A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #16283  by Louise Havisham
Location: At Platforms 9 & 10 • Date: September 1
Time of Day: 9:30am • Weather: Muggy

Perched on a bench with a newspaper held to her face, Louise Havisham's eyes flashed about the station, ready to pick up any inkling of suspicious activity. Concealed by the paper, a notepad rested on her lap, whereupon the observations of the last three quarters of an hour were hastily scribbled.

People went missing at this station, they said. People having a chat, and then vanishing into the air. Of course much of that was just nonsense about the many hauntings that allegedly plagued this railway station. But enough abnormality was rumoured to occur at these two platforms that set her investigative senses tingling. If she snapped a ghost haunting the two platforms, great, pocket money from the local tabloid.

But if these vanishings were caused by something else.....something magical perhaps....
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 #16306  by James Potter
A seemingly ordinary boy of seventeen sat beside the muggle woman on the bench. He had no idea who she was nor that she was a reporter, only that she seemed entirely too curious for her own good.

So, it was only natural that James decided to investigate.

“Beautiful weather we’re having,” he commented, casually glancing at the odd-looking watch strapped to his wrist.
 #16415  by Louise Havisham
It took a second for the preoccupied Louise to register the young man sitting next to him. "Hmm?" she replied, flicking her eyes over to him. He was wearing a shirt that seemed to read "Chichester Cheese Cauldrons" and beneath, a picture of a hole-riddled cauldron with a guitar sticking out of it. Perhaps it was the stifling humidity in the air, but it almost looked like real vapours were streaming up out of it. And yet, it still wasn't the oddest thing she'd seen that morning.

Louise shook her head. "Yes, lovely," she murmured distractedly, returning her attention to the two platforms. She saw something shimmer at the barrier between platforms nine and ten. A spirit? Or perhaps magic? If only that boy hadn't taken her attention away.....Louise made a quick note in her notebook. Perhaps it wasn't the platforms that were haunted....but the barrier itself?
 #16900  by James Potter
James raised a brow and leaned in to sneak a peak at Louise’s notebook. Her note-taking was eerily accurate. She was definitely on to something.

“Haunted platforms” he read out loud, “Magic barrier” He looked up at her, feigning innocence. “Ah, so you’re a fantasy novelist? That would explain the dazed look and self-muttering.”

The scruffy haired teen tapped a finger to his chin in thought. “You know what would go well with haunted platforms and magic barriers? Gnomes. Write that down.”
 #17020  by Louise Havisham
Louise rolled her eyes in annoyance, though she tilted her notebook away from the nosy teenager. "I'll have you know I'm an investigative photographer," she replied coldly. "Boys like you don't care about the world around you unless its girls or your own ego. I on the other hand pay attention to the world around me, and I know there's more to it than everyone makes it out to me."

Ever on high alert, her ears pricked to a conversation nearby. Someone was talking about that "kwidditch" sport she'd heard of before. Her eyes narrowed as she scanned the left side of the train station. Drat these magic people and the way they could blend in when they wanted to!
 #17540  by James Potter
“Is that a fact?” asked James, seconds before his owl gave a bored shriek from inside the cage securely stacked on his school trunk parked on the trolley beside their shared bench. “My apologies.” But the tone in his voice did not suggest he was apologetic in the slightest bit, in fact, he was smirking at her as if he knew things she did not.
 #17566  by Louise Havisham
So he had an owl too? Finally, Louise was truly distracted. She tilted her head just so, her eyes flicked to the corner of her vision, giving her a decent view of the boy's trunk without appearing too interested. It looked rather old-fashioned, not like the fancy luggage bags other travellers wheeled about the platform. And for a pet owl (were those legal here?) it was in a cage much too small for it. If anything that thing should be in a carrier. But what interested her most (not that she let it on too much) was the telltale twigs of a broomstick peering out from behind the suitcase, not unlike what that witless "professional" player described to her some time ago.

Louise leant her head back in an appearance of relaxation. "I don't suppose you've ever heard of a sport called "kwidditch" have you?" she asked nonchalantly, flipping a page in the newspaper she held.
 #17999  by James Potter
At the mention of quidditch, James sat up straight on the bench and stroked his imaginary beard as he pretended to take Louise’s question into deep thought. “You mean the sport where two teams of seven players ride around on broomsticks on a large oval pitch with three ring-shaped goals on each end of different heights using four different sized balls? Maybe. Can’t recall. Boys like me don’t really care about the world around unless it’s girls or our own egos.” James raked a hand through his messy hair, shifting on the bench to fully face the nosey muggle . “Remember?”
 #18001  by Louise Havisham
Louise's eyes lit up hungrily. A wizard! A kwidditch wizard! All pretense cast aside, Louise sat up eagerly, her attention now secured upon the boy. "Do you play? I've never played it myself but I've met someone who does!"

Oooh, if only her pen could just write by itself, and copy everything they were saying so she could stay fixated on the boy!
 #18002  by James Potter
She looked as Christmas had arrived early. “Well...” said James carefully, knowing it was frowned upon to discuss such matters with non magic folk, especially ones who seemed a little too reporter-like. “That all depends on who you’ve been speaking to.”
 #18004  by Louise Havisham
Liked to play games, did he? Tricky little prat. "Oh it was a very famous player, you know," Louise replied airily, "a..." oh bother, what was the position again? Finder? Tracer? No wait it started with an s...."Seeker! Yes, the one who, sorry, the one the whole game revolves around! I think his name was....."

Blast, it was something foreign, wasn't it? Corey something....Corey Oswald? No, more foreign. Onigir? Osgit? Oh to hell with it. "Hang on," Louise dove into her purse, pulled out another little notebook and began rapidly flipping the pages.

"Here we go! Koray Özgür! Seeker for the Thunderella Thunderers! I interviewed him personally, you know." A smug look now formed on Louise's features.
 #18555  by James Potter
James’s eyebrows disappeared underneath his dark messy fringe. She definitely knew too much. Taking the mickey out of a muggle was one thing, an informative interview with an in depth view into the wizarding world was another.

He didn’t have any prejudice against muggles, James actually found them rather amusing, but it was a dangerous world out there if the rumors in the papers were true,and he couldn’t take any chances in risking further exposure.

“Thunderella Thunderers? Never heard of ‘em,” lied James, subtly shifting to slide a hand under his jacket in search for his wand.

“How do you know this bloke, this Koray Ozgur, wasn’t lying to you? He could’ve been doing it for attention as I am now.”
 #18749  by Louise Havisham
"Perhaps," she replied, unconvinced, "but I've met a lot of liars in my life, and this bloke was running at the mouth more than any liar I've met. And he kept his story consistent." Louise waved her pen at him. "Liars like to change their story. This bloke told me everything so long as I kept feeding his ego. That being said," Louise narrowed her eyes at James, her pen now situated between his eyebrows. "You all but admitted you were taking me for a fool. What's stopping me from getting up and leaving you, hmm? There are plenty of other weirdos around I could have a chat with. And don't you have a train to catch?"
 #20273  by James Potter
James was thankful for his eyewear and the protection they gave him from Louise’s flailing pen; his eyes went cross when she pressed it between his brows. He uncrossed them and stole a quick glance to the odd-looking watch strapped to his wrist.

“Indeed.” James refocused his attention on the muggle reporter. “Shame, though, I was enjoying our chat.”

With his wand hidden in the sleeve of his jacket, James looped a friendly arm around Louise. “And unfortunately, I can’t let you wander around with the information you’ve learned about our world. ” Only the tip of the wand was revealed (the rest of the wand still hidden in his sleeve).

James smiled apologetically as he gently pressed it to her temple. “Obliv-“
 #20287  by Louise Havisham
This boy was not the first magician to try to Oblivious her, and he certainly wouldn't be the last. A flirtatious smile lit her face as she flicked her pen up at the tip of his wand, pointing it against the bench. "Showed your cards too soon, silly dear." She tsked at him, waving her finger. "Shouldn't have told me your intentions." Louise leapt to her feet, abandoning the newspaper and stowing her notebook quickly into her purse. "But you've a train to catch - thank you for confirming that by the way, and I've a foolish little magician to run from. Tah!" She cheekily waved at him, and in the space of a blink, she had disappeared behind a column, and then into a crush of people exiting a train on Platform Nine.