such an intimate detail was overshadowed by the sweetness of the fleeting moment. The blonde wasn't sure how to answer her friend's heartbreakingly vulnerable question, but she wanted Isla to know that she had been heard. Her hand slid from under herself and rested near Isla's.

For fear of her friend retreating back in her shell, she kept her eyes on the calm lake. "Elsie is a woman who speaks her mind. You are getting to know her more intimately. You are learning to trust her." As if confronted with the fact that her friend might trust Elsie more than her or that she had failed to let Isla know how beautiful she was, It pained her slightly to say those words. Her little finger left the rock, hovered a moment over Isla's pinky. "She is right you know?" Her finger went down, tentatively brushing against Isla's as Vera hesitated to glance towards Isla. "You are beautiful." Sensing a ball of heat licking her ribcage she smiled sweetly in an attempt to make the compliment seem like any other.
 #20559  by Isla Fields
Isla swallowed, her cheeks coloring as her finger twitched beneath Vera's. This wasn't the first time she had heard her friend call her beautiful, but for some reason, this time felt different. Perhaps it was the fact that she heard it twice in less than two hours, or that Vera seemed like she desperately wanted Isla to believe her, but either way, Isla struggled to brush off the compliment like she did all the other times.

"Thank you," She mumbled quietly, finally tearing her gaze away from the moonlight reflecting off the lake. Isla looked at Vera and attempted to smile.
 #20567  by Vera Hadley
Her smile flickered, she had not expected Isla to look in her direction, nevermind smile. Vera blinked a few times, every time noticing that she was getting closer to her friend. The question on her mind quickly turning into action, Vera did not allow herself a chance to second guess.

Eyes closed Vera gently leaned towards her friend, heart thudding against her chest as she waited for her lips to rest against the smaller blonde's.
 #20578  by Isla Fields
Isla immediately knew what Vera was going to do as soon as she meet the blondes gaze. Slowly her friend inched herself closer and just as Isla felt Vera's breath tickle her chin and bottom lips, the girl's eyes closed. Frozen in place, unable to pull away let alone close her own eyes, Isla let Vera press her lips against her own gently. Goosebumps broke out across the vast expanse of her skin, and Isla only just managed to suppress the shudder that ran through her.

This wasn't like kissing Elsie. There was no lust, no desire behind it, and Isla didn't feel like she could die just from this one single kiss.

After a few seconds, Isla pulled away gently and eyed her friend carefully, "Why did you do that?"
 #20588  by Vera Hadley
A shiver of thrill trailed down her spine. How exciting to be doing something that felt forbidden, she knew her parents would disapprove. It took a few seconds before she could open her eyes. Once she finally did, she pulled away slowly. "I wanted to know how it felt to kiss a woman," She whispered before she started nibbling on her lower lip.

"I'm sor-," she stopped herself. Was she truly sorry? Absolutely not. She had kissed her beautiful best friend and she did not feel like she should apologize for it. Unless she had somehow hurt or offended her friend. "I hope I didn't upset you."
 #20655  by Isla Fields
"You didn't," Isla found herself saying, even though she wasn't entirely sure how she felt right now. It was strange having Vera kiss her, express her want and then apologize. It almost made her angry. Vera didn't get to kiss her and then apologize. One didn't make such decisions and then back track by apologizing. Though Vera hadn't really apologized, she had managed to stop herself which was why Isla managed to push down the swirling anger in the bit of her stomach.

She straightened her shoulders, and looked carefully at her friend, "But we can't do that again. You understand, yes?"
 #20695  by Vera Hadley
"Of course, if that's what yo-," Vera bit her lower lip. She had not meant to pin this on Isla. Nor had she intended on implying that she had wished for more. "I mean, of course, I know." She had been caught in the thrill. So very quick to develop a deep sense of attachment the blonde had never been good at setting boundaries.

The blonde turned towards the lake. The tickle of a chuckle brushed passed her lips and eventually turned into a laugh. Aware that she might offend her friend she reached for her hand. "It's not funny." She shook her head but kept laughing.
 #20719  by Isla Fields
Running her tongue along the backs of her teeth, Isla stared at the back of Vera's head, "But you're laughing, so you obviously find something funny. Tell me." She insisted. Isla knew she was a good kisser, she could always tell by the flush that remained on Elsie's cheeks afterwards. A flush that turned incredibly vivid when things accelerated between them.
 #20722  by Vera Hadley
"I was just," a bout of laughter interrupted her. The blonde pinched her lips and took a deep breath. Hand on her sternum, she waited until her breathing was steady before she turned towards her friend and explained. "I was just imagining Viggo's face if he had seen us." She grimaced as she tried to suppress more laughter.

Once again looking at her best friend, Vera smiled gently. "Thank you, for making me feel safe." She didn't know how else to express how her friend made her feel. "And don't worry, I won't make it a habit. Though it was quite thrilling."
 #20743  by Isla Fields
Isla still didn't see what was so funny. Viggo would be incredibly upset if he had stumbled across Vera kissing Isla. His hurt would out-weigh every other emotion that would surface until it was the only thing controlling him. Isla had seen the boy hurt before, hurt so much that he had let it control him for months on end. Drinking. Partying. Lashing out at everyone close to him, and seeing his two friends kissing would send him to that same place.

The crush he had on Isla, the crush she refused to acknowledge, even to herself really, could be the end of the trios relationship if they weren't careful, and Isla was always careful. Always. Until now. Letting Vera kiss her had the potential to ruin everything. Keeping it to themselves was a definite must.

"We won't tell Viggo. Ever. Okay? He can't know about this."
 #20748  by Vera Hadley
Vera frowned. Well aware of their friend's crush on Isla, she had no intention of discussing their kiss with Viggo. Her laughter had been nervous more than it had been humor-filled. "Of course, I wouldn't risk our friendships." She hoped she did not sound defensive, but rather reassuring. "Isla, it's okay. I know what's at stake." Vera might not have as much control as her friend and she might have proved more than once that her heart led the charge, but she was not a fool. "Okay?" She looked at her friend, asking her to trust her.
 #20764  by Isla Fields
"Okay," Isla murmured evenly with a nod, knowing that her friend was telling the truth. In fact she had known from the beginning that Vera wouldn't utter a single word about what happened here tonight, Isla had just felt the need for verbal confirmation.

Finally turning away Vera, she looked out over the lake and then to the sparse bush that would lead them back to camp, "Let's go back. Viggo still has that half finished bottle of vodka if you're interested."