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 #17392  by Isla Fields
Screwing up her nose in distaste at Vera's attempt to explain how love, relationships and the array of human emotions worked, Isla flexed her hand in Vera's grip.

"I do not have a crush on Elsie Crane, nor am I in love with her Vera." The notion of love was in fact purely a social construct that consists of ideals perpetuated by mass media and exist as societal norms. Love was not something Isla played into and never would. "Just because we had sex doesn't mean that there are feelings involved." Just because she thought about Elsie during inappropriate times and had the occasional dream did not mean she had feelings for the older woman. Elsie certainly didn't have feelings for her. Playing with Isla's hair for twenty minutes post-coitus and tracing every curve of her body during did not mean Elsie cared for her outside of their friendship.
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Vera felt her friend's grip tightened as if a physical effort was required to resist whatever feelings were threatening to overcome Isla.

"And that's okay too," Vera added rather rapidly. For fear of upsetting her friend, the blonde was sometimes too quick to accept Isla's resistance as truth. She would come to learn that Isla could handle a bigger challenge than her short temper might have implied. "I have kissed boys I did not love." As she said it she knew she was comparing two completely different things. Not to mention that she did not buy her friend's denial of the feelings she had for Elsie. "You're a great person though. I hope you know that you could be with someone who loves you." Vera couldn't help but feel that her friend deserved better than Elsie. Not that Elsie wasn't a nice woman, she had shown on more than one occasion that she cared about Isla, but she was older, married and as Isla had mentioned they did not see each other often. There was a part of Vera that was sad to see that her friend had chosen Elsie when Viggo had been there all along, pining for Isla. He loved her, in a way that Isla probably wasn't interested in being loved.

"But whatever you decide, I will support you," Vera added for fear that she had crossed a line.
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"I--I appreciate that," Isla murmured quietly before snapping her head up and eyeing her friend closely. "Not that there is any decision to make. Things with Elsie to continue as they always have. She will offer us alcohol, invite over for dinner three times and on the last day we will join her for breakfast. Nothing will change." Elsie would head back to wherever she disappeared to, and Isla would begin her first semester in graduate school. That was how it was always going to be, and it wasn't going to change now.
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"Oh, I am not worried about that." While those were all privileges she enjoyed she felt more concerned about her friend's wellbeing than anything else. "It is you who matters." Still holding Isla's hand her finger traced an unidentifiable pattern on her wrist. Suddenly feeling a bit shy about the strength of her concern for her friend she averted her eyes and pretended to concentrate on the pattern she was drawing on Isla's wrist.
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Realzing that Vera needed a lot more reassurance on the matter than Isla had previously given, the smaller blonde closed her hand around Vera's while letting out a steady breath. She would need to steel herself, push down every feeling of exasperation and pretend to be the friend Vera needed right now.

"Vera, I appreciate your concern. I do. It makes me...happy to know that you care for me. It means a lot to me. Truly." She wasn't really lying, not really. Isla did appreciate her friends concern and it did mean a lot to her to have people in her life that looked out for her, but sometimes that concern was completely misguided and not needed at all. Still appreciated, but very unwanted.

"Would you--" She cleared her throat, trying to get the words out but struggling, "Would you like to have breakfast with her tomorrow? I can arrange it if you'd like."
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"Not tomorrow." She heard herself respond before she could really think about it. Caught off guard, not too sure why she had been so eager to refuse the invitation Vera let go of her friend's hand. So very tempted to take it back Vera chewed on her bottom lip. She closed her eyes and sighed. "Nothing will change and we will still have breakfast with her sometimes, I just need a second to wrap my head around everything." It wasn't unusual for Vera to need time to process things, she hoped it wouldn't upset Isla. "And I would like to be there for Janey's first morning." She added honestly.
 #17565  by Isla Fields
As far as Isla was concerned, if nothing was going to change then Vera didn't even need to wrap her head around it, but she didn't bother enlightening her friend of the fact. Isla would gladly keep Elsie to herself if Vera and Viggo found to too uncomfortable being around the older woman.

Speaking of Viggo, Isla straightened, "Viggo can't know. He doesn't know how to act mature around her on a good day. This would just make him worse."
 #17603  by Vera Hadley
"He can't know," she echoed as she laid on her side. Viggo did have a tendency to act a bit boisterously around the older woman, but that was not her main concern. She was rather concerned that the news might hurt his feelings. While he had never voiced his feelings for Isla, Vera was not blind.

She flopped onto her back and sighed. "It's going to be a great summer."
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Happy with Vera's response and trusting that the blonde would keep her secret to herself, Isla patted her leg and then finally leaned against the wall Vera's bunk bed was pushed against. Pulling her legs up against her chest, she eyed her friend.

"I hope so," She said, emotion almost creeping into her voice. This was, after all, their last summer spent at Wandsworth together and even Isla was feeling a little sad at the idea of leaving. She had been coming to Camp Wandsworth since she was seven years old and she had made her first ever friends here. Friends who she would bring with her into the future. They were her family.

Sucking in a breath, and then holding it, Isla shifted until she could lay in the gap between Vera and the wall. Shoulder slightly raised, she stared at the slates of the bed above. This would be their best summer yet, she could feel it.