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Location: Camp Wandsworth • Date: Summer 1977

Cursing the fact that their cabin mates had already joined them Vera kept giving her friend discreet looks as they prepared for bed. She had so much she needed to tell her friend and had waited patiently for a time when they would find themselves alone, but apparently between Viggo, her Janey, and other distractions, that time would never come.

Wearing the long nighty her prudish mother had packed for her, Vera slid under the covers. She had chosen the bellow bunk as Isla had strategically so she would be able to look at each other and roll their eyes as their cabin partner yapped about vapid subjects. Using hand gestures she indicated that she expected Isla to come to join her in her bunk once their cabin mates had fallen asleep.
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Dressed in a pair of sensible striped pajamas, Isla Fields sat atop her bed with her wand positioned above the novel she was reading. It was an Ordinary book written by an Ordinary author who knew had such talent that Isla felt like she was reading poetry. The Price of Salt was definitely quite the read and Isla intended on reading it many more times.

She was on page 136 when she felt Vera staring at her. Looking up from her book she eyed her friend with an amused look and then with sighed closed it and moved over to her friends bed.

"Hello," She murmured quietly, tucking her legs beneath her.
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Vera waited for her friend to join her and used her wand to put a silencing charm around them.
Before the charm had time to settle Vera sputtered the question that had been plaguing her since dinner. "Do you think Janey will be okay?" Vera frowned, she was close to her sister, she loved her dearly, but as much as it pained her to admit Isla had a special bond with her. One Vera couldn't quite grasp but one she had noticed as soon as the two had started interacting.
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Not letting her body lean against the wall that was only two or so inches behind her, Isla pushed her shoulders backwards and straightened up. Holding her ankles with both hands, she stared across the room at her bunk bed.

"I'm not sure I can give you an answer to that," Isla replied quietly, "Though I from what I can tell, she seems very mature for a five year old." There were a few other things Isla had noticed about the younger Hadley, but Isla wasn't inclined to share those yet as by doing so, she would reveal a part of herself she hadn't revealed to anyone in a long time.

She turned her head to catch her friends gaze, "Their camp counselor seems competent. Does she get homesick?"
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Sitting cross-legged in front of her friend, she considered what Isla was saying. Jane was indeed mature for her age, perhaps a bit too mature in fact. Vera was concerned that her sister might not be able to bond with the other children. Yet, the blonde didn't feel like Isla would be much help regarding that matter.

"They do seem competent and no she won't get homesick." Not as long as Vera was there. The blonde let out a sigh and shook the worry out of her head.

"Okay, now that Viggo is not here tell me why it was so pressing that you see Sloane." She made it clear that she had not been fooled by her friend's feigned ignorance.
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Not impressed with the change of subject, especially since it revolved around her and her visit to Elsie earlier that day, Isla swallowed thickly and turned back to stare at the wall across from her.

"She told me last year to stop in when I arrived, so I did." Of course, when the offer had been extended last year, Isla had had no idea that the visit would have ended up with her on her back on Elsie's kitchen counter, but Isla wasn't going to complain.
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Vera knew there was something more between Isla and Elsie than Isla was willing to let on. She pursed her lips. She could see her friend threatening to hide behind the walls she had so carefully built around her. “You can tell me you know? I’m not like my parents.” The blonde argued shyly. Her parents were afraid of anything outside of the norm. They worked had to remain inside of the lines society had built for them and worked even harder to make sure their daughters would fit there as well. While Vera could appreciate the comfort of norms she couldn’t agree with her parents’ treatment of those who lived in the margins.
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Still not looking at her friend, Isla ran her tongue across the roof of her mouth as she took in Vera words. The blonde wasn’t like her parents, that part was true, but not even Vera could completely wipe eighteen years of family values away. She loved Vera like a sister, and knew she would never turn her back on her, but Isla couldn’t tell Vera what she wanted to hear, not yet. But she could admit to the unasked question that Vera was failing to be subtle about.

“Elsie and I had sex. Today. This morning. But we kissed for the first time just before we left camp last year.”
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Vera felt a blush cover her cheeks and neck. While she had suspected that her friend had been intimate with Elsie it still made her blush to think that Isla had been bold enough to be with an older woman. Envious, but also slightly worried she shifted and brought her hand close to Isla's ankle. She knew her friend didn't like to be touched, but Vera felt as though she needed the gentle gesture if only to remind Isla that she was there for her. Tentative fingers brushed against the soft fabric of her friend's pajamas.

"How was it? She was kind to you?" She was whispering despite the silencing charm surrounding them.
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Licking her lips, her mouth dry, Isla breathed in through her nose and then let it out in one slow, silent, exhale.

"It was...pleasurable." Isla replied honestly. At first it had been a little awkward, and Isla had been a little afraid, but it had ended up being very enjoyable. Though that may have something to do with the fact that Elsie was twenty years her senior and a very experienced lover. "And yes, she was. Elsie is well...Elsie."
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Elsie is well...Elsie.

A sentence that would seem empty for most and yet made sense to those who knew Elsie Crane. The woman was odd, but not unkind, she had her own way of expressing herself. She and Isla had bonded, not unlike Isla and Jane had bonded, their different ways of interacting with others somehow making it easier for them to connect.

"That's good. Do you...like her?" Isla did not have other girlfriends than Isla, she had Viggo and that was it. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to say or ask.
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Turning to glance at her friend once more, Isla studied her for a moment, wondering if her question meant something else entirely. Isla, much like Vera and Viggo, liked Elsie very much and Vera knew that, but the way the blonde asked the question told her that she was digging for something deeper. Something more.

"Vera, just ask me. I'm not a child."
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Vera frowned, she wasn't sure why Isla was insisting on her using a different word to ask the exact same question. Vera pushed her hair behind her ear, she sat a bit straighter. Sometimes Vera struggled not to take her friend's defensiveness personally. "I did not mean to imply that you are a child. I was wondering if you had feelings for her. Feelings that went beyond friendship." Vera sighed. "Do you love her?" She finally asked.
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Her left eye twitching at Vera's words, Isla tried her hardest to resist the urge to get up from her friends bed and head back to her own.

"No, I don't believe I do." She said after a beat. "Elsie is married and I see her once a year. It would be foolish to love her." Though, loving Elsie Crane wouldn't be hard. In fact, it would probably be the easiest relationship she would ever have. Elsie wouldn't expect much of her, and Isla wouldn't expect anything of her.
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Vera needed a few seconds to consider what she would say next. Being very tactile the blonde that her hands needed to be as occupied as her mind, without really considering her options, she took Isla's hand and gently brought it to her lap. As she processed Isla's words she traced Isla's fingers.

At the risk of making her friend crawl back behind her walls and likely back to her own bed, Vera gently spoke her mind. "I don't think that's how it works." Vera thought of the boys for which she had developed crushes many of those crushes had been incredibly foolish and yet she had found that she had absolutely no control over that. She thought of Viggo who seemed to be developing a sort of crush for Isla and how hard he was working to hide it. "Usually how foolish feelings are doesn't really matter, they are still there anyway." Vera looked at her friend. "And that is okay." She added as reassurance.