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Sirius Black,

Wiping the back of his mouth with an elegant swipe of his hand, then swishing back his long luscious hair, Sirius fixed a piercingly glamorous gaze upon his best mate. "Squiddie's choreography was flawless. You taught it to hook its tentacles on the fourth refrain. It's not his fault we decided to dive when he hooked." A vivid memory crossed his brilliant mind that he quickly brushed away, accompanied by only the slightest of facial twitches. "If we just continued into fourth year like I said we should we-"

But James wasn't listening to him anymore. No, he was now looking doe-eyed over at Lilly I'msopretty Evans. Sirius let out a slightly-less-graceful snort. Mumbling something about 'class' Sirius slid out of the bench and slung his bookbag over his shoulder. He'd ask another seventh year what they had. A nice pretty one. And smarter, too. He'd make James jealous somehow.
Griffin looked between all the older students. What were they even talking about anymore? Squids? Choreography? Secrets? And then saw Sirius getting up with his book bag.

Blinking, a swallowing a final massive mouthful of pastries, Griffin wrung his hands under the table and sighed.

"Uhm...Am I supposed to leave now or something? You two look busy..."

Played By: Vyreia

Lily Evans,

Lily glanced back at the kid, then over at Sirius. "Oh, no... actually, James, weren't you going to help me find that... thing...? You know? That book in the library you saw? At the back?"

She rose to her feet, grinning at the kid. "Nice to meet you, and remember - if you need anything at all, I'm here for you," she said, before casting a glance back at her boyfriend as she began to walk away.

James Potter,

β€œHuh?” asked a momentarily stunned James before he quickly caught on to Lily’s meaning.

β€œOh! Right. Yes. The book. Must go. Very important.”

He couldn’t climb off of the bench fast enough and join Lily’s side, reaching for her hand just as they departed the Great Hall.