Griffin leaned back in his chair, utterly stuffed to his eyes with turkey, Yorkshire puddings, sausage, potatoes and a hefty helping of trifle. His mother had told him specifically to watch his eating habits, to not stuff himself too quickly, to slow down and chew. Ha! What did she know!?All this glorious food and he was supposed to let it go to waste? He thought not!

Although...he was certainly feeling a little queasy now, and someone was suggesting a walk around the lake. He wanted to join but a cramp in his side was already threatening to hold him at ransom. This wasn't going to be good. Snatching up a napkin, Griffin wiped his brow. He glanced over at a fellow student, blinking. Despite all of his current vices...

"Are you gonna eat that?" He asked, lifting his brows hopefully.

Played By: Vyreia

James Potter,

James had taken a moment to remove himself from the conversation he was engaged in with his usual group of friends in favor of watching Griffin pack away food like he was training to become a competitive eater.

A look of amusement appeared on James’ face when the status of his own food had come into question.

Who was he to crush the young boy’s dreams?

“Have at it, Champ,” said James, nudging the untouched plate of food towards the second year. “What’s your name?"
"Oh, nice! Thanks!" Griffin beamed, taking the plate hastily and starting to shove vast amounts of food into his cheeks like an overstuffed chipmunk. He looked over to the older boy, chewing big bite and nodding his head to signal he was trying to finish to speak. Eventually, he just began to talk through the mouthful of roast potatoes.

"Griffin! The best vampire catcher of the future!" He ejected, swallowing hard and grinning widely. "Who are you?"

Played By: Vyreia

James Potter,

“Vampires, eh?” smirked James, his hazel eyes glittering with mischief,” I’m keen to werewolves myself.”

James extended a hand in friendly greeting to his fellow Gryffindor. “The names’ James. James Potter. Head Boy. So, let me know if anyone is giving you any trouble.” He winked, tapping the gold badge pinned high on his chest.

“I’ve got to ask, though, why vampires?”
"Nice to meet you!" Griffin said cheerfully, shaking his hand. It was very clear the boy wasn't used to that sort of formality with his limp shake, but he had tried his best to impress the older boy.

"Me Ma is an author. She writes stories and me Da draws them up into comics for me to read. Her latest one is about Blake Striker, ultimate vampire expert, crime solver, and the protector of the peace! The latest is about Blake travelling to Romania to help control a clan of Nosferatu vampires out of control - they're taking victims and turning people to join their clan, and Blake is gonna put a stop to it! I'm gonna be just like Blake when I'm older!"

Played By: Vyreia
Minerva did not slow down nor did she make eye contact, but she did make sure to hear a few words from the two boy's conversation. She liked to let Potter, Black, Pettigrew, and Lupin believe that she had a sixth sense that allowed her to catch them right in the middle of their pranks, but more often than not she heard them utter a few suspicious words that would send her on their trail.

A conversation about vampires, that seemed to be lead by Mr. Reid, she would have to keep an eye on this. She continued towards the professor's table.

Sirius Black,

A long arm elegantly reached over, snatched a pumpkin pasty, and inserted it into an equally elegant mouth, which proceeded to speak in a most inelegant fashion.
"Whareyougonnado?" Sirius swallowed thickly. "Make the vampire freeze in place while you call a real auror?
Griffin gasped, nearly choking on a chunk of bread as another older student appeared out of nowhere.

"What? Well yeah...I'm twelve. I'm not exactly trained like Blake Striker yet, but I will be! Right out of school, I'm going right into the Ministry and into training, then I will be the real Auror being called."

Played By: Vyreia

Lily Evans,

"Oh, stop teasing him, you two," came a highly amused voice from the other side of the table. Lily had been chatting with her friends, but had overheard the conversation. She leaned over, staring into James' eyes. "Be nice."

Then she turned to the younger student. "Don't listen to them, they're just jealous because you have a cool plan for your life," she said, glancing sideways and casting a wink at the two. "Lily Evans, Head Girl this year. And the real person you want to come see if you're having any trouble at all."

James Potter,

“It’s good to have a role model I suppose.” James caught McGongall stalking from the corner of his eye and shook the young boy’s hand far longer than a normal handshake typically lasted. He smirked when Sirius chimed in with a mouthful of pumpkin pastry, watching as the poor lad nearly did himself in with a chunk of bread. “You have confidence, Gryffin. I’ll give you that much,” said James with a light nudge to Sirius.

James’s attention immediately shifted to Lily, his hazel eyes staring into her emerald ones as he leaned in to meet her halfway over the table. “I am being nice. He’s even got both ears. Big improvement from two years ago don’t you think?”

He watched with growing amusement as Lily introduced herself to Gryffin, reaching over to grab a roll from the nearly empty bread basket. “Mm, yes, insanely jealous,” he grinned, taking a bite of the roll and swallowing. “But she’s probably right on that last bit, mate. If you need help with potions or charms she can help you there. Transfiguration or quidditch- that’s my specialty. That and secret passageways if you want to sleep in and still get to class on time. And Lily can help you find just about any book in the library. Maybe even one on, oh-I don’t know- vampires?”

Sirius Black,

Two more pumpkin pasties disappeared into the waiting maw of Sirius Black. Evans was lucky for this distraction, for had his mouth not been fully occupied, Sirius most certainly would have responded to the outrageous suggestion that he, Sirius "Adonis" Black was jealous of a second year.

"Prongs!" he suddenly hissed into his mate's ear (mercifully having swallowed first), the passageways are our thing! Don't go giving away secrets he doesn't need to know!"
Griffin glanced around at all the older students. He furrowed his brows, not too sure what was going on anymore; as far as he could tell, the girl was nice, James was just teasing, and he didn't know about the other boy...apparently protective of secrets?

"Oh er..." He hesitated, fidgeting with a bread roll in his hands. "Well...you're gonna want someone to carry on the secrets, right? No point having super cool secret passages if you keep them all to yourself...what about when you leave?"

Played By: Vyreia

Lily Evans,

Lily shook her head at James, clearly amused. "You know the rules. You can't go tormenting poor defenseless students," she said, turning and winking at the kid. As for Sirius, she jokingly rolled her eyes at him.

"Kid's got a point. Wouldn't you want your legacy to continue? Speaking of... when do I get to see some of these secret passages? You," she gestured at James and Sirius both, "should show the two of us," she gestured at herself and Griffin, "sometime. Please?" She batted her eyelashes at James. "It would mean a lot to me..."

She cast another wink sideways at Griffin, then leaned over to him, whispering in his ear. "Trust me on this. He'll do what I want."

Sirius Black,

Sirius gagged on his pasty. What was she playing at, acting like he was her friend? He barely supported her as James's girl! Of course James would jump at the chance to show off, but if he wanted to play traitor to the Hogwarts Marauders he could do as he pleased. Meanwhile,

"Leave me out of it," Sirius grumbled, glancing at his watch. Nearly time for class to resume. What class did he have again?

James Potter,

James leaned into Sirius to better hear his whispering complaints. “Will you relax?” he whispered back, trying to ignore the bits of pasty crumbs previously in his friend’s mouth that were now in his ear canal. “Like I’d give away all of our secrets. Just trust me. Have I ever led you wrong?” A memory came to mind that made James quickly turned his head to make direct eye contact with Sirius.

“I know what you’re thinking” said James, thinking back when they had the insane idea to try and teach the giant squid synchronized swimming in their third year attending Hogwarts,” and that doesn’t count. How was I supposed to know he’d swim off with our swimtrunks?”

But James’s attention was once again pulled away from Sirius by the lovely and talented Lily Evans. The way she was batting her eyelashes at him left him completely immobilized. He was staring at her like a deer caught in the headlights of a moving car. “I…sure…yeah…I suppose I could show you one or two.” He made a mental reminder to check with the rest of the Marauders as to what passages they would allow guests access to because the opportunity to impress Lily was something James never wanted to pass up on.