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Vera had always been the more emotional one out of the two, and while Isla didn't disagree with her friends opinion very often, when it came to Jane, dear, sweet Jane who Isla saw so much of herself in, Vera couldn't possibly understand her as much as Vera hoped to.

"And you should, you should express your feelings Jane, but I believe that there is a way you can do it without putting yourself at risk." Isla looked at the small girl intensely, "There a signs you can look out for when communicating with people. You can make sure that the person your expressing your feelings to is trustworthy."
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Isla paused, how was she supposed to tell Jane the signs when she barely knew them herself. Isla was a suspicious person by nature, and when she encountered people she usually went by her gut when it came to 'reading them'. It was something she hated about herself, how she struggled telling the bad people from the good, how she was unable to find a intellectual way to do it, because Isla was an intellect and she trusted her mind over everything else. Most of the time.

"Well, I'm going to be honest with you. I don't really know. I...struggle when it comes to people, and until I met your sister and Viggo, I chose not to involve myself with others." Rubbing her chest, she stared at the small girl who looked so small. So unsure with the world. It was like she was staring into a mirror. "Now I get this feeling when it comes to people, and I just know when I can trust them and when I can't."
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"I can't" Jane repeated as she started to feel agitated. She knew she identified with what Isla was attempting to share, but it seemed Isla's advice was not something she knew how to apply. Jane struggled with feelings yet Isla was telling her that to protect herself she needed to have a certain feeling.

Fingers clenching as she struggled to keep her hand from her ear, Jane shook her head. She had promised Vera she wouldn't get upset, but she was starting to feel her chest constricting.

Maybe if Isla told her about something precise. "Why is it different with Vera?" It seemed they had that in common, maybe if Isla told her how she felt around her sister and Jane understood, she wouldn't feel as upset for misunderstanding the rest.
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Sensing that Jane was beginning to get upset, Isla stood and moved down the rock, she took a seat at the very edge of it, and crossed her legs so her back was to the girl.

"How about you tell me why you feel more comfortable with Vera and I will confirm if I feel similar."
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Hair dripping, beach towel wrapped around her Vera ran towards the blonde she could see sitting on the rocks. "Isla," she waved her arms to get her friend's attention. "We got it! Viggo and I, we won th-" A few feet away from the rock she stopped in her tracks, perched on the rock, behind Isla was her sister. Vera did not need to see Jane's face to know exactly what her sister was trying to suppress.

"Isla," Vera looked down at her wet self. "Wrap your arms around her. Just hold her tightly."
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Blinking at the appearance of her friend, of Jane's older sister, it took Isla a moment to realize what the girl was saying before her jaw tightened in understanding. Vera was asking her to initiate physical contact with her younger sister? Did Vera not know her better than that? Apparently she did however because Vera kept looking at her with a small amount of regret. This was what was needed to calm Vera's sister down and it looked like the blonde herself was unable to do it.

Letting out a small noise, she moved back up the rock and knelt down next to Jane, "Jane, I'm going to touch you, alright?" She spoke lowly before placing a hand on the young girls shoulder. The muscle jumped beneath her fingers and before Jane could completely pull away, Isla wrapped both her arms around the girl and held on tightly as she squirmed.
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Her sister's voice while usually reassuring was too far to have its calming effect. She heard Isla's warning and braced herself for what was to come. She did not enjoy being touched yet at times pressure was the only thing that could comfort her. Where it came from did not really matter, friend or pressure charm, both could attain the goal as long as Jane felt something constant pressing against her.

Isla's shirt was cotton, Jane knew because most fabrics made her skin crawl, cotton was one of the few exceptions. She felt her muscles stop spazzing, but not quite relax.
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Disappointed in herself for being unable to look after her sister, she watched carefully as Isla was forced to step out of her comfort zone. The teenage blonde approached the rock and started whispering words she knew would soothe her sister. She started by talking about the magical process behind creating galleons. She was midway through the history of sickles when Jane finally relaxed. Vera nodded gently to let Isla know she could loosen her arms. "Thank you," she mouthed.

"Let's get you back to your cabin," she whispered to the youngest blonde.
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Letting go of Jane slowly but jerkily as Vera began to help the younger girl off the rock, Isla remained where she was, a leg tucked beneath her and both hands pressed to the space where Jane had been sitting.

Isla had sent Jane into a panic. A spiral very familiar, that Isla felt the effects as if the attack was her own. Isla had done this, and all she had been doing was trying to help. Or so she thought.

"You go. I think she'd prefer it if you two just went."
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Vera nodded, Isla was right, it was best for her to stay. Looking back at her friend, slightly torn for leaving her when she seemed so small on those rocks, Vera kept talking to her sister in hushed tones.

Jane would likely never be able to explain what had sent her spiraling, Vera suspected that Isla might remain as mute. There was a bond between the two, a link they were both trying to thread at times bonding because of their similarities at times bumping because of them.