A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #20019  by James Potter
James slapped his friend across the face, light enough to not leave a mark but effective enough to make a point. He leaned back in his seat, kicked his feet up and crossed his arms over his chest. “Let me know when Padfoot comes back will you? We’ve got a prank to plan. I walked into this school with dramatic flair and that’s exactly how I plan on leaving.”
 #20020  by Sirius Black
Sirius leapt up at this outrageous attack on his fair visage. Wand whipped out, snarling, his lips twisted in the formation of a thousand different hexes, Sirius uttered two words that would surely give cause to James's Potter's vengeance.

"Prove it." Sirius Black's wand flashed. His friend stood before him looking precisely the same as ever....save for the handsome set of antlers sprouting from his head. A smile twitched at Sirius's lips as he added a finishing touch: the antlers wove themselves together in celtic knots.
 #20274  by James Potter
James jumped to his feet, unable to ward off Sirius’s offending attack before he withdrew his wand. A quick pat down on his own body told James he was fine minus the suddenly heavy weight on top of his head. “Alright. Have it your way,” said James after discovering his antlers. “En-garde!”

James directed his wand in a downward slash to aim for his fellow marauder. “Ducklifors!” A banana-yellow jet of light shot out from the tip of his wand with what appeared to be a duck made entirely out of light. The light faded when it made direct contact with Sirius’s mouth instantly transforming it into a duck beak.

James couldn’t help but smirk,” Give it up wise quacker. You won't win this one."
 #20281  by Sirius Black
Letting out a most indignant 'Quack?!' Sirius lunged at his friend and attempted to nip his nose straight off his face. But, unused to the size of his new proboscis, he missed by quite a bit and rammed his bright yellow appendage into the compartment door. Uttering only the choicest of quacks, Sirius snapped his head up, holding himself tall (taller than James, naturally), he whipped out his wand as if preparing to duel. Saying absolutely nothing, he simply thought with uttermost determination, tarantallegra!
 #20409  by James Potter
James dodged the offending quaker, doubling over in laughter when Sirius got himself stuck. He was laughing so much that his sides hurt. The non verbal spell hit James square in the chest, and he paused for a moment in question. His legs started moving on their own accord as he wildly danced to a tuneless Irish jig. “The tarantallegra jinx? Well played, mate.”

Another look at Sirius and his glorious duck beak sent James into another fit of laughter as he danced merrily in the small train compartment. The festivities, however, didn’t last long. In his dancing, James managed to successfully entangle his antlers in the wired luggage bin overhead. His front half remained still while his lower half jigged away without concern. “Oy! Padfoot! A little help here?”
 #20410  by Sirius Black
Caught in a fit of laughter at the spectacle of the deer and the bin, it took Sirius a moment to take action. But in that moment he experienced a divinely-inspired idea, so wonderful it could only have come from a brilliant mind other than his. Summoning all the bravery of Gryffindor, Sirius stood tall before his friend, raised his wand and cried,


Bugger. He was still part duck. But also part wizard. Sirius let out a frustrated quack-sigh. A verbal spell would have been so much more epic. Ah well. He tried the spell again, this time non-verbal.

The overhead bin exploded. Bits of wire flew from the train wall. The suitcase went flying. It landed…..not with a thud, but with a very audible, very human,
 #20491  by James Potter
The explosion was enough to dislodge his antlers from the overhead bin that was now hanging by a lone wire from the ceiling of the small train compartment. Coughing, James dusted off his robes and felt around his body for any signs or symptoms of potential injuries only to discover he was perfectly fine. “Easy, Padfoot. We are still on a train and I don’t- Did my luggage just speak?”

He looked back at his friend and back at his trunk on the floor, reaching out to unfasten the latches. James took a defensive stance with his wand aimed at the ready as he very carefully opened the case.

“YOU!” he said in disbelief, staring wild eyed at Louise.
 #20552  by Louise Havisham
Well this was certainly one way to make an entrance. Louise clambered out of the overstuffed suitcase, brushing herself off, and casually ignoring the strange stains that appeared on the hem of her skirt. "There's something alive in here, I hope you know," she stated, pulling off a particularly gnarly sock that was currently three shades of green (when she was certain it had been a solid orange the first time she noticed it).

"Is your name really Padfoot?" she asked Sirius conversationally. "Awfully funny name for someone." The sole reason she was not put off by the brightly coloured protuberance was that she had overheard the chaos of the last few minutes from within the suitcase.
 #20555  by Sirius Black
Sirius was rooted to the floor. His beak hung open in a perfect imitation of a pelican. He quacked, cleared his throat, returned his face to normal, and proceeded to sputter.

"Pr.....James," he uttered weakly, slowly turning his head to his mate, "is that......a muggle.....in your suitcase?"
 #21017  by James Potter
“Yeah,” he said quietly to Sirius as he stared wide eyed at Louise, “I ran into her at King’s Cross.”

James slowly lowered his wand.

“She’s not a threat…” He couldn’t help but admit to himself that he was impressed in her ability to sneak into his trunk and hitch a ride on the Hogwarts Express. “ ...Just incredibly annoying.”
 #21021  by Sirius Black
Sirius opened and closed his mouth, apparently completely incapable of speech. He looked from Louise to Prongs, Louise and Prongs again.

'Prongs' he finally managed to squeak out a few octaves higher than he was used to, 'you've brought a...a....muggle....onto the train.'

He didn't know what shocked him more, the fact that Prongs had apparently been hiding a nonmagical being in his trunk for reasons wholly unbeknownst to him, or that he was seeing a real muggle, in the flesh, standing before him, fully aware of his existence unlike the ones his family ignored in Grimmauld Place or the ones that milled about Godric's Hollow.
 #21022  by Louise Havisham
Not a threat? Louise chuckled to herself. This boy was rich.

'Right, well now that I'm most certainly not getting off this train anytime soon,' Louise began, peering out the compartment window at the countryside speeding by, 'what say you give me some information, hmm?' Louise smiled sweetly, her notebook and pen having materialized in her hand.

'Oh, you've got a sock on your antler, dear,' she noted to James, pointing her pen at his magnificent rack.
 #21023  by James Potter
“You can’t be sirius. “James’s head swiveled to the side, the sock hanging off from his antler gently swaying from the motion as he narrowed his eyes at his best friend. “You honestly think I stuffed a muggle in my trunk? Try again.”

He peeled off the sock and tossed it aside with the rest of his belongings that were scattered across the floor. “She weaseled her way in.” James used his wand to return himself to normal. No more antlers. “She was nosing around at the train station and I thought I scared her off."
 #21025  by Sirius Black
'The one and only,' Sirius quipped back. Finally, his thought process seemed to resume its function. Sirius narrowed his eyes at James, rapping his beak back to normal with a little more force than necessary.

'You planned this, didn't you? This is for some big prank and you didn't fill me in on it.' Sirius puffed out his chest in outrage. 'You think just because you're a Head Boy you can get all the glory now? James Bighead Potter's too good for Mr. Black, is he?'

Naturally, his thought process, while quick at schoolwork, was somewhat lacking in the field of common sense.