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 #14307  by Vera Hadley
Location: Camp Wandsworth • Date: July 1977
Time of Day: Noon • Weather: Sunny

After years of creating memories and traditions, the trio had reached their last summer at Camp Wandsworth as campers. They would be able to become counselors or hot lifeguards as Viggo liked to remind them, but otherwise, it was their last chance to enjoy the magically preserved natural heritage site without the burden of teenage responsibilities.

The sun was high in the sky shining on the gloriously green coniferous forest. Vera and Viggo were already sitting on their rock at the edge of Lake Tshakapesh. The blonde was writing on a small scroll of parchment while the young man was skipping rocks on the water.
 #14308  by Viggo Olhouser
"Woah! Did you see that?" Proud of the ten skips his rock had performed the young man turned towards his friend.

He sighed and shoved his hands inside his pockets. "Is Isla arriving soon?" He looked towards the beach as if asking the question was enough to summon their friend.
 #14309  by Vera Hadley
Sitting with her legs under her, Vera used her novel as a makeshift table to be able to write neatly. Distractedly she looked towards the water before she brought her attention back to her parchment.

His question made her look up once again. Exasperated she rolled her eyes. "Didn't you read the letter she sent us?" Certain that he had read it without retaining that information, she reminded him. "She should be here soon." She had to. It was their tradition. On the first day of camp instead of having lunch with all the other kids, they stole a few sandwiches and had lunch just the 3 of them at the edge of the lake.
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Flying from New York to Canada was as easy a breathing. After ten years of making this trip, the act of packing her bags, booking her flights and boarding plans had become almost send hand nature to her. She almost did it with joy as well. Camp Wandsworth was the one thing she looked forward to each year, or at least the one thing she was willing to admit she enjoyed, and Isla couldn't help the smile that spread across her face each and every time she stepped foot on Canadian soil. The smile was wiped away as soon as she arrived at her second home and her mask of indifference was firmly in place once she had finished unpacking her bags.

It was four hours after actually arriving at Camp Wandsworth that she made her way to her friends, having stopped in to see a friend who she knew would be home during this time. Sloane Crane's holiday home was one mile from the camps property line and it had been one whole year since she had seen the much older witch. Sloane had greeted her with a knowing smile and had offered her a cup of her favorite instant coffee, exported right from Hong Kong. Isla had finished her coffee after twenty minutes of sitting in out on the deck and then spent the rest of the time enjoying another sort of bitter pleasure.

After promising to bring Vera and Viggo around for dinner sometime before Sloane disappeared again, Isla trudged across the sand, the hot grain crunching beneath her boat shoes.

Her shadow reached her friends before she did, and she stood off to the side waiting for them to realize.
 #14424  by Viggo Olhouser
As soon as he noticed Isla Viggo jumped from their rock. He ran towards her with open arms ready to hug her and twirl her around the beach in his arms, but as he got closer to her his courage seemed to vanish. She was tiny, but she was scary. His arms fell to his side, instead of hugging her his fist bumped against her shoulder gently. "I missed you." He said incredibly awkwardly.

His feelings for Isla had always been somewhat confusing, at times he saw her as a sister, a love as strong as friendship and as unconditional as family. Often he felt like there was more like she was an irresistible mystery that he desperately wanted to understand.
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Calmer in demeanor, but just as excited to see Isla, Vera did what Viggo had resisted and wrapped her arms around their friend. "You smell good." She complimented, not quite able to identify the familiar perfume.

Hands still clasped on Isla's shoulders she looked at her two friends excitedly. "I made a list of everything we need to do before summer is over." She took the piece of parchment from her pocket and offered them a quick glimpse.
 #14479  by Isla Fields
Isla smiled over Vera's shoulder at Viggo as the blonde wrapped her up in a tight hug. Her arms hung at her sides but she didn't flinch or shy away from the touch either. Isla had gotten used to Vera's constant need to express herself with physical affection, but she had never been able to reciprocate. Viggo was much more cautious which Isla was always incredibly thankful for. Dealing with one touchy-feely friend was enough.

"Vera," She murmured, reaching a hand out to stop the girl's movements. "I promise we will go over that later, but why don't we sit and catch up first?" Isla hadn't seen her two friends for a whole year and she wanted to hear all the important things they had done in that time.
 #14480  by Viggo Olhouser
"Yes Miss List, where are your manners?" The boy teased as he easily jumped back on their rock. He took the sandwich bags they had stolen from the cafeteria and offered one to each of his friends. "Let's start by catching up with the fact that Vera got detention this year." Knowing Vera would glare at him he hid behind his sandwich bag.
 #14481  by Vera Hadley
Vera slapped the Viggo's arm. "No, let's not start with that." Vera opened her sandwich bag, took out her meal and set the bag on her lap fussily trying to smooth the wrinkles. "How was your flight?" She asked Isla.
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Raising her brows, Isla eyed Vera curiously, incredibly eager to hear about how her prim and proper, teachers pet friend had landed herself in detention.

"Fine, the same as all the others," She replied with a stiff shrug, her gaze narrowing as she looked Vera up and down.

She pointed a finger at the blonde, "What did you do?"
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Vera glared at Viggo. As much as he liked to think he knew the story, he did not. Not completely.

"I helped someone plan a prank." She said with an innocent shrug. The corner of her lip twitched as she tried to suppress a smile. She looked behind her shoulder to make sure they were alone. "They wanted to flip the class around, make the desks hang from the ceiling, but they couldn't find the proper spell." Leaning closer and closer to her friends as she told the story, Vera grinned. "You should have seen the professor's face."
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"Oh, I'm sure they were very blessed," Isla said with a disapproving look, though she rolled her eyes a moment later when a laugh came from her right. She shook her head at Viggo, "This is your influence, you know. All your bad behavior is starting to rub off on her."
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It stung a little to see Isla blame him for Vera's behavior. Sure he was the least well behaved of the 3, but he wasn't a bad person. Did Isla think he was a bad person?

"Me?" His palm against his chest, he did his best to keep an innocent smile despite how hurt he felt. "I didn't have detention." He paused before he continued. "I don't get caught. Except for a few times between September and June."
 #14638  by Vera Hadley
"I told you she wouldn't think it was funny." She glared at Viggo. Took the paper fro her pocket and scratched an item from it. "I told you a prank was a bad idea." She folded the parchment and put it back in her pocket.

"What about you?" She looked at Isla. Their beautiful feisty friend, such a big part of their trio for such a small person.