A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #20304  by James Potter
James leapt up from the bench, quickly stowing away his wand. He looked this way and that, whipping his head around to try and find the muggle reporter who had escaped him.

“Not good. Not good. Not good,” he whispered frantically as he shoved his hands into his messy hair, trying not to panic. “Okay, James, think. She can’t be far.”

Determined to right his mistake, James set off in search of Louise. He looked behind every pillar, checked every bench and even every trash can.
 #20306  by Louise Havisham
Perfect. The young lad had scuttled off in search of her, looking every which way, running further and further from the obvious. For Louise had ducked into the nearest carriage, hustled down the aisles, and popped back out of the next carriage. Louise had to congratulate herself on this bit of sneakery. A few moments later and she was right back at the bench while the young magician was looking in the complete opposite direction.

But what she knew now was that the opportunity of a lifetime was set before Louise Havisham, and she had to take it. He had a train to catch, and soon. Where was it taking him? Was there really a school for magic? She had to find out. And there was only one way to do it.

It was a tight fit, squeezing in amongst the clothes and textbooks (oh, that she could read them, and not have them pressing into her uncomfortably arched back!), and there was a peculiar smell emanating from somewhere near the base of the trunk, but if it went where she thought it would (and she survived this trip!), Louise was most certainly headed for the train ride of a century!